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Doom Co-Creator John Romero Is Working on a New FPS IP with UE5

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When you think of classic FPS games, Doom probably pops up in your mind. And, inevitably, John Romero. One of the designers of the original game, Romero is still creating levels for the series. Now, John Romero is also working on a new IP in the FPS genre using the fancy Unreal Engine 5.

Here’s the announcement straight from the man himself:

One of the exciting things mentioned in this news is Romero is working with a major publisher for his next game. He won’t say who, though. The plot thickens.

Not only that, John Romero and his studio, Romero Games, are hiring for this new FPS IP. So if you know anything about Unreal Engine 5, this would be a great opportunity to work with the granddaddy of the FPS genre. No need to relocate to Ireland, either, as the company offers remote, on-site, and hybrid positions.

It will be interesting to see what Romero Games is creating. Sure, Romero himself has created a few new Doom levels recently, and Sigil is a great unofficial fifth Doom episode. But we haven’t seen him with a fresh IP in the FPS genre since, what, Daikatana? Hopefully, this upcoming title will fare way better than that travesty.

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