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News You Might’ve Missed on 9/22/20: The Last of Us Teases ‘Exciting Things,’ Xbox Series X | S Preorder Headaches, & More

Maybe the Lack of Message in The Last of Us Part II Is the Point Joel death Ellie revenge on Abby and meaningless life in a world with no cure Video game news 9/22/20: The Last of Us Day, maybe no Mass Effect Trilogy remaster for Switch, Xbox Series X | S preorder problems, Xbox Game Pass 15 million

Today, the Xbox Series X and S became available to preorder… briefly, before selling out across retailers. We also received reports that the long-rumored Mass Effect Trilogy remaster is real but may not release for Nintendo Switch, the coming The Last of Us Day is promising “exciting things,” and Xbox Game Pass is achieving incredible popularity. Here’s the video game news you might’ve missed on Sept. 22, 2020.

Preordering an Xbox Series X or S Was Still a Mess Today

As Microsoft promised, preorders for Xbox Series X and S went live today across various retailers. The issue is, despite seemingly being more organized than Sony was with its PlayStation 5 preorder madness, it was still tough to get your hands on one of the new Xbox systems today. While it was nice to know when exactly the systems were able to be preordered, many of the sites crashed, weren’t loading items into the cart, and/or were outright not functioning. Retailers like GameStop only had somewhere between six and 10 Xbox Series X systems available to preorder in many cases per location. As it stands, trying to get your hands on either a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X or S is chaotic, to say the least.

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Naughty Dog Announces The Last of Us Day and Says Lots of “Exciting Things” Are Planned

Today, developer Naughty Dog announced that it has renamed Outbreak Day to The Last of Us Day — citing the COVID-19 pandemic as the reason for the change. Outbreak Day / The Last of Us Day is a yearly celebration of all things The Last of Us, and for the past seven years, the company has dedicated the day to the fans. It occurs every year on Sept. 26, and for 2020, Naughty Dog explained that it has “a lot of exciting things planned.” This could potentially be the day we finally get an announcement for the online multiplayer component that is apparently in development.

It Looks Like Subways Are Coming to Call of Duty: Warzone Season Six

A new Call of Duty: Warzone trailer was released today, teasing what’s to come with Season Six. While we didn’t get a specific confirmation, it looks as though the Warzone map will be getting a new subway system. Towards the end of the trailer, a brief view of the subway system can be seen — overlaid on top of the map of Verdansk. Warzone is known for implementing slight alterations to the map, and if the subway system is as elaborate as it seems, this could very well be the biggest change Verdansk has seen. Season Six kicks off next week.

Xbox Game Pass Has 15 Million Subscribers — an Increase of 50% in the Past 6 Months

The success of Xbox Game Pass cannot be overstated. It offers an affordable way to play some of the biggest Xbox games the platform has to offer — across PC, Xbox systems, and even Android devices. Recently, we learned just how well the subscription service is performing. In just six months, Game Pass has seen an increase of 5 million subscribers, bringing the total to 15 million users. This is massive and certainly puts Microsoft in a great position ahead of the next generation.

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Mass Effect Collection Apparently Won’t Launch for Switch

You’re probably just as sick of hearing about this as we are, but apparently the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster will be coming out for current-generation systems at some point. Rumored to be called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the collection is supposed to launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC — and not Nintendo Switch, according to industry insider Jeff Grubb.

On the GamesBeat podcast, Grub said, “EA has multiple games coming to Nintendo Switch, and Mass Effect is definitely not one of them. Not yet, anyhow. If that happens, it won’t happen in that one-year window that they talked about in their last shareholder meeting.” He also noted that he’d have more to report “next week.” This conflicts with recent online retailer listings that included the game for Switch, but it agrees with what Grubb himself reported back in May of this year, when he basically stated this same thing.

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