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Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Whilst he waited within the wardrobe, he began to reflect more upon the cryptic message that Alto had left him. 'To whom was he thinking the identity of this weapon was?' Vergil quietly muttered to himself, safe in the knowledge that no one else could hear him.

He began to ponder, 'Could it be Tear? No, whilst she does possess great strength with the blade, I have not seen any signs of magical talent, but then again, without a voice, it would be difficult to be sure. The closest I've have seen so far would be Sera, she possessed the strength to match Alto's, I mean, she could create a powerful beam of sunlight that forced him to summon a shield to protect himself'. He thought upon these recent facts, only to be disturbed by the sounds of screaming.

"Must be the other guests fleeing in terror, and it must be Tear who is causing it. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything, lest the plan change. No matter, she is innocent in all this, she is only doing what she has been told to do." Vergil said, pitying Tear in the process, 'Why must such a beautiful young woman resort to living a life of death. However, if it was her that chose this profession, then I must stand by her decision'.

The Vessel - Party gardens (bush).

The vessel had hidden in some bushes. There was a lot to take in. Please don't be the same room mum and dads were in.
She felt the rush of energy. So much suffering, the need to rebalance the scales was like a rising tide, her body barley contained it. Get close and you'll hear the strumming, building in tempo and volume exponentially.
She had jobs to do.

She strides into the room.
Red and moaning. That was what she saw; she could sense quite a few still clinging to life. They stood out to her, like fire in fog. Nothing else mattered. We'll all but two things didn't matter.

She sang it was ethereal, her voice roamed the room, bounding from walls and clawing into every crevice. It pierced the mounds of flesh seeking out the living among the corpse pile.
The suspension trick wasn't one she used often in all honesty; it was difficult to keep up required focus like you wouldn't believe. Too much and you've lost them too little and you're wasting valuable healing energy.

She found one still moving. Time for questions.
"Two people wearing a bull and bird you've seen them?"
"What? No never" The person crumpled on the floor was for lack of a better word unzipped.
"Then who are you?"
"I'm one of the best fighters in the city."
"Who for?"
"Whoever pays."
This flame in the fog was quickly gone, not worth sustaining.

Next one.
"Bull and bird have you seen them?"
"What are you?"
"No questions. Answer mine, answer right and you can ask yours."
"I now people that could have you killed if you try and screw me over you know."
Another smothered flame.
The vessel continues searching, she does her best to economise, has to let a few people she'd normally save go.
They had to be there somewhere.
They had to be.
They had to.

imageLorel Ion - Tabulath

How did he know I am a Mage? Is he a Mage Hunter? Is he going to attack?

Thoughts rushed through his mind, but he played it cool. He didn't want a fight. "I will..."

But as he turned he saw Velen appearing from out of the store, brushing up one of the cloths as he exited. Immediately Velen noticed the man and glared at him. "Mage Hunter, what do you want?" In all of his years of working. It was easy for him to tell despite their looks, a sort of feeling appears.

image Lucian Grey - Tabulath

Lucian had one foot tucked into the iron stirrup that dangled from the side of the blackened leather saddle, poised to launch himself aback his steed and ride off down those cold cobblestone streets, sadly; It appeared the situation had escalated and the fondness of simplicity faded quickly to the back of his mind.

Nothing's ever simple is it...

Lucian scoffed at the idiocy of his own little mental soliloquy before turning to face the foreign voice that had addressed him. Standing behind the mage boy he had brushed by earlier was a shadowed figure. He was garbed in an attire of black and red with two stunningly crafted blades hanging from his side. Lucian scanned past the droplets of rain and peered beneath the hood, a face highlighted by a dark brown goatee greeted his curiosity with a venomous leer; a common response to most Mage Hunters outside of the South. While it was true that Grey generally avoided the barbaric practices of his kinsmen, it still often left him with a rather troublesome stigma that often resulted in being more of a burden than a blessing.

"I was simply passing through the neighbourhood and figured I'd empty my pockets at your fine establishment. I fail to see why you would greet me in such an unsavoury manner?" A smirk outlined the corners of Lucian's slips, he well aware that he shouldn't press matters such as these, but it had hardly ever stopped him in the past.

You have a mission to complete, cut this short and be on your way!

image Lorel Ion - Tabulath

Velen didn't want trouble so he tried to get through it quickly. "Well this place isn't mine, but if you don't plan on being aggressive, then I believe we can both leave unscathed."

In the past, Velen had to deal with some Mage Hunters, not the grunts, but ones who were big names and big shots. So he knew when to be aggressive and went not to be. "So what do you say, we both look the other way?"

Lorel didn't like this, compared to the other Mage Hunters, this man was differently. Almost an eerily evil look to him. Could they win if they got into a fight? Velen was strong, but Lorel hadn't actually seen him in too much combat yet to make a real guess.

imageScarlett Verneer - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

The door to Harold Nehelem's room crashed open, almost tearing it's self from the iron hinges as it slammed into the wall. Scarlett Verneer was a blur as she sprinted at her target, knife drawn at the ready, but came to a screeching halt a few paces short as she noticed the figure of a woman instead of a man. Confused Scarlett activated her gift and re-mapped the sound in the room, it confirmed what she had heard earlier. A single individual pacing up and down the room. What it had failed to distinguish was the gender of said individual. Scarlett took a few paces back and readied herself for a fight. The woman turned around causally and smiled.

"...Sera? No... I watched you die!" Scarlett gasped.

Sera replied "You mean after you stabbed me in the heart? After you betrayed your friend, your master and the closest living individual you have to a mother? I raised you. Taught you the skills to survive and this is how you repay me? You swore an oath of loyalty to me girl! You where supposed to help me bring balance to the City, not leave it in darkness!"

"...Balance? Is that what you think? What you used to justify the death of billions in that sick, and twisted mind of yours?"

"You never had the vision Scarlett! The clarity of mind to see what this world could become, if given the chance of new life."

"I never had the mind to commit mass genocide." Scarlett snorted.

"Why can't you see? The only way to save the City is to destroy it. To let a new society start fresh from the ashes of corruption, of inequality, of fear and poverty and all the illness and evil that inhabit this rotting, bloated carcass of a world."

"How on earth did you even survive?"

"The markings. They are far more than those ignorant Mage Hunters could ever realise and besides your aim was sloppy. Your blade missed my heart by inches. Didn't I teach you better than that?"

"Those markings are a corruption Sera! You know the fate of those who bore them."

"I am stronger than they are Scarlett! Strong enough to survive." Sera remarked in a frenzy.

"No Sera. You are not. Can't you see what it's doing to your mind? Hardly anything remains of the Sera I once knew."

"Oh I see... You want them for yourself. Is that it? You where always jealous the Mage Hunters chose me, always envious of my gift, my powers..."

"No! Magic should never be artificially implanted in anyone! Least of all to become a puppet weapon for the Mage Hunters. Your an abomination!"

"I am no mans puppet Scarlett. They can wage their war with secret weapons but I have no interest in that. I always had my own agenda."

"So, that's why I am here then. Your going to use me to start a war again aren't you?"

"A civil war this time." Sera smiled gleefully.

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"I was right!". Vergil exclaimed, hearing the conversation from behind the door.

"Time to put a stop to this, but first I shall make an appearance". He then opened the large wooden door of the wardrobe, and causually walked towards Sera's side.

Vergil then chuckled briefly before speaking. "Hello, Scarlett".

imageScarlett Verneer - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Scarlett heard the creek of the wooden wardrobe door open and her senses screamed in alarm. The figure emerging made no noise, he moved without a sound and stood next to Sera. She didn't recognise his face but as Sera removed the magic that silenced him the sound of his movements registered in Scarlett's ear.

"And who are you?"

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"The name is Vergil Crawford, Miss Scarlet". He gave a curteous bow towards her.

"I believe we met in passing at the Silver Moon down in Smo, you were accepting one contract, as I was with another, don't you remember? Anway, your former master has hired me, to assassinate you". He said in a rather grim tone, ending in a slight wink at Scarlett.

imageLucian Grey - Tabulath
A crooked smile emerged from those pale lips of Lucian's as the man dressed in crimson and midnight spoke over the rising downpour, an attempt to resolve this unseemly situation. Grey's golden eye's, hidden beneath the tilted brim, darted back and forth between the child and the swordsmen; searching for those tell tale signs of fear and doubt.

"Well do tell the owner that they have a marvellous store. If I pass by this way I might pop in again." Lucian nearly kicked himself at the stupidity of his remark. His realisation that this could have been taken as a threat only increased the chances of having to deal with conflict. He glanced over the boy, a mask of feigned bravery hid the worry that he lay beneath while the warrior was simply waiting for the need to draw his blades.

No need for conflict, that's not why I came here...

Hoisting himself stop the silver horse, Lucian gave the two hooded gents one last smile before riding off down the street towards the rendezvous he had scrambled together in the shadows of a seedy inn, hoping with all his might that Vincent would refrain from shooting him for dawdling through the stores and stalls of the district.

imageScarlett Verneer - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Scarlett recognised the voice. He had been in the Silver Moon Inn. Something else was wrong though and it gnawed at her mind. Sera didn't need anyone to kill her, she could that with little effort right now, so why had she hired someone to do it? The sly wink signalled he was not quite on board with her plan and Scarlett had at least something to be thankful for.

It was then she worked it out. Sera had mentioned she intended to spark civil war and Scarlett knew just how. The Nobles had been fearing an attack from the Red Stain for years, Scarlett had been privy to some of the most hidden secrets of her guild and knew all about the plan to take over an Upper Class district. If she managed to stage the murder of Harold Nehelem as coming from her own hand, and then reveal her identity to the nobles would be stirred up into a frenzy and believe Grim to be the target. They would align with the Steel Heart and Mage Hunters (Sera would no doubt leave traces of magic use behind) and lead a war against the Red Stain. The trouble was the Red Stain where everywhere, in every district, which would mean invasion and occupation. Eventually the curfews and brutal treatment of civilians would grow into resentment and hatred. Sera would then be free to lead the uprising.

Scarlett didn't quite know all the details and didn't really care. All she knew is that she had to stop Sera, again. Launching herself forward Scarlett threw three small throwing knifes at Sera before landing on the ground in front, slashing forward with her knife at the gut.
Sera sent a wave of air magic forward. It blew the knives away like leaves in the wind and knocked Scarlett off balance, she tumbled backwards collecting herself before charging again. Sera closed her fist and threw it forward sending a hail of ice in Scarlett's direction. Scarlett shielded her face and fell through the ice, rolling forward and putting her knife away in her belt. She straight into hand to hand close quarter combat and grabbed Sera's left arm, twisting it around. Sera spun dropping to her knee's and sent a bolt of lightning into Scarlett's body. Scarlett was flung back and crashed into a chest of drawers stunned. Her clothes smouldering with lightning contact.

"Vergil. Kill her." Sera remarked exhausted.

Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"Certainly Miss Sera." Vergil replied with, placing his hand on his shoulder in the process. He then proceeded to walk over to Scarlett, his wrist blade poised to strike. He knelt down in front of Scarlett, and then spoke to her briefly.

"Don't worry Miss Scarlett, it shall be a quick and painless death... for you Sera!". He quickly rose up, span round, and threw three of his throwing knives at Sera. The first two hit the shoulders, sending her backwards but still standing, the last one hit just above her heart, sending Sera to the floor.

"Now for the encore." Vergil then triggered his hidden wrist blade, laughing briefly, and launched himself at Sera, plunging the blade straight into her heart.

imageScarlett Verneer - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Upon reflection Sera should have expected Vergil's betrayal, or at the least, planned for it's arrival, but she had made the mistake of allowing her emotions to dictate her actions and as such Sera had been blind to the world around her. She had been too focused on Scarlett's destruction.

As Vergil spun around and launched the three spinning, silver blades she had realised, a little too late, that the fight with Alto and Scarlett had drained too much of her stamina. She raised a shield in front of her body but the blades hit with such a force that it knocked the wind out her lungs and the shield dissolved mid-air allowing the blades to strike their target at reduced speed. The first two sunk into her shoulders and immobilised her arms from retaliating with what little magic she still possessed. Stumbling backwards the final blade hit just above her heart and she toppled to the floor.

Sera's eyes widened and a little blood trickled out from the side of her mouth as she lay, still clinging to life. Scarlett picked herself up, her skin a little burnt from lightning contact screamed with pain but she ignored it and walked slowly to Vergil, who was making his way across the floor to Sera.

"Now for the encore." He laughed, bending down to Sera's side and sinking a hidden blade in her heart. Vergil seemed mightily pleased with himself.

"Idiot!" Screamed Scarlett at the top of her lungs.

Vergil turned around. A mixture of surprise and confusion written across his face.

"Don't you anything about Magic Arte Sigils?"

Scarlett didn't wait for his response. She marched over like a furious mother and grabbed him by the arm dragging him towards the window. Scarlett knew from her scouting of the district earlier that the house roof was been retiled and the scaffolding passed this window to get to the roof. It was too late. Vergil stopped and turned around to look at Sera's body. The air above it rippled with magic, hazy waves of purple symbols suspended in the air, flickered, reappearing in different places each time. The language was old and Vergil did not recognise it.

All of a sudden a circular pattern appeared on the floor, spreading like the roots of tree in all directions. On each root was written short verses in the strange language of the symbols. Scarlett let go of Vergil's arm and grabbed a chair, tossing it through the thin stained glass window and proceed to kick away any remaining sharp edges. She had finished just in time to see the circular pattern take the form of ravens wings and sink through the floor.

"It will find a new owner now." Scarlett muttered.

Scarlett turned away and peered out the window. The estates grounds where illuminated by the full moon and their chance of escaping undetected just became much slimmer. She never saw the blinding white ball of light engulf Sera's dead body that exploded. With a deafening roar it expanded and sent a fierce shock wave ahead of the burning light that evaporated all that crossed it's path. Luckily for Scarlett and Vergil they where hit by the initial shock wave and tumbled out the open window.

For that brief moment there was only the sensation of falling, Scarlett turned mid-air to see the bedroom of Harold Nehelem explode outwards in a rain of bricks and terracotta tiles from the roof. Blinded by the fierce light she closed her eyes and turned back. All of the air rushed from her lungs as she hit a beam of scaffolding and three ribs cracked with a sharp snapping sound. Tumbling down she hit more beams and broke her left arm before her battered body came crashing down into the soft mud of a flower bed. The last thing Scarlett saw before she passed out was the face of Vergil looking down at her, he was speaking but the ringing in her ears from the explosion had deafened her.

imageVergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

As the explosion threw Vergil and Scarlett out the broken glass window, all that he noticed was the flurry of bricks of tiles from above raining down on the concrete below him. Fortunately he had his back against the blinding light that caused Scarlett to close her eyes.

Suddenly he saw her collide with the scaffolding, breaking her limbs and and a arm in the process. He narrowly avoided making contact with them himself, but he did suffer brief loss of vision from the dust. After wiping the dust away, he tried calling to Scarlett.

"Scarlett! If you can hear me grab my hand!". Vergil called out to her. Unfortunately he couldn't get a response out of her.

He could see that Scarlett was poised to make contact with a rapidly approaching flowerbed. Due to the distance between the two, he couldn't reach her in time to try and pull her out of the way. Instead he tried to find a safe spot to land himself.

After the long fall and momentary blackout, Vergil found himself in a broken cart. He did a brief check of himself to see if he had suffered any damage. Apart from a few cuts on his arm, and the suit in tatters, he appeared to be in decent condition.

Vergil got out of the cart and took off the tattered suit, he then started to look for Scarlett. After searching for a few moments in Hidden Sight, he found the flowerbed that she had landed in. He found her in an unconscious state, but still breathing. Vergil carefully picked her up, and carried her over to a shady spot, where they might be out of sight for a moment.

The vessel heard the blast, it rocked the building. Her concentration was ripped to splinters. The suspension field was gone within minutes. There was barley any light left the vessel couldn't bare it. If they were still there, there wasn't anything for her to do.
She needed something to do.
She rushed out to the garden.
It was dark but she could make out the people that had fallen from the floors above.
"Explain yourselves!"
She shouted at the top of her voice (very much not herself).
"Did you do this!?"

Tear - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Tear was hiding behind a large hedge in the garden when the explosion happened. Somebody had been looking for her and she had been forced to retreat further into the darkness to avoid detection. Tear had been silently cursing for allowing herself to be followed outside when a bright light lit up the entire estate. Tear froze in fear before she looked up over the hedge and saw the bedroom of Harold Nehelem engulfed in a bright white explosion. Two figures fell from an open window as it ripped apart the room and sent the bricks and tiles hurtling out in all directions. She ducked down and put her arms around her head as the debris came crashing down around her.

"Sera..." Tear whimpered surprising herself with her own voice. Tear had not heard it in years due to Sera's magic silence spell and the sweet and innocent voice that carried into the night sounded almost alien. The failure of the spell was further proof that Sera, her master, was dead.

She began quietly sobbing when the Magic Arte Sigil appeared underneath her and attached it's self to her, burning the imprint of closed raven wings down the full length of her back. Tear's whole body erupted in pain during the process and she collapsed into the grass screaming. Her voice muffled by the arte for her own protection. When the process was complete she stood up dizzily and saw Vergil helping someone up from a flowerbed. It was Scarlett! So, he had betrayed Sera, and her. Well then he would die too. Someone else appeared and Tear realised that the sigils arrival into her body had drained her energy and she needed to retreat to gather strength before seeking revenge. Tear turned and fled into the night.

Telnor- Grim- Garden
Telnor whipped around at the sound of the explosion. As he looked around he saw two people falling from the window. He pushed threw a group of bystanders, racing towards the last spot we he saw them falling. As he ran he heard Vessel calling. Racing towards her, he pushed past a woman who was walking away tired. As he got closer to his destination he saw Vessel and ran towards her, his sword at the ready.

"VESSEL! WHATS GOING ON!" he yelled.

imageScarlett Verneer - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Scarlett woke slowly and found herself been carried away from the building by Vergil. Her body ached from the fall and her broken bones stung with a sharp pain. Resting her on the ground she saw the arrival of a young and seemingly angry woman and a man with a sword.

"Explain yourselves!" She demanded. "Did you do this!?"

Scarlett picked herself up and bit back the pain.

"It's... err complicated. So, who are two then?"

image Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"Let me answer, Scarlett". Vergil said cutting her off mid sentence. He put her down so she could rest for a moment. He turned to face the two who had arrived.

"It was caused by the death of a Mage, a death that I facilitated". Vergil told them, a sense of disgust lingered in his voice at the thought of what he had done.

image Lorel Ion - Tabulath

Lorel and Velen watched as the man drove away on his horse. Neither sure whether or not to feel safe, but Velen was already readying up to leave. "I have finished talking with Yias, everything is working as planned. Tonight, we don't sleep; we shall be riding once more through the night to Grim. No time to waste."

Already Lorel was suspecting he was going to fall asleep on the carriage ride, as they would need to go through Nafria and New Uvea. Going through Nafria would be quick as it is small and for New Uvea they would only have to go through a small part of it. Velen fetched them another carriage rider and only paid 200 Kiel as the driver this time wasn't in such a bad economic state.

As they rode through the night, the rain began to soften and eventually stopped altogether and the clouds scattered. The Moon above lit the area around them and it was almost a gentile peaceful feeling that was being let off. Lorel's eyes quickly began to shut as they drove and eventually he dozed off. Velen though stayed up the whole way. Even had Lorel been up, he wasn't so sure he would have had much to say about Nafria and New Uvea.

Just as they began to pass through New Uvea the sun was starting to rise up, and people began to leave their homes and do their daily routines. By this time Lorel began to wake up but was still drowsy. He took off his cloak and pulled up his sleeves to let the sun radiate on them. Velen too took off his cloak and revealed the leather armor he was wearing below. When they reached the gates of Grim he noticed how different they looked compared to the rest.

You could tell that it was an Upper Class District as the whole thing was very fancy, and the guards were wearing steel and gold outlined plate armor. They got through without any fuss and they stepped off the carriage and took in the fresh air of the district. Compared to others, it was a lot cleaner and they even had people who jobs were to clean the streets. Paid decently well for a lower-end class job.

Lorel looked at Velen. "Time to find that Itsuka girl, I assume?"

Telnor-Grim- Garnden
"So you are Mage Hunters then? Are you the ones responsible for the deaths of all those people at the party as well." Telnor advanced. Anger raged over his face. "They be self important nobles but they were still people! They hadn't done anything wrong! And if they had their punishment should have been through the proper channels!"

The Vessel gardens
"You did this!
My parents were in that!" Probably.
There was rage in her voice. You could hear the music building; it lacked structure but had a lot of force behind it, rambling from place to place randomly bursting into a power cord.
She felt the need for destructive energy, only got angrier and her inability to make any without helping anyone.

She's tossed a punch, it felt good for a while but hardly helped. Only got her more worked up.
Puches 2 and 3 weren't much better.

image Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

He saw the punches coming, but decided not to avoid them. The first two hit him on the chest, whilst they hurt a little, they did nothing, after what he had been through tonight. A third one he narrowly avoided, but still felt the force.

"No, far from it". Vergil replied in a calm tone of voice, temporarily pushing Tear out of his mind.

"Whilst I did kill the one to create that explosion above, the deaths of those nobles are not on my hands, nor are they on hers." Vergil said in enraged tone and pointing at Scarlett when he had finished.

"Besides, the one who did kill them is most likely far gone, planning a revenge against me". He further added, sounding distressed as the thought of her returned to the surface of his mind.

imageScarlett Verneer - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

Scarlett was exhausted, she didn't want to show it to Vergil or the new arrivals but she was seriously hurt. After Vergil had helped her back to the ground she closed her eyes and rested her throbbing head on the grass.

"Look. Nothing is what it seems OK? Why don't you help us back to my safehouse and I'll explain everything." Scarlett paused. "Wait, what party death's?"

Telnor lowered his sword, but did not sheathe it. "And that man in the garden? What about him? Did you kill him too? And why? What in the name of the dark gods is going on!"

imageScarlett Verneer - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"Man in the garden?" Scarlett was beginning to get lost. "Vergil, care to explain?"

image Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim .

"That was for an entirely different reason, but I think Scarlett is right, we should head back to some place safe, somewhere inconspicuous." Vergil replied with, sounding more like his usual self again.

"You want us to go back with you. After what you've done?"
There was clearly a lot going on. Too much to take in. Maybe they weren't responsible. What if they weren't?
"Fine I'll come with you. But you better explain yourself."
She couldn't fight them here anyway. But later. Yes later.

image Vergil Crawford - Harold Nehelem's Estate - Grim

"Thank you for being... reasonable I suppose". Vergil said to the woman.

"I take it you can't walk on your own." He said as he looked at Scarlett. He talked to Scarlett before she could respond.

"Don't worry, I'll carry you, you'll just have to tell us how to get there". He said jovially, as he picked Scarlett up from the grass.

Telnor glared at the two strangers.

"I'll follow. But if I don't like your explanations don't expect to not do anything." He sheathed his sword, but kept his hand on the hilt.

"Well lets get going then. Before the guards show up and be far less reasonable."

imageScarlett Verneer - ???? - Grim

Scarlett nodded at Vergil and winced in pain as he lifted her from the ground. The smoke rising from the smouldering remains of Harold Nehelem's bedroom vanished into the night sky and smothered out the glittering stars and half the full moon. It would provide excellent cover for their escape. The sound of guards and other folk arriving at the estate could already be heard in the distance and Scarlett had no intention of been caught and forced to explain this mess. Directing Vergil to a small maintenance gate in the outer wall she took one last look at the house feeling a little bit sad at her former masters death. She wondered if anything of her Sera had survived through the years of sigil use.

Carefully walking through the streets of Grim this new found fellowship encountered few people. Most seemed to be far more interested in what was going on at the Nehelem estate and gave little thought to the passing group. Vergil gave the explanation that Scarlett was drunk and had fallen over to the only man who did, and he seemed more than satisfied with the answer when walking away grumbling about the youth of Grim today.

In case of danger Scarlett directed them to a different safehouse than the one she had been using. It was a small house on the outskirts of Grim, facing the outer wall. It was always quiet here and would be a perfect place to lay low for while. Giving the key to Vergil he carefully opened it and stepped inside. Putting Scarlett back on her feet as requested.

The house itself was typical for Grim, built out of stone it stood three floors tall and was elegantly decorated with the finest furniture money could buy.

"Help yourselves to food in the Kitchen." Scarlett remarked rummaging through a draw for a box of matches to light the candles hanging on the wall. After finding it she tossed the box to Vergil.

"Do the honours. I don't suppose one of you is a healer at all?"

She'd grown up in a place like this, well this was like part of it where she grew up was much bigger.
The vessel looked around. A kitchen and she could help herself. Might be a valuable ingredient or two in there.
"I know a thing or two about medicine."
No need to say more than that for now.

image Vergil Crawford - ???? - Grim

After receiving the matches, Vergil began lighting a few of the candles that had existed in the place. It was enough to allow ambient light, but not enough to draw attention. Afterwards he found a wooden chair with an arm rest on either side. When he sat down he removed his wrist blade from his left arm, placing it on a nearby stool. He then closed his eyes to think for a moment, to reflect on the days events.

'Damn it! I have been such a fool, I should of just done the job as per orders, none of this would have happened. Sure the nobles would have most likely still died, but the loss I have suffered is both mentally and physically painful. I suppose all I can do now is wait, wait for the day of reckoning, when she comes for me. However, maybe there is a way to fix this, to make amends for the anguish I have caused Tear.'

imageScarlett Verneer - ???? - Grim

Scarlett walked into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of water. She returned to the living room to sit in an arm chair at the opposite end of the room as Vergil. She used a small magic pointing device to light the log fire in the stone fireplace.

"Can you heal me?" She remarked to the woman. "And since were all now friends why don't we start with introductions. I'll go first. My name is Scarlett Verneer and I'm Red Stain. You might have heard of me."

Telnor unhooked his sword, leaned it against a chair and sat down.

"Just the usually myths and stories. I always thought that Scarlet actually existed or at least someone like her. I'm Telnor and I'm from the Contractor or maybe more accurately right now, I am The Contractor."

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