The Road to Indigo (Pokemon RP (Closed): Chapter 7: Dead Living On The Radio...)

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Rochelle blushed faintly at Jordan's comment about her hair, but kept her wits about her as she slipped her Pokédex into a spare pocket. Wait... Did he mean 'lead the way' as in, 'you're showing us where to go'? To ensure she understood the meaning behind Jordan's words, she answered, "Um, do you mean like, team leader or something, or just pointing everyone else in the right direction? I did all my travelling on my own until I met Kirsten, and even then there were no other Trainers or anything with us."

Fary followed behind the other out the door and grabbed her bike. She manged to catch up with Jordan. "So where did you come from Jordan? This is my first time in Kanto so I don't really know anyone here." Fary said putting Zorua in the basket.

"Uh, well I came from Fuchsia," Jordan answered, deciding to take care of both Rochelle and Fary's questions at the same time, "But uh, this is my first time out of the Fuchsia area. Like, I have no idea where any of this stuff is. We get back to Fuchsia, I'm your guy, k? But right now? No idea." He kept walking along as most of the group had bunched together. "So uh, we're all traveling together, huh? That's kinda cool, I guess. Good to have fellow bros and broettes to travel with."

'Leave? Already? I just got here.' Simon thought as he turned his Pokédex upside down and rightside up, trying to figure out how to open it. Once he managed to activate the device he peered at the screen and pressed a few buttons. "Cool." he said, impressed with the technology. Even if he didn't know how to work it. The light from the device reflected off of Simon's glasses.

Shadow, feeling ignored, tried to climb up Simon's leg. The trainer knelt down to pet his Poochyena. When the Pokédex came within range of the Pokémon it beeped twice and data appeared on the screen. "So that's how it works." Simon scrolled through the information. He glanced up and saw that most of the trainers were now outside. 'They don't waste any time, do they?' He slid the Pokédex into his pocket.

There were a few people left. Simon looked one of the trainers. The somewhat nervous-looking one. 'Tyler? Tyler with an Abra.' Right now, he was the only person whose name Simon knew. 'Looks like we will all be traveling together. Hope I can catch some more names along the way.' "Tyler, was it? Nice to meet you. I'm Simon." Simon waved to the younger boy then turned to point outside. "I think the group is leaving us." Simon wasn't really sure he wanted to be in a group, though. Maybe he'd just stick around until he got the hang of things. At least until the next town. 'I have to call the office...' Simon remembered.

After stepping outside Simon looked up at the sky, where a few clouds blocked the sunlight temporarily. He debated on taking his bike out to assemble but decided that he could walk for a bit longer. Shadow was still in the doorway of the lab when Simon began to follow behind the group. When Shadow realized his trainer had left the Poochyena made a low whining bark and rushed out the door. The dark Pokémon's paws skidded on the soft dirt before he managed to match Simon's pace.

"Yea I don't know this area much ether but I do have a world map that spreads from Kanto to Unova if we need it." Fary said pulling it out of her bag so it was in hand. "But if we ever get to Unova I can take you anywhere.

Fary thought for a bit about traveling with outs. She always thought she'd be alone and prepared for such. She had everything she'd need and then some. "You know it will be nice to be with a group of trainers. Each of us with our own goals skills and Pokemon. Mom always told me that no one person is alike but everyone is part of the bigger picture." Fary said thinking bac to when she first said that to Fary.

Rochelle was a little impressed by Fary's world map. She only possessed copies of Kanto and Johto maps herself. "Yeah, you're probably right," she piped up, putting in her two cents' worth. "It'll be good to see how people train their Pokémon, which ones they catch and raise, their battling strategies and suchlike. I, uh... I'm kinda new to the lifestyle of a Trainer myself. Spent a few months on the road between graduating from high school and coming here." She hefted her large backpack on her shoulders as she spoke. The pack was useful; it could hold everything from Rochelle's sleeping bag to her Trainer supplies, and even had a small compartment for food she found in the wilderness between cities.

"You mentioned skills, Fary. Um... I know basic field medicine and there's a human first-aid kit in my pack," she added. "I also know a fair bit about finding food on the road or in forests and suchlike. What about you guys? Got any special talents or something?"

Aeris followed behind the others, with Blaze walking beside her. I wonder what Kanto looks like. I only know from TV and the map I have. She pulled out her map and looked for where they were. She'd gone from Cinnabar Island to Pallet Town. Now they were supposed to go to Viridian City, which was above Pallet Town on the map, and from there they were supposed to go to Pewter City. They'd have to go through Viridian Forest to get to Pewter City.

She folded the map together and put it back into her backpack. "Looks like a bit of a walk, but it shouldn't be long until we reach Viridian City." she said to the others. She walked to the front determinately and walked ahead of the others, as if she was the leader, which she didn't really intend to be. She was just so excited to start. Hearing what Rochelle said, she turned around and faced her. "I know how to treat burns, if my scars weren't enough evidence." She rubbed the back of her head. "I, uhm, have a habit of burning myself. Comes with growing up with fire Pokemon." Then she mumbled a little to herself. "More like trying to hug the fire Pokemon..."

Fary looked over at Rochelle. Her parents when she was 10 made sure she knew everything she'd need to go out on her own and catch Pokemon. "Well I know human and Pokemon first aid, grooming, cooking, and making Pokemon food. I learned breeding from my dad and coordinating from my mother. They insisted I know how to live on my own when I was first going to go out at 12 but well that didn't happen." Fary said then looked at Jordan.

"I'm also good at other things not related to Pokemon as well." Fary flirted giving Jordan a smirk and brushed up against him on "accident".

"," Jordan remarked. Holy shit this girl's into me. Already. That is so totally awesome. Fuck you dad. I knew I had skills. Didn't need to come out here to prove that to you.

"Uhhhh, OK, um well," Jordan reached into his sleeping bag and pulled out his only possession. "Uh, I have a frying pan! That's uh, that's not really a skill though," he put the pan away. "Uh I dunno, I surf mostly. That's pretty much what I do. I never even owned a Pokemon before a few days ago. So uh, yeah, I'm uh not that good. I just want to get back home bros."

"Oh a surfer I see. I've never surfed before, maybe you could teach me and I could teach you some things." Fary said softly to him then walked past him Zorua yipping at Jordan trying to tell him to stay away from Fary. "Ohh Zorua stop it." fary setting petting her.

Rochelle giggled a little at Aeris's last comment, figuring that she knew her Fire-types and liked them almost exclusively. "I don't know much about Fire Pokémon myself. My own Pokémon, Kirsten, she's a Horsea... perhaps our companions won't get along as well as we will. Still, I'll try to avoid battling near you until our Pokémon are a little friendlier towards one another."

Then Rochelle overheard a snatch of Fary's voice, and saw Jordan's reaction. "Um... no offence, Fary, but I'd have to agree with Zorua on this one," she said to the Trainer in question, feeling a little awkward as she caught on to the obvious flirting. While she had never been in a relationship herself, or had the need to flirt the way Fary was doing, she could recognise it.

"Maybe save it for another time, Fary. Right now... we should probably get going. I mean, we aren't gonna get to Viridian and Pewter by standing here."

"Uh yeah, yeah, that's probably a good idea," Jordan agreed with Rochelle. Going to have to try and get some alone time with her, I think. That'll be fun. Maybe get the sleeping bags off in a nice little secluded corner. She'd totally dig it. Yeah.

Jordan started walking away from the lab. He could still hear strains of extremely loud religious shouting coming from the laboratory and figured it would be best to get away. He started walking towards the grass. "Uh...I am going the right way, right?"

Rochelle looked around in answer to Jordan's question. There wasn't much to see in regards to paths away from Pallet Town: woodlands and fences blocked off most of the possible directions, leaving the route to the north from which she had made her way to the town, and there was the beach to the south. According to her map, which she practically remembered by heart, it was a fair distance to Cinnabar Island from Pallet.

Not fancying a swim any time soon, she said, "Best we don't get separated, guys. And yes, Jordan, that's the route to Viridian. Just hold up, wait for the rest of us." She hurried after him to emphasise her statement.

Fary blinked and looked back at Jordan. "Into the tall grass?" she asked watching him. "If you want to be attacked by a Pokemon sure." Fary said shrugging her shoulders. Zorua blinked and looked up at Fary pawing at her. "What you can't be hungry already Zorua." Fary said looking bac at her.

"Nice to meet you, Simon," Tyler replied, genuinely happy that this new person wasn't threatening to sodomize him with a Tauros horn. He followed Simon out and caught up with the others who were gathered around the tall grass that he had not 45 minutes ago had to navigate through. Back to this place again, he thought. Great. "Uh, hey guys, I'm afraid I'm gonna be somewhat useless here, since my Abra's Hidden Power is Ghost-type, so yeah..." he said to his fellow Trainers.

"Don't worry. We'll handle the Pokemon here since your Abra can't." Aeris said, smiling, to Tyler. "Oh, I bet it's cute." She giggled a little. Not as cute as my Blaze, though. Blaze just walked beside her. It's not that Aeris didn't not like having Blaze in her Pokeball. It's just that She wasn't used to Pokemon being in their Pokeballs most of the time. Of course, she could have done that on the boat, but she hadn't thought of it. I wonder how that Seaking is doing... she thought to herself. She and Blaze were walking towards the tall grass with the others.

"I think you're still cute, even with the burn scars." Mika said with a smile to Aeris, gently patting his Houndour on the head.

Bones, however, was busy trying to get to know the other Pokemon. He walked up behind Shadow, the Poochyena, and did what Canids did to get to know each other... smell each other's ass. Once he had gotten a fair smell of who the Poochyena was, he moved on to the Zorua, and started smelling around it a fair bit and yipping happily.

"Looks like Bones is trying to make some new friends." Mika said softly to no one in particular. "Just don't go putting your nose where it ought not be, hun... Lots of things would love to bite a little pup like you."

Bones merely whimpered a bit and looked up at his Trainer, who reassured him with a pat on the head and continued walking with the group.

"As for directions... I know my way around Kanto pretty well. I remember things from my first Pokemon journey when I was twelve... Viridian Forest isn't really so difficult to pass through. And I think there's an old shortcut that we can use that'll take us around. Although, we had to pass through some tightly knit trees... Not sure if it's usable still."

Aeris giggled and blushed at Mika's comment. "Thanks. People seem to sometimes be put off by my scars. They're fairly normal to me, just a bit weird to other people, I suppose. As I mentioned earlier, I've gotten some burns while growing up with fire Pokemon." She'd never gotten a comment on her being cute except from the people on Cinnabar Island, so she was a little flustered when someone told her she was cute.

Blaze chuckled at her flustering. "Char Charmander Char Char." Aeris blushed even more. "W-what?! N-no, there's nothing like that, Blaze! D-don't say things like that!" She was a bit embarrassed now and pouted, because Blaze had teased her about liking Mika. "I-in any case, we should continue towards Viridian City." She continued to walk towards the tall grass with Blaze right beside her, chuckling because of Aeris' reaction earlier. The Pokemon learned a bit from the Trainer when growing up together, it seemed.

"What? Attacked?" Jordan asked. He definitely didn't want to be attacked. Flashbacks of that day on the beach went through his head. The pain. The one day that almost denied him the rest of his life. "Well, guess I can let the little bro out now. Nothing to break out here. Plus he can go after the things. And all." Jordan reached into the front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and pulled out the Pokeball that contained his lone Pokemon. "Anyway, come on out, Vince bro!"

The white light shone for a few seconds before revealing the surfer's starter. The sunlight glinted off the scythes as the young Scyther stood in the tall grass. It was happy to be outside again. "Scyyyyyy-ther!" it cried, spreading it's wings out wide, trying to assert what little dominance it felt it had in it's few days of living. " think Vince bro can take take out most of these things?" he asked, as if to get some reassurance that what he was doing was right.

Well depending on the type. If it's flying, fire, ice, or electricity you will be at a disadvantage but if it's rock well you're fucked. But grass, ground, fighting and bug should be fine." Fary said thinking through all the different type and weaknesses for each. "Hmmmm like if I run into steel well poor Zorua is in bad shape but she can take on a Abra." she said not really looking at anyone.

Zorua titled her head to the side and looked at Fary then the Scyther and Jordan. "Zor Zorua Zooorrr."What a dumb ass. Zorua wasn't found of really anyone in the group, particularly Jordan for how he looked at Fary. She growled some and made sure Fary wasn't looking at her and used Leer on Vince.

Rochelle thought over the type advantages and disadvantages of the Pokémon she had seen with each Trainer. They were a mixed bunch, capable of covering each other's weaknesses. Going by the basic elemental rules, she knew from her education that Kirsten wasn't going to be that great when facing Electric or Grass Pokémon, and that she would have no problem with the Rock-type Gym Leader in Pewter City. Of course, that would be once they got there, and she had worked with Kirsten to train her up and teach her to battle.

"Hmmm... a shame there isn't a lake or something nearby," she mused to herself as she walked with the others. "Maybe I could buy a fishtank or something, and fix it up to attach it to the top of my pack. Kirsten would love that... although it'd be a bit heavy, carrying all that water around on my back."

Tyler grinned somewhat. "Yeah, Geist is a pretty nice Abra. I've had him since I was sixteen," he said to Aeris just before the cry of a Scyther caught his attention. Jordan's impressive Pokemon spread its wings. Overhearing Jordan, its name was Vince. Interesting name for a Scyther, Tyler noted. He also saw that Fary's Zorua didn't seem to like Vince at all. In fact, the small fox-like Pokemon didn't appear to be friendly to anybody but her trainer. Tyler made a mental note to keep his distance from the unfamiliar Zorua.

"So will we be needing to battle? Because I have no idea how to battle with my pokemon." Terinth said, as she pulled a pokeball out of her backpack. "Lillipup, you awake yet?" Terinth asked to her pokemon, as it came out of its ball yipping and bouncing around. "Good, you're not a lazy ball of fluff." As her pokemon started running around, barking happily, it ran over to all of the other pokemon, sniffing and inspecting them. "Lillipup, be careful around that Scyther's blades!" She shouted out to it.

Zorua growled at the annoying Lillipup and snapped at it. "Zoorua zorzor." Get the hell away from me. Zorua was not happy with the hyper Pokemon and she looked up at Fary pleading and whimpered. "Zorua what the hell is wrong with you?" Fary said scolding her Pokemon. "You don't have to like them bu don't be an ass." she said angrily.

Sorua growled some and then looked at the Lillipup and curled up in the basket of the bike trying to hide from the others disgusted at everyone but Fary.

Blaze hugged the Lillipup when it came over to her and nuzzled it a bit, then let go of it. "Yeah, we'll need to battle. And don't worry about not knowing how to battle. You can just watch us if you want to for a few battles to get the hang of it." Aeris said to Terinth with her usual smile.

Walking in the tall grass, Blaze had to be careful not to set it on fire. "Hmm. Maybe it would be best to just keep you in the Pokeball while we're in the grass. Just in case, though I don't like having you in the ball..." Blaze looked at Aeris and nodded, as if saying that it would be better to stay in the ball. Aeris picked Blaze's Pokeball up out of her pocket and aimed it at Blaze. A beam of red light hit Blaze and she went into the Pokeball. Aeris kissed the Pokeball and put it on her belt.

Simon was silent as he walked with the group. He eavesdropped on a pieces of the nearby conversations. It was somewhat unintentional because he had nothing else to focus on. Shadow, after being inspected by Bones, decided to wander away from his trainer. The small Pokémon jumped toward the Scyther when it materialized. Then he snapped at a bit of tall grass that waved in front of him. The single blade of plant matter stood no chance against the ferocious bite. When the grass was vanquished the Poochyena tilted his head and his ears twitched. His red-in-yellow eyes focused on Zorua when it growled at Lillipup. Shadow gave a curious whine. Simon noticed the sound and half-turned to find his Pokémon.

"What are you doing?" he asked. Shadow turned toward his trainer, yipped, then bounded towards him. The Poochyena bumped into Simon's leg causing him to smile.

"There's a lot of canine Pokemon in our group..." Mika said softly, looking around at all the dogs. "Though, I think most are males... So we don't really need to worry about anyone going into heat yet... Wait, Terinth, is your Lillipup a female? If so, I'd keep track of her heat cycle..."

Mika was quiet after that, and then smiled at the group. He looked around, trying to see any wild Pokemon approaching as they walked towards Viridian City. He looked around, and saw some rustling in the grass, with Bones looking in the direction of the noises.

"I think we've got some wild Pokemon nearby..." Mika said to the group, grabbing an empty pokeball from his jacket pocket. "Get ready guys."

"Aww, and I just put Blaze in her Pokeball. Oh well." Aeris picked up Blaze's Pokeball from her belt. "Time to battle, Blaze. Your first battle." Blaze came out of the Pokeball in a white light that faded away slowly and showed Blaze, who was ready to battle. "Be careful, though. You haven't learned any fire attacks yet, so you can only scratch your foes." Blaze looked at Aeris and nodded. "Charmander!" She looked out for the rustling, seeing if they would get attacked.

Blaze walked towards the rustling and a Rattata attacked her. She scratched it, leaving scratch marks on it, and jumped back away from it. The Rattata hadn't given up after that little attack and tackled Blaze, who fell down for a moment, but stood back up and scratched the Rattata again. This time, it seemed like it had been knocked out. "Good job, Blaze!" Aeris said and gave her a thumbs up. Blaze walked over to her, smiling. There seemed to be more rustling in the grass. "Alright. Just be ready for another attack, Blaze." Blaze nodded and looked focused.

Vince was going to come back with a Leer of it's own on Zorua when the Pokemon started appearing out of the bushes. The little fire lizard was the first to take down a target, and Vince was eager to show he could do just as well. "Scyyyyyyy...". It was searching around looking for a target, and he got his battle call answered when a Pidgey flew into its sight. Not even waiting for it's trainer, it got things started against the Tiny Bird Pokemon with a Quick Attack. The Pidgey got startled, and flew back at the young Bug-type, hitting it hard with a Tackle, striking a weak spot. "Scy....Scyther!" Vince was angry now. It Focused it's Energy, the Pidgey tried to counter with a Sand Attack, but it wasn't effective and Scyther struck with another Quick Attack, hitting a critical spot on the Pidgey, knocking it out cold. "SCYTHER! Scy Scy!" It shouted triumphantly, returning to it's trainer, eager to show what it had done. "Scy! Scy!"

"Huh?" Jordan turning around. He was checking out Fary some more when Vince came up to him. "What's that little bro?" "Scy! Scy!" "Huh?" Jordan looked over where Vince was pointing, but didn't see anything there, the Pidgey having regained enough composure to flee. "Vince man, I've seen dirt before. And grass too. Come to think of it I've seen lots of things..."

"Scyyyyy..." Vince sighed a little disappointed in its trainer at the moment.

Fary laughed some watching Vince knock out the Pidgey. "Well I guess it's time for you to have some fun Zorua." Fary said sending Zorua over to the Pidgey that was pecking away at the ground. "Zo zo zooorua." About time "Zorua use scratch." Fary said.

Zorua looked at Fary and nodded then did as she was told but the Pidgey used tackle cause some damage to Zorua. Fary give her another command "Now use leer." Zorua did so but growled as the Pidgey used sand attack. "Zorua!" Dammit Zorua tried to use scratch again as Fary told her but missed and was hit with yet another tackle. Zorua was close to passing out when it tried scratch one more time and hit. "Yes great job Zorua now time to catch this thing." Fary said throwing a Poke'ball at the weak Pidgey. The ball twitched and danced some then stopped. "YES, I caught a Pidgey." Fary said running over and picked up newly occupied ball.

The wild Pokemon came hard and fast at the traveling team of Trainers, but Tyler was essentially useless in these parts. Geist's Hidden Power attack was Ghost-type, which meant it wouldn't even phase most of the wild Pokemon around here. His only option was teleporting, but he wasn't necessarily willing to abandon a group of friendly Trainers. "Uh...yeah, guys. Keep up the good work. I'm...going to stay in the middle where it's safe," he said, hoping the people with useful Pokemon would at least keep the Rattatas and Pidgeys off him.

However, a clever Pidgey slipped past the rest of the group and made a beeline for Tyler. The seemingly agitated bird let out a cry before shooting a blast of sand at the defenseless Trainer. "God DAMMIT!" he shouted. "I had Repel on and everything!" Before Tyler could produce another bottle of the Pokemon repellent, the Pidgey made another run at him, tackling hard into his side. "Agh, fuck!" he shouted as he swung at the irritating bird with his arms.

Rochelle watched the scene unfold, not sure whether to take to the battlefield herself. Then Tyler got rushed by a Pidgey and evidently didn't want to get in a fight. Most people were occupied by their own battles, so Rochelle hurried to Tyler's aid. She pulled out Kirsten's Poké Ball, hit the release button, and her Horsea appeared in a flash of red light.

"Sea!" the little Pokémon said happily as she bounced on her tail and looked around the field, eager to see what was going on. Rochelle, however, had other ideas. "Kirsten, now's not the time for watching. Let's see how you hold up in a battle."

Kirsten cocked her head and looked up at Rochelle, puzzled. "See the Pidgey over there? I need you to get it off the guy it's attacking." She gently turned Kirsten in mid-bounce and pointed her towards the intended target. "Let's go! What can you do, Kirsten?" In response, the Horsea assumed an expression that looked like a frown - at least, her eyes did so - and shot a small dark gray ball at the Pidgey from her mouth. It exploded into a small cloud of black smoke upon impact: she had used Smokescreen.

"I think we've distracted the bird. Quick, come over here so it can't keep up its attacks," Rochelle said to Tyler as the Pidgey flapped its wings to try to clear the smoke from its eyes.

Tyler immediately made a break for it when the Pidgey was too occupied with the smoke obscuring its vision. "Thanks. I owe you one," he said to Rochelle as he gladly placed her and the Horsea between himself and the Pidgey. Aside from a few scratches and a bruised side, Tyler was perfectly fine, albeit shaken. Immediately, he pulled out another Repel from his backpack and sprayed on himself. "These things never last as long as you need 'em to..."

When Tyler's liberal application of the Repel reached Rochelle's nose, she took a small step away, not meaning to offend. "Sorry, but that smells pretty bad. Though imagine how a Pokémon must feel..."

While she was distracted, the Pidgey kept flapping at itself to get rid of the smoke. It eventually gave up and tried to kick up some sand in Kirsten's direction. Thankfully the spray of sand missed, shooting wide by about a foot. Kirsten continued her bouncing to keep upright, although she was starting to look a little tired already. That came from being out of the water: Rochelle knew that from experience.

"Come on, Kirsten, keep it up. What else have you got?" she asked. Kirsten's eyes brightened a little when Rochelle spoke, and she blew a small stream of bubbles. They popped as they reached the Pidgey, doing very little besides startling it. One popped in front of its face, and the bird squawked at Kirsten, hopping back a little bit from the shock.

"Aww, isn't that cute," Rochelle praised the Horsea with a smile.

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