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Dredge Content Roadmap Sets Course for 3 Free Updates & Paid DLC in 2023

Team17 and Black Salt Games reveal the Dredge content roadmap, revealing 3 free updates and one paid DLC expansion.

Publisher Team17 and developer Black Salt Games revealed a content roadmap for Lovecraftian fishing adventure Dredge at the PlayStation.Blog, including three free post-launch updates and one paid DLC. It will add requested features for players looking to continue sailing murky waters. You can see the Dredge content roadmap below.

First come map markers this month, allowing players to leave colored icons on points of interest in the in-game map. This same Dredge update will, of course, come with other fixes and balances to the overall experience. A second free update will arrive in Q2 of this year, including two new modes: Passive Mode and Photo Mode. Passive Mode is for those who want their fishing experience to be a little less stressful, as it ensures monsters will no longer attack players who wish to simply enjoy their ocean views. It’ll go hand in hand with Photo Mode, though this addition is a bit more unique.

Instead of simply adding a photography setting, Photo Mode adds an in-game character who helps players unlock a camera ability. This same NPC will also share clues on where to find some local wildlife to take pictures of, with some of these creatures coming as brand new additions in the update. The third free Dredge update arrives in Q3 and adds boat customizations like paint schemes and flags.

Finally, Dredge will offer paid DLC in Q4, and Black Salt has teased a story that features the Ironhaven Corporation:

[The Ironhaven Corporation is] looking to establish an innovative drilling operation in the area to revitalize the towns and populations, but their ultimate goal is unknown. As you gather materials to construct new buildings and biomatter to fuel the rig, meet new characters, craft new equipment, and catch new fish, you may uncover the truth behind their potentially nefarious operations.

Dredge launched for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S this past March. The post-launch content highlighted in today’s roadmap will presumably come to all platforms in addition to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, though Team17 and Black Salt have yet to provide platform specifics.

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