Dragon Quest III HD-2D

Dragon Quest is the latest series to have a classic entry remade, with Square Enix announcing Dragon Quest III HD-2D today during a livestream celebrating the series’ 35th anniversary.

The new game is a total remake of the 1988 original, blending 2D pixel art characters with 3D environments and effects. Other than its existence, the only real detail revealed was that the game is planned to have a simultaneous worldwide launch on home consoles.

The specific platforms or even a release window were not mentioned.

Nevertheless, the game’s Producer, Masaaki Hayasaka, said that the goal with the unconventional visual design was to give players  “the chance to experience the game through fresh eyes, from adults who played the original back when it was first released, to little kids picking it up for the first time.”

This isn’t the first time the NES classic has been touched up. A SNES remake launched in 1996, which itself was remade for the 2001 Game Boy Color version. These versions both incorporated gameplay changes to the original.

However, Dragon Quest III HD-2D looks to be the most significant glow-up in the title’s long history. The debut trailer showing off the stunning new art style in all its glory is available below.

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