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Credits aren’t the only resources you’ll need in Mass Effect: Andromeda, but they’re still important. If you’re low on cash and want to make bank without putting in the effort, here’s a simple vendor exploit you can use.

The exploit in question is all about playing the market. It helps to keep a fat stack of extra resources available, but you won’t lose any of those precious minerals in the long-run. This is all about playing the market – buy low, sell high. There’s one particular vendor on the surface of Kadara that makes getting rich super easy.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

How to Earn Credits Fast | Exploit Guide

Credits are easy to come by on the surface of Kadara, one of the handful of planets Ryder and crew can explore. When you arrive, follow these steps to start earning an endless amount of coin.

Step #1: Get the Discount from Thrasia

Thrasia is a vendor on Kadara, located at a settlement in Varren’s Scalp. Talk to her to get a basic fetch quest. Complete “A Package Deal” to earn a permanent discount from Kadara.

Step #2: Take Advantage of the New Rates

Thrasia doesn’t just discount purchases, she also buys minerals at an enhanced rate. That means you can now sell minerals, then re-purchase them for a net profit.

  • Example: Nickel, Cadmium, Iridium and more can be sold for 101 credits, then purchased for 92 credits. That means you’ll profit 9 credits for each one unit sold.

The larger your stacks, the more cash you can earn per transaction. Collect 150 of a single element listed in the example, and Ryder can earn 13,500 credits.

Some resources, like Element Zero, are even more valuable. Sure, this might be a tiny little exploit in the singleplayer experience, but all that cash is worth it. All those planets your team is terraforming will thank you.

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