Paradark Studio sci-fi western FPS ExeKiller has received a gameplay reveal video that showcases some of its gunslinging combat.

Paradark Studio’s sci-fi western FPS ExeKiller just got a gameplay reveal video that showcases some of its gunslinging combat. There’s lots to gawk at in the four-and-a-half-minute trailer, but above all, it’s great to see ExeKiller looking like a more polished experience than when we saw its reveal trailer a year and a half ago. This video, which showcases pre-alpha gameplay, takes place at a mostly abandoned desert gas station as the player character rummages around for a bounty target. However, things quickly go awry when simple resource gathering turns into a murder scene.

This is where ExeKiller takes the time to highlight combat with its futuristic revolver. No human enemies are harmed here, though. Instead, the bounty-hunting hero takes out a group of cyborg enemies before retreating back to his hover car. If you haven’t noticed, Paradark might have taken some inspiration from Cyberpunk 2077. Still, this game’s western angle has kept it feeling fresh so far. See the ExeKiller gameplay reveal for yourself below.

ExeKiller got a proper reveal back in 2021, but Paradark has been pretty quiet about its progress since. Look forward to hearing more as we wait for ExeKiller to come to PC and new-gen consoles. Until then, read our interview with Paradark, where we learned more about ExeKiller’s brutal western world, its branching story, and more.

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