If you are wondering whether Sons of the Forest does or does not have VR support, here is the full answer with added context.

Sons of the Forest can be a pretty stressful game, especially when you’re cowering in your half-built cabin, listening to murderous mutants running around outside. But can you experience this in glorious VR? Here is the answer if Sons of the Forest has VR support.

Sons of the Forest Does Not Have VR Support (Yet)

There’s no VR support in Sons of the Forest, so right now, you can’t play the game in VR. Developer Endnight Games has yet to confirm whether this island-based survival game will have any kind of VR mode. However, we’d expect VR to arrive at some point in the future.

This is because the original The Forest had a VR mode, which was added shortly after the game left Steam Early Access. The VR mode was in beta, at first, but it works pretty well and dials the game’s fear factor up to 11.

Sons of the Forest isn’t specifically a horror game, but given that its mutant cannibals seek you out, there’s plenty to be scared of. So imagine shrieking and ripping off your VR headset when you spin around and see one rushing up behind you. If nothing else, a VR mode could make Sons of the Forest even more YouTube-friendly than it already is.

So, Sons of the Forest doesn’t have VR support yet, but we wouldn’t be at all surprised if it is added later. At least the game has full controller support.

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