Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi hopes to satisfy fans with a Fantasian PC port and sequel, which would free it off Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade exclusive Fantasian, an original turn-based RPG from Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, could eventually come to PC or even get a sequel (via VGC). Sakaguchi commented on the possibility during a Q&A session at Magic 2023. The title, which launched back in 2021, wooed JRPG fans thanks to its status as a spiritual successor to classic Final Fantasy titles. Despite its critical success and positive reception from fans, Fantasian has been marooned on Apple Arcade, but Sakaguchi explained that he hopes that this won’t be the case forever.

“We have received many requests to release the game on PC too, and there have also been requests for a sequel,” Sakaguchi said, “so we would like to continue working as hard as possible to meet their expectations.”

Fantasian is more than a simple turn-based retread for Sakaguchi. In addition to reuniting Sakaguchi with his regular collaborator, famed Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu, the game’s most unique element is its diorama environments. Nearly 160 real-life diorama environments were handcrafted for Fantasian, giving every area a look and feel unlike the visuals seen in any other game. The entire two-part journey should take players somewhere between 60 and 90 hours to complete, making it one of the most fleshed-out JRPG experiences mobile players could possibly get their hands on.

Sakaguchi’s words arrive as a glimmer of hope for those praying to play his latest creation without an iOS device. For now, Fantasian is locked away on Apple Arcade, but the door is apparently open now to a PC port and sequel.

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