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Fenderball Is an Insane Combo of Pinball and Soccer You Can Try Now

Fenderball is some chaotic pinball soccer craziness from new developer The Fully Arcade, and you can try its demo on Steam now.

I have a lot of friends who claim soccer is too boring to watch. They’re entitled to that completely wrong opinion, but The Fully Arcade might have just the solution for them and any other gamer looking for some high-octane competition. The Swedish developer has released a demo for Fenderball on Steam, and it is a gleeful collision of soccer and pinball that will keep you and your friends playing for hours.

The Fully Arcade is an independent developer based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and Fenderball is its first game. With a stated goal of creating a game that encourages screaming and trash-talking amongst friends, Fenderball is a multiplayer party game for up to four players. It has a retro 1980s look and feel to it in its color palette and presentation, which makes it stand out even more.

Fenderball Is Crazy Pinball Soccer

Fenderball has a large variety of game modes to keep play fresh, and every one of them is available to try in the Steam demo. Different events take place within the game where the ball will shift allegiances, changing the dynamic of each game. Matches can be team-based with 2v2 play or Free-for-All, which promises to be even more chaotic. There is also a Knockout version of the game where players get eliminated one by one.

Games like Fenderball sometimes suffer from a lack of long-term replayability, but the team at The Fully Arcade has worked to make the game fun for both new players and high-level players. Their goal is to create an experience that has high accessibility for casual players but a high skill cap for players who want to get uber-competitive, much like games such as Rocket League have done.

You can download the Fenderball demo and try it for yourself on Steam today. And for another very different soccer experience, check out Despelote, a first-person soccer adventure.

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