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Yep. I went without alcohol for 18 months when I was younger. Started back up again when I vowed I wouldn't be silly with it. Have mostly stuck to that.

What's the farthest place away from home you've been to?

I don't have a home, I move a lot, have lived South, Center and North of México, though the farthest I've been from México is some part of California or Nevada I wouldn't know.

Have you been to many different countries?

No, but I hear that in some other countries people don't speak American! Can you imagine it?!? O.O

Have you ever been wary of foreigners you met in your country?

I have grown to be more wary of my "compatriots" than of foreigners.

Have you developed a national identity?

Does that I like the people in my nation? No. Not at all.

Should we RIOT!?

Captcha: I THINK SO

N'yeeeeeeees. Irish Captcha concurs.

How's your political climate? Have you even been paying attention?

I think no one actually cares about politics currently, I haven't heard anything massive about people having issues with certain things for a while now. I also don't pay a lot of attention to it. My mother jokinly said once that politics makes you dumb and I'm sort of sticking to that "kinda" advice.

How is it going with where you live? Has winter showed any signs yet in your local area?

The highs are in the upper 80's to low 90's and the lows are in the lower 70's. Mosquitos are swarming.


Have you ever worn pajama pants or sweats or jeans, etc, despite the heat to keep from getting bug bitten when you wanted to stay outside?

I'm pretty sure wearing something on your bottom half is a legal requirement so yes :p

What was your favourite book as a child?

The Survivors of the "Jonathan" by Jules Verne

Are you currently reading any books?

Umm no, not at the moment.......well I am going to be reading Brennu-Njáls Saga for my Icelandic classes. For anyone wondering, it's nothing special really. It's more like a historical document about what some of the Icelander were doing around 1050. They sometimes follow a journey about a certain individual and document what he does and what happens in his family after his passing. So yeah, nothing special.

So what have you been playing recently?

Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones and a bit of Papers, Please; which I need to pick back and complete as I'm only a few days from the end I think.

Do you crack your knuckles?


Come to think of it...I haven't cracked my knuckles in years...!?!?!

Excuse me...

*cracks knuckles*

Well, that was anticlimactic...Um, moving on... <_<

Yesterday, I bought a hummingbird feeder, a bottle of "Nectar", and a chain. I then fiddled with the chain and feeder until they were properly fixed and filled the feeder near to the top with Nectar and hung it on my covered back porch.

This morning I came home for lunch (at 10:30 AM) to find a Ruby Throated Hummer (who are quite aggressive and territorial, I've since learned) continually driving off another (non-Ruby) hummingbird. Then I came home later in the afternoon and watched the Ruby make a thing of trying to drive not just One different type of hummingbird away from the feeder but TWO hummingbirds of the same kind.

Do you have hummingbirds where you live AND if you do have you ever actually WATCHED them?

No, we don't have any hummingbirds here that I know of, but we have the next best thing: Hoverflies! ....

...Speaking of anti-climactic.

Do you talk fast?

I can talk very fast when I'm really exited, but for the most part I talk in a slow-ish monotone manner.

What do you think of your voice?

It's pretty deep.

If given the opportunity, would you become a voice actor?

Hell yeah, I bet it would be great work.

Are you happy with your handwriting and do you use it much?

Yes, I use it all the time! For sending and communications and shiz

Where have I been all this time?

In my basement.

How did he slip those chains?

There was teh grease, that is why!

Do you draw?

As a matter of fact that's one of my current projects. Throughout my life I've always asserted that I was a lousy artist but a couple of months ago I realized that I'd never much tried to draw. Since then I've started doodling and have studied a book on drawing. I'd like to become proficient at it. :)

Do you have any similar ongoing projects for developing skills just for the sake of developing them? Self-improvement projects count!



Here's a link to Google Images of the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds that are continually hovering around my back porch from dawn to dusk. There are two who continually fight for ownership of the Nectar Feeder I hung up. I haven't yet identified the third (and different) hummingbird who the other two keep chasing off. It's slightly larger than they are. Maybe it's a Ruby of the opposite sex...? I dunno. They move so fast and it's around so rarely that I haven't managed to get a good look at it.

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are very territorial. I've thought about eventually buying another 2 feeders next spring in the hopes of keeping peace in the "family" though I fear that may simply result in an escalation of the problem with the Ruby's trying to assert ownership of all the feeders rather than being willing to share. :(

Note especially the pictures that show their green back feathers. They're almost iridescent in the sunlight. O_O

(Thanks for the hummingbird info, although you've succeeded in making me even more jealous!)

OT: Not so much at the moment, although I recently dabbled with my first Linux install so I could learn how to do it and partition drives, etc. I've also had to teach myself a lot of Excel (although no VB) in the last year in order to build things for work. I wish I knew more but am always wondering if there's much point at this stage; if I've left it too late.

Have you put your central heating on yet? It's starting to get cold here!

I'm an Icelander, I love the cold. I've woken up with snow in my hair before.

Is there a special someone in your life?

There are no possible relationships for miles, captain!

Have you seen rain the past few days?

I live in Glasgow. That'll be a yes.

What's the tallest mountain you've climbed?

Never climbed a mountain, climbed lots of hills though I'm not sure which would have been the biggest.

Do you have a sweet tooth?

No, I broke them and now they are tough teeth! But seriously yes, yes I do.

Do you have any sort of small non gaming achievement that you are proud of?

Graduated with honour, also self taught from reading books, odd considering I'm kinda stupid, but yeah that's something!
And of course being me the ceremony was hilarious because I tripped, I dropped my hat, did the handshake with the wrong hand then dropped the diploma and had to chase it around because it was flying because of the wind and then I tripped again, kinda embarrassing but hey at least I wasn't boring like everyone else.

Are you clumsy?

No these days, although when I was young I worked as a waiter and had a habit of breaking dishes. I worked for my Mum doing the same job at the same time and never broke any of her stuff! My boss bumped into my Mum one day, told her I was lovely but.. was there something wrong with me?

Do you have any ambitions along the lines of scuba diving / bungee jumping / sky diving?

Hmm....I want to go to Venice and experience the art culture there. I guess it's that?

What is your favorite colour or colours?

I like grey, olive green, black, navy blue and purple, I also like red but only if it looks really washed out.

When was the last time you had an adventure, possibly with friends?

My lady's sister's then fiance's (now husband's) stag weekend, up North a couple of years ago - biggest recent adventure that comes to mind. We did the Ring of Steall, sea kayaking and mountain biking. Much fun. Also did white water rafting, zip-lining and a bungee jump for my 30th, last year.

What's your favourite food and why?

Hard to say, though upon momentary reflection I have to admit that McDonald's "Big Mac Value Meal" with an orange Hi C drink is the first to come to mind.

I wallow in my self disgust. -_-

As I write this post I'm sitting outside on my covered porch with a thunderstorm coming up and the wind blowing. One hour ago I just reached for my pipe and found a 2 inch long Praying Mantis on it. I carefully nudged her onto the top of my laptop computer and she's been sitting there since then.

Have you ever had a Praying Mantis this close? So close (AND unresponsive) that you could literally nudge her onto your finger so that you could study her up close? O.O

No, Teoes, I'm not rubbing it in! This is the first--OH! THERE SHE WENT AWA--no she didn't...she's just holding onto the right side of my monitor---AHEM!!! It's the first time I've had a close encounter with a Praying Mantis like this.

Honest! O.O

The closest thing I've ever come to a mantis is a leaf phasmid in a reptile (and insect) shop. And it was out of the container. We don't get exotic bugs here in Ireland. Makes me wish I grew up in Japan where the bugs are many and they are well-loved. Or any other similar place where I'm less of a weirdo.

Are you good at keeping secrets?

Yes, but I'm also good at sharing information. Also keep contacts and confidants nearby to know what's going on. Share the secrets that can be shared (keep some secrets safe to yourself) and earn more secrets in return. One day I will be able to refer to "my little birds".

Damn Copper Zen, you're not helping my jealousy! PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN But then I've got my darling chinchillas, who both like to sit on my shoulders or back. That's my current communing with animals fix. They're the closest I'll get to my old dream of having a flying squirrel that'd clamber up my leg and launch itself off/on to me.

What pet/s would you ideally like to have?

I have a cat and two bunnies. I wouldn't ask that they be replaced, but if we're asking about ideal pets, my mind turns to Pokemon as a first choice, but since we're probably talking about our universe, I'd go for a loyal, clever bird, seeing as insects and such are never like that, the closest you could get is a mantis, but they won't fly on your shoulder and be all "We're bros." Then again, I'd prefer a pet that lives with you by choice, such as a cat, who, if you let them out, always comes back because they like living with you. Bugs are also good in that respect, because they don't know they're restricted, but that doesn't make it okay. Maybe I'm overthinking.

What is the feeling you hate the most?

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