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Does The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Have Single Player?

Does The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game have a single player mode? This is the answer.

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a primarily-multiplayer game that delves into the disturbing backwater world of 1974’s infamous horror movie. It supports seven players, but what if you want to take the game on solo? If you’re wondering, does The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game have single player, I’ve got the answer.

Here’s How The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Handles Single Player

Friday the 13th: The Game, another Gun Interactive-published asymmetric horror game, did get a single player mode. Unfortunately, it fizzled out due largely to legal issues surrounding the franchise. However, it was around long enough to get both single-player bots and a single-player mission mode.

That’s not the case, so far, with The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game. It has no single-player features whatsoever. Even the tutorials are non-interactive, you’re just watching a video rather than testing out the abilities yourself.

Could single-player bots and scenarios be added later? It’s possible, but right now there is absolutely no single-player mode. You’ll need to play with and against other human players.

Can You Play The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Offline?

So what does that mean for offline play? The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has no offline play, the only multiplayer mode is online. There’s no split screen or couch co-op.

If you attempt to get past the title screen when you’re offline (on the Steam version at least), it will grumble that it can’t connect and not allow you to proceed any further.

So, what you need to know is that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game has no single player mode and no offline mode. For more, check out our guide to crossplay, as well as a list of all the voice actors who appear in the game.

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