The Escapist Avatar Adventure: An Open RP (Now Re-Opened!)

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[quote="Daft Sikes" post="540.101127.16676142"]

Team Demon Shaun

Dillon was fascinated by the dark Blade, It's negative energy was powerful, but he soon realized this was not the True Excalibur, to an extent this made sense, As DIllon overpowered him with his Excalibur way to easy for it to be the real thing. However This Dark Blade may have it's purposes, he took th scabbard and tied ti to his belt and slid it in.
"Let's get moving these two can handle it from here."
The others looke dat him, he suspected judgement and sighed.
"Look there's two things we can do we can set this place to explode, when we want it to so once we leave this ship will be destroyed so no one can ever use it's tech to threaten the world ever again, or we can go help the others with Tomoya, or if I was a leader I would suggest we divide into two smaller teams and do both."

Team Demon Shaun

As the group settled down around the Demonic Shaun, Angelus called,

"Sound off, everyone. Is anybody hurt? If so, speak now while we have the time..."

In the meantime, Teri slid off Garm's back and wandered to where Devon was hiding out, shuddering as she passed Dillon holding the Dark Excalibur, muttering,

"That thing can't be good for you..."

When she made her way around the rubble, she smiled faintly, and asked, "Hey, how're you holding up? From the looks of things, Shaun's Shadow is down. So long as decides to accept the damn thing we have nothing to worry about...."

Facing a DC 15, Teri rolls a 24 to get an insight on Devon's mental state. Watch out boy, the next thing you say might give you away!

Giving Devon a good hard look, the Cleric wondered if her fellow Author was as 'okay' as he claimed earlier...

Team Demon Shaun

Melethia checked the Demonic Shaun before sounding off. "I'm a bit cut up, but I'll be just fine, Miss Angie!" She went over to Lupito as the Dire Wolf examined Hadrian more.

Devon turned to Teri and kept up that fatigued but somewhat relieved appearance as he gave a terse response. "I'm fine, Courtnee. So calm down and focus on the others here. It's just been a really long day. At least we've almost finished with it."

Good luck, Healbitch. You'd just tell this waste of oxygen to sit the fuck down, and he wouldn't want that, now would he? Also, when this is all done, Healbitch, you've got a family to go home to.

Team Demon Shaun

"Courtnee? Somebody from back home..?"

Teri frowned a little, and put a gentle hand on Devon's shoulder, "You sound tired... You even called me the wrong name... Maybe when this is done, you can go see her. We made a portal to here, so perhaps we could reverse engineer one as well...."

Although Teri meant perfectly well with her words; sympathy showing true on her face, she had no idea about what they would do to Devon...

Team Demon Shaun

Giving off a pained laugh as he was restrained and tied up next to his other half, the pair of them mirror images of the other, The Demon Author spat out a tooth towards Devon.
"uuuhhh...Seemed a lot less painful when you write it down, don't it? Still...Once my..."Brother" Wakes up, That'll it it then...T gets to go back to Cosplaying as a Nun for Satan's enjoyment for Mark's Enjoyment. Devon can find whatever is left of Courtnee after Red Mage had his way with her. The elf can go back to having a fucked up childhood and Angelus can get back to worrying about if she'll lay an egg or not in that form!" He rasped, if he could tap into the insecurities of everyone here, he might just make it out of here.

Team Demon Shaun

Wow, the Dingo-Humping Shitstain's bitchy side managed to fuck it up again. Is he taking lessons from you? Because I haven't seen anyone fuck up quite as bad as that besides you.

Devon just kept up the annoyed expression on his face and looked down at the Shadow SHaun. "Yeah, at this point, I'm sure that he's got a fairly good section of his head to lock your sorry hide in. If not, he'll use you as a guiding force. I dunno, maybe even become a Persona user. Still, ya done goofed, and things will never be the same for you."

Unfortunately for the Shadow Shaun, his statement to Melethia only earned a swift and painful kick to the kidneys. "Look, even if ya can't die, I know lots of ways that'll make ya wish ya did. Wanna find out what they are?"

Team Demon Shaun

With a growl, Angelus gave Shadow Shaun a slap over the head,

"If you want to be irritating, you're doing a good job... Why don't you just face your defeat with what little dignity you've got left?"

Meanwhile, Teri was glad to see Devon still had some spunk left in him; even if the battle did wear on his patience. However, upon hearing Shadow Shaun's comment about her and Lucifer, she turned her head the Shadow's direction, and idignation was very clearly heard through the Tablet:

"Cosplay as a nun for Luci and Mark's.... 'Entertainment?!' Okay, one, I don't do that shit; two, Mark isn't even remotely aware of what's going on between us; and three, I'm a PROTESTANT AND A CLERIC! BIG FUCKIN DIFFERENCE BUB! Would a Nun pull out half the shit I just did?! HUH? I didn't think so!"

After breathing heavy for a few moments, the Cleric blanched when she realized what she confessed, in a roundabout way. Hopefully nobody noticed, in light of the 'fuck you' bits of that mini-rant...

Team Demon Shaun

So the Healbitch is also getting reamed by your boss too? Wow. And here you managed to fuck up keeping even one little whorebiscuit close to you. Fantastic job, Shit-for-brains!

Devon kept a sharp vigil on the Shadow while keeping up that air of fatigue and annoyance, something easily kept up to what had happened that day. "So, what do we do now? If we could get a sock for his mouth or maybe even break his jaw, we could get some peace and quiet here for a bit."

Team Tomoya


"So no change there then? Alright with me." Fionn didn't move a single inch, staying at a decent distance. As he observed the battle while reloading, he noticed he didn't even need to try to aim at this point. "I must have an opportunity to show off then? What the hell, I'm going to be hanging this prat's carcass from my mantle piece anyway". With Sandy fully loaded, he glanced at the 'daemon prince' noting Tajuh's attacks and the opening they gave him. He began firing, spinning Sandy around with each shot, this was target practice for him now. He began firing the shotgun over his shoulder, behind his back, between his legs, he said he was going to put on a show didn't he?

A rough idea of how Fionn is aiming now. (Also, one of the few things in FF8 I actually like).

DIllon smirked.
"Nah Nuns don't get that violent they just inform all 'sinners' that there's a place of fire smoke biurning torture and anguish that he will send you to live and suffer and burn and scream and choke and cry, forever and ever, til the end of timne, but God loves you."
He noticed some people were staringm at him.
"I don't see how infinite punbishment for a finite transaction is fair."

Team Tomoya

Tomoya watched as the entire team gave it their all to defeat his other half, Slindis's huge barrage, Caim's frontal assault, Tajuh's Flanking, Fionn's gratuitous pumping of Lead, Rugal was about to made his contribution as he stood in front of the Demon.
"Ohhhh, how I longed for this moment..." He said as he covered his entire arm in his slashing aura as he punched into the Demon's gut, impaling him on his arm before lifting it's entire being up over his head for his most fatal move.
"GODS! END!" He shouted as he used all his energy to blast the Demon away...

...Now, this would have worked if it wasn't for the fact that the beast still had some control over lighting.
Metal can be conducted by lighting.
And his trademark Bionic Eye had metal parts on the inside.
And that eye was inside his head.

Once the beam appeared, the Monster used the last of it's lighting power in a last ditch effort to avoid being killed and, unfortunately for everyone in the room:
It worked.

Rugal screamed as millions of volts entered his body though his metal eye, burning and tearing though his body as he did the attack, going as far as to make his skeleton briefly visible for a while.
The fusion resulted in a massive bright flash engulfing the entire room, blinding everyone it in.

When the blast cleared, the roles were switched as the Demon held Rugal over his head, the King of Fighters now smoking and half his skull blown off from when the eye exploded.
Discarding the body to his side, it was clear that the beast was on it's last legs.
Those with keen enough eyes could notice that despite getting the Eletric Chair in Lobotomy form, he was still moving and alive.

Team Demon Shaun

Hadrian just observed the proceeding events with indifference. He was just thrown in there without any idea knowing what was going on after all. This seemed to be happening to him a lot lately, something that greatly annoyed him. He stretched an arm over his head and yawned.

"Man, I really need a drink," He said out loud, to no one in particular. Scratching his chin, he glanced to his side to find the larger wolf, Lupito, examining him with seemingly pensive eyes. He turned his eyes forward and addressed the wolf in a bored tone. "D'you need something, pup?"


[quote="Daft Sikes" post="540.101127.16676142"]

Team Demon Shaun
Dillon sheathed his swords, with the new addition of Dark Excalibur he had three blades red fear on his right hip Excalibur strapped to his back and the dark Excalibur strapped around the back of his belt.
He decided if he wanted to appear as a leader, he should in fact try taking the lead.
"HEROES!" he shouted getting everyone's attention.
"We have our choices we should destroy this ship but we also have friends, and..... allies fighting a corrupted Demonic Prince.
"We should split into two teams the ones who are ready to rejoin a fight shall join the others and fight off Dark Tomoya,"
He walked over to them asking those questions
"Teri, is your energy for magic depleted?
Melenthia are you injured?
Angelus, have your injuries healed?
Devon.... are you ok?
Uh, Teri are the wolves alright? I don't know any of their names so I really can't tell them apart, neither can I communicate with them."
He looked at them checking for any severe injuries.
"Those too injured shall stay here with me, I'm going to use an input to hack into the Computer with some equipment I have then I'm going to set it to my voice commands, when I give the word these engines shall overload and this ship will tear itself apart, after we have ten minutes to escape of course."
"Though, I must be honest, I have no method of talking to the other team, so I'd prefer if I have one person with me so I can stay in contact also I'd rather not have to carry Shaun out of here alone."

Team Tomoya

Immediately upon the impact, Slindis shifted off to check on Rugal and she saw breathing. He was alive! Collecting the energy from within, she quickly brought her glowing hands onto Rugal's head and let the rush of Positive energy quickly mend the man. It was questionable if he'd be ready to fight more, but he would live.

Slindis uses one Lay on Hands attempt, instantly healing Rugal for 186 HP! Uses left: 2

Tajuh delivered heavy slashes to Dark Tomoya's legs, cleanly slicing through the leg muscles.

Team Shaun

Lupito continued eyeing Hadrian with the eyes of a pack leader. "Wolfblood, you smell like something that was thought myth for generations. The stench alone gives me cause to be concerned. Are you one of the moonshifters? If you can not restrain the rumored instincts around the cubs, I will not hesitate to tear out your throat." The Dire Wolf had surprisingly not seen much on werewolves, but he would not let any of his pack be harmed by one. The legends of their bloodthirst alone would be cause for concern.

Oh boy, here goes Captain Dipshit on about some fucking speech. Honestly, acting like he's some high and mighty fucking hero like he's better than everyone else. Not only that, he's really trying to be the fucking leader when he showed everyone he's a batshit insane teamkilling shiteater. Go die in a fire, cumguzzling douche.

Devon sighed, pulling off the air of fatigue from a long day exceedingly well as he negotiated with Dillon. "I'm pretty sure that other team can handle themselves. You really want to divide the group right now? Besides, I thought Angelus was the leader of this group." Dillon could see that the elven girl was fine for the fight they'd been in

Team Shaun

Hadrian smirked at the Dire Wolf and a cold laugh escaped his throat. He brought a partially transformed hand up, sharp claws bared, and a crimson glint entered his eyes. "Ho? Tear my throat out you say? You'd do well to not make threats that you won't be able to carry out, pup." He lowered his hand to his side, and reversed the transformation. "I am indeed one of those so-called "moonshifters," but I have long since my turning got a reign over these instincts. If I was unable to, I would have been hunted down and killed a long time ago."

Team Shaun

Lupito snarled as he bared his teeth towards the 'moonshifter' and let Hadrian know that he meant business. "I don't make promises, I can't keep, Moonshifter. IN that same vein, call me a pup again and I'll make sure you won't have any of your own. Understood?"

Team Shaun

Hadrian just chuckled in response, not in the least threatened by him. "I'll refrain from calling you such in the future, Lupito. That is, if you stop calling me moonshifter." He bent down to the wolf's eye level, and gave it a small grin. "As I said before, I am no enemy. You don't need to fear me harming those 'pups' of yours. I made friends with them before, or at the very least, they know me as an acquaintance or an ally."

Team Shaun

Lupito kept a wary eye on the man, showing the presence of an Alpha to Hadrian with the stubborn yet confident way he locked eyes with the werewolf. "Very well, Hadrian. I know you claim to have your instinct under check, but I've seem many before that claimed the same. No moonshifters, since they were wiped out in the Purge, but more uppity pups that had to be put in their place by my jaws."


Team Shaun
Dillon was impressed by the Young elf's lack of injury, a feat even he couldn't claim to.
"Not bad, Melenthia was it? I'd like to spar with you, may pick up a few tricks." he said his tone respectful.
Dillon wasn't an expert on people, but the words seemed condescending to him, he walked close to Devon looking at him very intensely.
For a moment in Devon's mind he suddenly wondered if Dillon could read his mind.
Dillon however couldn't do that but he could perceive souls, however Devon at the moment somehow was able to resist that. It was confusing however its effect had the opposite of what was intended it didn't dispel suspicion but instead increased it. However Dillon wasn't going to start a fight.
"Alright then, we'll wait here. Can anyone communicate with the other team? I'd like it if we could somehow get an idea what's going on also I'd like to clear the whole blowing up the ship idea with the others."


Team Shaun
Dillon was impressed by the Young elf's lack of injury, a feat even he couldn't claim to.
"Not bad, Melenthia was it? I'd like to spar with you, may pick up a few tricks." he said his tone respectful.
Dillon wasn't an expert on people, but the words seemed condescending to him, he walked close to Devon looking at him very intensely.
Dillon however couldn't read minds but he could perceive souls, however Devon at the moment somehow was able to resist that. It was confusing however its effect had the opposite of what was intended it didn't dispel suspicion but instead increased it. However Dillon wasn't going to start a fight.
"Alright then, we'll wait here. Can anyone communicate with the other team? I'd like it if we could somehow get an idea what's going on also I'd like to clear the whole blowing up the ship idea with the others."

Team Shaun
Hadrian gave Lupito a light-hearted laugh. "Well I am certainly no uppity pup, I assure you." He stood back up and looked at the others. "Anyway, would you mind if I ask you what is going on? It would seem that much has happened in my absence."

Team Demon Shaun

The Shaun they were talking about was already wake and overlooking his darker self.
He saw the pathetic look on his face and smirked.
"I know what I am going to do." He smiled as he looked down upon his evil self and stretched out his hand.

His evil self smiled as he grabbed his hand tightly and was lifted up but only to be bitch slapped and punched directly in the fact and grappled, except it wasn't a grapple, it was something more warmer. It was a hug. "I always knew you were me, and now that we are together we can gain our courage back and take what we need to do to help them." Shaun said to his darker self who was already in tears.

With a click the two had already merged but the now full Shaun had a large pistol aimed at Dillon.
"Now that I have that out of the way ... too bad. We are not blowing up the ship, I have plans for it and you guys will NOT be assholes for once and let me have my GOD damn good ending!" Shaun yelled back in a fit of rage.

It had seemed that with the combination with his dark side, he had not only gained his courage but also his anger and rage.

"This is my ship, it IS mine." Shaun sighed as he used his author powers to destroy all of the corruption on board and amplified his voice all over the ship. "The ship is back under control. All able combat personal please come to to main chamber and weapons systems center. Shaun said all across the ship, everyone started to cheer and celebrate their victory over the corruption. Everyone was free of the evil and most of the combat troops on the ship were heading to the two battle areas.

When everyone noticed Shaun talking he was already gone from the area and the troops began filling in.
Though Dillon could hear a voice still.
"Take it if you will. it only holds a small portion of the power of the original ... and usually evil weapons kill their owner. So good luck with that."

Team Devil Tomoya

With everyone attacking Devil Tomoya, he began to weaken to an amount where the humanoid part was bleeding all over, though the corruption part was still regenerating. Tomoya had retrieved his old weapons from Riki and was battling as well but was in a bad shape.

Shaun was already behind Tomoya and was smiling.
Poking his back the previous archangel turned around.
"What the hell!" He said smiling, in the background Riki and Kud were supporting the others and smiled with great delight when they saw the Author come out of nowhere.

"I believe you know how to use it." Shaun smiled as he handed Tomoya a VERY familiar weapon.

"Excalibur ... how?" Tomoya said in surprise whilst everyone behind him was still battling Devil Tomoya. "It's a fake I made with my powers, it had some of the power though I suggest you use it with everyone else's help." Shaun smiled as he held onto the sheath of Excalibur (Which was the one from Fate/Stay Night).

Tomoya's wounds were already healed too as he turned back to everyone.

I don't care about what any of you say, but it is time to end this!

He had a devilish smirk on his face as the blade he held started to shine brightly.

"I'll take that stone back thank you very much." Tomoya said to the Devil Tomoya who only could blurt out a weird language.

"The ship is back under control. All able combat personal please come to to main chamber and weapons systems center. "

"I don't care about what any of you say, but it is time to end this!"

Fionn was dumbstruck at what he just witnessed. All of the carnage, all of the evil that permeuated the ship, just undone instantly? And then came Tomoya's attempts at ordering around the group. Was he really just going to command everyone after letting all of this happen?! He walked over over to the "Angel" and his creator and asked him one question, Ignoring the fight for the time being. "So let me get this straight, you can just instantly purge the entire ship of this corruption, magically conjure items out of nowhere, and the only reason you didn't do it before is because?......." Fionn was on the verge of snapping at this point, despite the author's development he could see Fionn shouldn't be treated lightly at this point.

The Author and the previous Archangel (He's human again since Devil Tomoya has all of his power) looked at each other with confused faces.
The two shrugged at the same time.
"Don't look at me. I was just released from torment, that shadow guy is really a bad host ... "
Tomoya sighed as he just remembered all of his time as a vessel.

"For me ... hmm. Well I was just dealing with some mental issues and I had to fight my evil self to gain back my courage and other parts of me. Shaun laughed before turning his attention to Devil Tomoya. "As an author I do have control over my characters and creations but we are bound by rules. Fortunately
the two things I just did are acceptable due to this 'climax'
" Shaun said as he emoted with his hands.

Devil Tomoya spotted the three and spat out some more language they could not recognize and swung one of his few arms. The three easily evaded. "You guys would be REALLY lame heroes if you didn't battle the boss here right now. Isn't that the more importan-" Shaun said but was interrupted by an attack, luckily Tomoya managed to put himself in-between the two.

Tomoya punched the body of the Devil as few times before he jumped away. When he came back it looked like he way annoyed.
"Shaun ... did you make me do that?"
"Uh, maybe." Shaun smiled but was punched in the stomach lightly.

The two started to fight whilst yelling things like "You were not inside that thing!" and "Well least you didn't have to face yourself. From Fionn's point of view it looked like this.

The two stopped quickly to take notice of Devil Tomoya.
"Yeah ... we really should take care of that thing. I want to see my family after this."
"Can I come?"
"Sure ... why not. Just don't try my mother-in-law's bread."
"I already know that."
The two laughed, but Shaun pulled out his katana which had green lightning surrounding it.

Both Tomoya and Shaun looked at Fionn.
"So ..."
"can we finally kill this thing!?" Shaun said with an annoyed look.

"Don't look at me. I was just released from torment, that shadow guy is really a bad host ... "
"For me ... hmm. Well I was just dealing with some mental issues and I had to fight my evil self to gain back my courage and other parts of me. "As an author I do have control over my characters and creations but we are bound by rules. Fortunately the two things I just did are acceptable due to this 'climax'"

"Some Mental issues!?" That was enough to trigger all of this!? The Preacher's death, the destruction of New York, all those innocent people thoughtlessly killed, everyone who suffered and died at the hands of this monster. AND THEY ARE LAUGHING IT OFF!? Fionn just couldn't understand even remotely how casually they were dealing with all of this.

"You guys would be REALLY lame heroes if you didn't battle the boss here right now....."

"I don't believe this. After all that has happne-"....Then Tomoya and Shaun started fighting. This immature display was the straw that broke the camel's back, Fionn had finally had enough of the stupidity and insanity he was witnessing. "After all that has happened here, and THIS!" He punched the ground with sufficient force to knock everyone off their feet. "IS HOW THEY TREAT IT! LIKE IT'S A FUCKING JOKE!" He punched the ground again,an aura of different elements began to appear around him, as his sanity slipped, his control over his arcane powers followed suit. Now his composure was gone. For the first time since arriving in this world. Fionn was PISSED.

The two turned to see the enraged Gun Mage, now staring at the two with burning contempt. At this point Fionn barely even noticed the devil Tomoya.

"So ..."
"can we finally kill this thing!?"

"You know what, you're right." He nodded slightly and walked over to the two, "I even have an attack strategy that can't fail!"

"About time, so wh-" Fionn delivered an Uppercut to Tomoya's jaw with sufficient force to send him into his ceiling, his head now stuck there. He then turned to the Author, now with a smile on his face. "That's a nice sword there, I know exactly how you can wield it." Fionn grabbed the author by his legs, fashioning him into a baseball bat before charging at Devil Tomoya.

And cue music.

Devil Tomoya could only respond with one line at what he was seeing before Fionn interrupted him. ".......What in the name of Go-" "BATTER UP." Fionn swung at DT, whacking him with sufficient force to send him flying into the wall. As he attempted to retaliate, Fionn hit him again with his new 'weapon', sending the Dark Angel into another wall. He then held the author like a musket, the lighting katana acting as a bayonet. "Charge!" He ran at Devil Tomoya, stabbing him and hurling him over to the ground behind him.

"Well that was cathartic, now then." Fionn set the Author down, and pulled out his sabre. Now the energy from each spell he had left was being channeled into it, causing to warp to an insane degree. His gauntlet now glowed bright orange as well, crimson lightning arcing across it. "For my last trick." He held the blade with both hands, raising it over his head. The blade was not only charging with just his spells, but his rage.


After being lit up like a massive lighting rod during the middle of his attack, Rugal was soon revived by Slindis's efforts as Fionn and others fought off the monster.
The Lay on Hands helped to undo most of the damage, the drow seeing the huge blast wound around Rugal's right eye scab over and heal extremely quickly, bring him back to conciseness as he did.
Quickly attempting to stand, emphasis on attempting, He groaned "...That...was new...." as he realized he was blind again.
"Slindis, go! I'll live, but that thing can't be allowed to!" He said as he motioned her to move.

The Demon meanwhile was ripe for the finish, another few well placed attacks would see it off.

Team Demon Shaun

As the others ran to where they were going to be, Davon looked at Melethia and put a hand on her shoulder. "Fuck what Shaun said: Let's make sure this ship knows that pissing off the poeple here was the worst thing they could have done."

Team Devil Tomoya

Slindis had huge problems with what Fionn had done, but it was time to finish this. "God, Devil, it doesn't matter what you are. You will still reap what you have sown, and you've only yourself to thank for this."

Even though Rugal didn't have his eyes any more, he could see the massive amount of Ki radiating from Slindis as she brushed her left arm with her right hand before slamming the ground in a massive punch. Shortly after, she leapt in on the stunned Tomoya to deliver some of the most powerful blows she'd ever delivered.

Slindis is using her Grandmaster of Flowers finisher: Everything is Nothing! Slindis slams the ground with her fist to create massive shockwaves, paralyzing enemies in a wide radius for 6 seconds and dealing 1000 points of damage. Extremely strong willed enemies can reduce the frozen time period, but they still take the damage. Cost: 50 Ki.

Total damage including her full ten hit flurry of fists: 1,333

"You're not done yet? It seems you're quite tenacious." As she got ready for another flurry of blows, Caim's attention was drawn to Tajuh blurring like there was two of him there, and before Tomoya had the time to even process what had happened from the last combo, he suffered an insane amount of slices in a single second.

It's been far too long since I last used that... Still, the archangel's on his last legs

Team Shaun - A few minutes ago....

With Shaun ultimately disappearing as he did, Angelus looked around and gave a nod of satisfaction; and then looked to the little group; "I'm going to help get rid of Tomoya. Gods knows that fool needs me. I trust all of you will all will be well? Come or go as you please, but keep your ears open in case anything funny happens."

After hearing confrimations from whomever cared to give them, the dragon gave the group a tired smile, and ran off....

As she left, Teri looked back to her comrade and said, "You know, I never thanked you for poofing in the gear. I know Shaun didn't do it, so it had to be you... Thanks, Devon. You really helped out there."

Giving Devon a smile, Teri hid the fact that she was actually quite worried about her fellow Author. He looked... Off, somehow; and she couldn't put her finger on it. She'd have to keep an eye on him, just in case something went terribly wrong...

Team Tomoya

After Fionn's outburst, Slindis's wave of energy and Tajuhs' swarm of slices; Caim and the kids remembered that they were in on this battle (as well as collecting their jaws from the floor), and resumed their attack on the Dark half of Tomoya, Caim following close in tandem with them. Ton Ton must have picked up a trick or two watching the Swordsman (or seeing memories of him in Cadolbolg's mind, whichever), as he was switching between hopping on and off Cadolbolg as he got minute stabs in on the Dark Angel, giving Caim enough time to get a slash in; as well as the occasional fire blast from Cadolbolg. However, one of the arms on Dark Tomoya's back wised up to the trick, grabbing the Cuties in mid-air and throwing them hard against the floor; inciting a cry of pain from both of the Cuties as the dark arms started trying to crush them against said floor. As a caged animal, the Dark Tomoya was willing to pull out any stops before being wiped from existence.

The warrior, feeling his rage rise in him again, was about to ready his blade to strike; but felt himself thrown back by another extra hand shoving him back with an equal amount of force in the gut. Rage had left him open; and he had paid for it in that moment. Skidding on the floor; Caim silently groaned as he got up; and felt a familiar voice in his mind as he did so;

"Haven't I told you before? You always leave yourself open when you get angry."

Caim whirled around in confusion, and saw his pact partner advancing towards him. Before he could even comment on how she got there, a pained voice filled the air,

"E-e-ever-yone's... G-grudge!"

and a multitude of dark shadows began whirling around Dark Tomoya; piercing him and inciting an unholy scream from that thing. However, unlike the other instances of the attack being used, the shadows kept going and they didn't look like they were going to be ending any time soon. With a smile to Angelus, the dragon already knew what he was thinking. With a wave of one hand, fire began coating the blade, the other with a steadily increasing flame; and the duo began to charge; calling Cadolbolg to arms as they did. And as they charged, Cadolbolg took to the air; Ton Ton's technique unbinding the both of them, and breathed deep; pooling the reservoir of his energies into this one blast... Now to time it for-

Caim and Angelus reached their goal, pushing their blade/flames forward in an ingenious fusion of fire and blade; sending a sonic blast coated in dragonfire straight through the Demon like a knife through butter. Taking a step back from what Angelus and Cadolbolg had planned after that, Caim watched as his 'son' and his pact partner unleashed a baptism of fire on the creature; Angelus' stored magical energies from the fight with Shaun melding with the blast that Cadolbolg had built up waiting for the duo to arrive.

However, even when the flames died, and the screams continued (you know, Karma was still coming back like a bitch at that moment), Caim couldn't help but contemplate what was keeping the dark creature alive...

Team Tomoya

As the others made their attacks, Fionn was channeling every spell he had into his blade. The warpings and elemental distortions became more erratic, the sabre now disrupting reality around it. He then looked at the pinned Devil. "Well isn't that considerate?", he couldn't help but laugh at this, Devil Tomoya now crippled by the same style of attacks he used.

He closed in, lifting the blade over his head, the various energies now surging around the blade, it looked like a fight between explosions, a thunder storm and a blizzard. "I'd usually have a witty line at this point, but I'll let this speak for itself." Fionn then struck down with the force of a train.

Elemental Chaos.

Giant Icicles, and flame pillars all erupted from the ground as the attack landed with crimson lightning striking down on the demon. Every possible spell effect he had hit the Devil at full strength, but Fionn wasn't finished. With his last attack, he channeled his rage into the still charged blade.

Chaos Blade.

Team Shaun

Unable to get an answer from Luptio, Hadrian coughed into his hand, gaining the attention of the remaining group members. He gave them a tiny wave and a forced grin.

"Yes, hello, guy-who-just-plopped-straight-out-of-nowhere-and-into-another-batshit-insane-conflict here," He (re)introduced himself to them awkwardly. "So mind telling me what that was all about? This is the third time this happened to me already." 'I swear, I keep on getting tossed from mysterious portal to mysterious portal like a goddamn ragdoll.'

He hoped that whatever cosmic being that was pulling these shenanigans would knock it off already. He had already lost two good suits because of this crap.


The so-called "cosmic-being" looked at tablet screen, wearing a smug grin on his face.

"It sure feels good to be back in the RP again, huh Hadrian?" He leaned back in his chair, and took a sip from his coffee. He let out a satisfied sigh. "Damn, that is a great cup of joe."

Team Shaun

Lupito responded to Hadrian in Lupan, showing that although he couldn't speak other languages, he understood them. "Large attack on those humans living here by another race, from what the Scarlet Paladin let me know. My apologies for not being able to describe more, but Garm and I only got through here a relatively short time ago."

Oh, now the Healbitch notices that you were trying to do more than beat your meat off in the corner with the fucking puppies and the little girl, you sack of shit. Still doesn't help much, though, but then again, shit can only make shit. Am I right, or am I right? Mot to mention the fucking Furry over there as well. Hey, maybe you two can go and find some more ways to fuck shit up? That's all you're good for, after all.

Devon turned to Teri and for a brief glimpse, the Cleric could feel the edges of something off about the man. His actions seemed practiced, almost a bit too natural as he tried giving some help to the young elven girl dismantling the electronics of the Black Hole Gun again.

"Hey, I did what I could. Can't ask for much more, can ya?" He faked a generally warm laugh, and the only thing off about it was how it felt too natural...

Team Shaun

Hadrian just sighed, and chose to speak in Lupan for the sake of privacy. "Well, I suppose that will suffice. I usually get nothing but the bare-bones of things like this anyway." Hadrian resignedly said.

He glanced to the side at Devon and Teri, examining them. When Devon laughed, Hadrian felt the hairs on his neck bristle. Being the Head Interrogator of the Guardians, he had to deal with many different people. Something about the young man was ringing a lot of these familiar bells in his head. It felt like he was hiding something, or rather, trying to hold something back. But then again, he hasn't been doing a lot of that interrogative work lately, so he may be just a bit off with his assessment. Still... "Well, how about those two over there? Anything you can tell me about them?"

Team Shaun

Lupito looked Hadrian over again before responding. "The Female is some kind of divine magic user, aided in her training by my Alpha, the Scarlet Paladin. The male there, he's a bit odd to place. My Alpha did ask me to keep an eye on him and the youngest pup here with the green hair, but something feels off about him. I can not place exactly what it is, though. At the very least, he does seem truly concerned for everyone here. Does something about him concern you?"

Team Shaun

Hadrian grunted. "There is something about him that does feel rather strange. However, I have yet to actually speak with him, so I can't say for sure." He rolled an arm and stretched his back. "I was going to introduce myself to them sooner or later anyway. Might as well do it now."

Hadrian walked over to Teri and Devon, looking down at the piece of machinery they were tinkering with. He crouched down by them to get a closer look. "If you don't mind me asking, what is that you two are working on, hm?"

Team Shaun

And now the overgrown furball wants to help you fuck things up more, does he? It's better if he leaves that job to someone that knows it. Although there's always the chance that you could fuck up fucking something up, shitheel.

Managing to ignore the increasingly bold voice in his head, our Bard in a pale green suit looked up at Hadrian. "We're trying to mess up the gun here so that way, it can't be used again. I don't care too much about that 'happy ending' Shaun was going on about. After all, was he there to see New York City get nuked and assaulted with a Rage Virus? Was he there to see DC get slaughtered? Excuse me for being blunt, but that shit isn't going to happen again if I can do anything about it." He made sure to let only the right amount of anger come through. However, to those that were already focused on the man, they could still feel something that was slightly off, much like the feeling when a room was completely silent.

Besides, that Dingo-humper is really fucking entitled, isn't he? 'This is my happy ending'? He can go suck that Healbitch's cock! 'Oh Waah, I suffered, so you can all have to bow down to my wishes and praise me like a god.' Smarmy little dickwaffle. Like everything in this FUCKING universe revolves around that little convict!

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