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"I'm ok, I think." Urd said as she checked herself over, Dante noticed a few small cuts and bruises; but they looked like they occurred during the fight at the Officer's Club. "Yeah, I'm good, no more voices telling me to 'rend, slaughter, and bathe in the blood of my enemies', which is a plus cause it was more irritating then 'corrupting'." She then added in a dismissive tone, Dante smiled at this, feeling better that she survived. "Anyway, where's Lith? I saw her early, she ok?"

"It is good to hear that you aren't hearing things any more. I believe that part way during the onslaught, the Adepta Sororitas known as Leoni carried her to the medical ward; probably due to that strange power she exhibited, and that she fell unconscious. If you would like, we can probably go visit her, see how she is feeling."

"I believe that part way during the onslaught, the Adepta Sororitas known as Leoni carried her to the medical ward; If you would like, we can probably go visit her, see how she is feeling."

"Sure" Urd said "If nothing else we can see if anyone needs help with moving the injured"

At that moment, Lith looked like something out of a nightmare. She lay on a table, stripped naked, with a large y-shaped incision going from her collarbone to her navel. The incision had been pulled open to expose her vital organs, and her sternum had actually been removed and was sitting on a nearby metal tray. On top of all this, her head had been shaved, and the top of her skull was sitting on another tray beside her sternum.

Around her, several Sisters of the Orders Hospitaller worked feverishly to repair what had happened, while a life support servitor kept her vitals up. A surgeon and a nurse laboured blood up to their elbows, in Lith's torso, splicing in a fine bionic mesh to replace nerve pathways fried by thunderous amounts of psyker energy. In due course they also replaced her heart, both lungs, and her adrenal glands with bionic replacements due to massive damage.

A second surgeon worked on Lith's brain, trying to stop the cascading neural damage that had been incurred. By the time the doctor had finished, she'd replaced almost half of Lith's brain with bionic components.

The fight ended long before Leoni could arrive so she arrived to an empty hallway with wall decorated with the blood of men and daemons. Leoni dropped the las and looked for her flamer which was still as divine as she last left it. She strapped it on besides having no fuel and looked for any remaining survivors but that didn't take too long. Leoni found an unconscious guardsmen pinned beneath the broken pillars and carried him back to the designated medbay.

Their fight was still far from done and their duty far from finished. Leoni wondered if the attack was merely a test of their skills or an actual attack because if it was then perhaps the path to Warp was easier than it seemed.

Anthony waited by the terminal for a response but received none.
No other places called out to him earlier, but he remembered Solara was heading to the drive compartment.
He opened another channel, this time to the engineering sections.

"Are there any survivors here?" was broadcasted. But there was no response, atleast none he was receiving.

He detached from the terminal and began looking for a conduit he could use to recharge.

"Sure." Urd said. "If nothing else we can see if anyone needs help with moving the injured."

"Alright then Urd, then that is what we shall do." Dante said with a smile as he led Urd down to the Infirmary. Along the way, the pair of them had gotten to talking; mostly about other battles they had been in, and the occasional personal subject. When they arrived however at the Infirmary, there was a pair of Guardsmen manning the entrance. One of the soldiers put they hand up upon their approach.

"Halt." He said, bringing both Dante and Urd to a full stop. "Sorry sir and madam, but I am afraid that the Infirmary is currently off limits, as there is extensive surgery being carried out by the Orders Hospitaller, and they do not wish to be disturbed. Again, apologies for the stop." This caused Dante to raise an eyebrow of concern.

"No need to apologise Guardsmen. But just who exactly is being operated on if I may ask?" He asked.

"Well sir, from what I could overhear a Cadian Sergeant by the name of Lithian is having extensive surgery performed on her due to extensive psychic energy build-up. I would advise not asking me about the specifics of said surgery, though I get the feeling it would be rather messy. Emperor be with her."

"Right, well Lithian was the woman we were going to see, since she is a friend of ours; but if the surgery is as extensive as the impression from you I am getting, then it would be wise to wait until she is in a more stable condition, which may be some time. Listen, if its at all possible, when Sergeant Ortona is in a more stable condition, and is able to talk, could one of you inform her that Dante and Urd had dropped by earlier to wish her well, and our thoughts go out to her." Dante asked, showing great concern for Lith, he got the impression that she was under significant stress and pain, but there seemed to be something that was blocking his sight. Better it be that way, Dante did not wish for any more pain to fall on Lith, given what she was under.

"I'm not promising anything sir; you know how those Apothecaries like to keep everything clean, but I'll try my best to pass the message on."

"Thank you Guardsmen. May the Emperor watch over for you." Dante remarked, before turning to take Urd to a small offshoot corridor, then sighed.

"Well, that was not what I was expecting, although, given everything that has happened in the past few hours, it is more than likely. Anyway, since our hospital visit is over, what do you propose we do now then Urd?"

Urd listened to the guardsmen relay the situation inside and frowned, she didn't know Lith was in such bad shape.

"Anyway, since our hospital visit is over, what do you propose we do now then Urd?" Dante asked after pulling her a side.

Urd watched as the wounded get carted in "It seems we won't be needed. So clean up and rest I guess?" she sounded unsure of her suggestion, feeling they should do something, but also not wanting to be in the way as they seemed to have things covered

Flashes of light and blotches of colour flashed around her, as shadowy figures drifted past. "Wha...? Where am I?" She muttered. Wind pulled at her, but she paid it no mind, instead concentrating the bright spots. As she focused on one it resolved into an image. She saw herself as a little girl, receiving her first lasweapon, and felt the joy of that day.

As that memory faded a new one became clear. It was of herself and one of her best friends manning a defensive position at their Kasr during a Chaos raid. A silent scream tore from her throat as she watched her friends head explode from a bolter round, and a hand jerked to her face as the old scar flared with remembered pain.

On it went like that, memories coming and going in no real order; some good, most bad, all as real as if they were really happening. Finally the assault ended, and she found herself naked and alone. A heat blasted, battle scarred plain stretched before her. "This is...this is Melorath Plain..." Turning around she say the high fortified walls of Kasr Melorath, her home.

"It seems we won't be needed. So clean up and rest I guess?" Urd sounded unsure about the question she just posed, wanting to help with something, but she also gave the feeling that she didn't want to get in the way of things.

"Indeed it appears we shall have to Urd. Perhaps once we have made ourselves more presentable than we are now, there might be something that we can assist with. We should also probably check in with both Inquisitor Lunette and Miss Solara afterwards as well." Dante remarked, posing a solution that may fill both of Urd's needs at the moment.

"Guess I shall see you later then, reconvene in the main hall?"

Urd pulled Dante into a kiss "Agreed, sides, I wanna know what happened to Lunette, she seemed different, anyway, see you at the main hall"

Dante was taken a little by surprise at the kiss from Urd, but it felt good all the same. Despite this taking a fair amount of his concentration away, he was still able to keep watch in case anyone was spying on them. Eventually they let go, and Urd spoke. "Agreed, sides, I wanna know what happened to Lunette, she seemed different, anyway, see you at the main hall."

"Likewise, the whole angelic nature of the Inquisitor's battle has gotten me curious. Indeed, I shall see you later; but first, one more thing." Dante remarked with a smile as he leaned in and gave Urd a kiss on the lips of his own. He then turned on the heel of his boots, and gave Urd a playful smack on the behind, paying back what she did earlier.

"I'll be off now, nearly covered in this filthy mixture of blood, daemons and heretics." He then remarked with a smirk as Dante headed back towards his quarters to help freshen up.

Urd epped when Dante slapped her ass like she did earlier

"I'll be off now, nearly covered in this filthy mixture of blood, daemons and heretics."
Urd, smirking nodded "Yeah, me to, see you in the main hall in a little while" and also headed back to her room to clean up.

Urd took her time in the shower when she get there, the water running red as it washed the blood off her, and the hot water stinging her cuts. after the shower she went about cleaning and inspecting her gear.

Dante breathed a sigh of relief as he entered the shower, all the blood and dirt washing away; his hair which had become a greyish colour during the battle, soon returned to its more natural silver colour. He could feel a few cuts across his arm sting as the hot water washed over him, unsure as to whether they were old or new. Whilst Dante showered, a devious yet delightful thought entered his head.

What I wouldn't give for Urd to be in here right now with me. To feel the touch of her skin, to caress that shapely form of hers, how pleasing it would be for that to happen. Dante's mind soon returned to reality, or whatever passed for it in this world.

By the Emperor, why am I thinking such things. To think like this, is to give oneself over to the enemy, or is it? I've never really loved anyone before until now, at least not on this level. Is this what it feels like? All these emotions and feelings cascading into a single thought; I love Urd. Perhaps it is just paranoia, all the fear that the Imperium has both suffered and created that makes me think I am giving myself to the enemy. Maybe if I just look at it differently, things will make more sense. Dante said to himself, feeling calmer now, enough for a smile to escape his lips.

He soon exited the shower, a tower wrapped around his waist as he went over to pull out a spare coat he kept; as his standard issue one was far more filthy than he could managed, even spotted a few tears in the fabric, they of course would have to be repaired, that much he could do. His spare coat was hooded black coat with a red trim, adorned with the regulation Imperial Sigils and the Imperial Aquila on the shoulders. After getting changed, Dante sat back in his chair to rest for a little while.

after Urd Finished cleaning and checking her gear, she took a short nap. The nap was short, they usually where, but she awoke, confused. Dante had featured heavily in her dream, wasn't even sexual, for the most part. She stared at the empty ceiling and thought on her dream, and what it possibly meant.

She decided to head to the main hall, though at a slower pace to further think on her dream, if it meant what she thought it meant, the timing was poor to say the least 'I can't really be falling for him... can I?'

Solara got up from the position she had been in slowly, her entire body smoking from the sheer amount of warp that had been channeled through her. She took one step at a time, slowly making her way across the room and towards where the medical ward is. She lumbered down the hallway, her body more like a zombie than anything now. Very little life could be seen in her body, shoulders down, her hair hanging over her face and her eyes were emotionless. Making it down to the ward, she said to the doctor one word.


Understanding her wants, the man quickly showed her the operating room. Solara's eyes finally looked up and she saw the state Lith was in and her knees immediately buckled. It tok four doctors to get her into a table and peels her armor off of her, taking a bit if burnt and dead skin with it, not much however. It was mostly on her upper arms, causing them to apply antibiotics and bandages to them. They got fluids into her and the little psyker was up once again. She ripped the IV's out if her arm and barged into the operating room despite the protests of the medical staff. She made her way over to Lith's right side and fell to her knees. She let the surgeons continue their work, while the girl took Lith's right hand, held it in her own and placed her forbear against it. Quietly, she began to son, tears running down her cheeks.

Luna was leaving the main hall after helping clean up. That's where she ran into Urd. "Thank the emperor above, I fou d someone." She said, her wings adding a look of pride and power to the woman. "Please walk with me towards the bridge." She said and began heading in that direction. "Thoughts, Urd?" She asked.

Urd followed Lunette "On what? my mind is reeling from several trains of thought right now." she said rubbing her forehead before figuring she meant her resurrection and angelic form "They're beautiful, I kinda want a pair now" she said jokingly "But what happened? Make no mistake it great to see you up and about but how are you not dead?" pausing a moment "Unless your talking about the battle, in that cause not much to say, we met the enemy and drove them back, they grossly under estimated us though, I doubt we'll get off as easy next time" Urd said before something crossed her mind "And maybe next we can prepare better so we don't have to resort to risky moves like knowingly using a Chaos weapon to bring down a enemy Dread, thank the Emperor for Warp Resistance is all I can say."

Starring up at her kasr, she took in every detail of its walls. The imposing ceramacrete fortifications were scarred by weapons fire, both old and new, while launchers and muzzles poked out of almost everywhere. As her eyes trailled across the wall of her home, a sensation like thunder without sound struck her hard.

Turning back towards the plain, she was horrified at what she saw. Hundreds of warp portals were opening spilling a torrent of heretics, daemons, and other abominations on to her world. At once the kasr's guns thundered and its rockets roared, slaughtering the horde in the thousands; but for every agent of chaos that died, five more came was hopeless.

A sense of total despair washed over her as she watched the horde move ever closer. Dropping to her knees she began to sob, tears running down her cheeks. "When will it end?" She sobbed. "It doesn't matter does it? We keep killing them, and nothing. Fucking. Changes!" Broken and defeated, she knelt on the dirt and waited to die. As she knelt, the ground crunched beside her, as someone approached.

"So that's it then? You just gonna give up?"
"What's the point? We kill them, and more keep coming...we can't win."
"What do you mean SO? What's the point in all this if we can't win!?"
"If you let them roll over you, you prove their point; you prove that they are stronger. You fight to deny them that satisfaction. You fight because you are too bloody minded to do otherwise"

The person beside her crouched down, and she felt a strong hand lift her face. Her eyes met a very familiar sight...she saw it every time she looked into a mirror. "This isn't you Lithian, bitching out like this. You're a mean goddamn cunt and you know it! So suck it up, put your big girl panties on, and KICK. SOME. ASS!"

The next thing she knew she was standing clothed in her full armour, laspistol in one hand chainsword in the other. This time when she looked at the encroaching horde, she smiled. With a squeeze of the trigger, her sword burst to life and she charged.

As the doctors began to finish up, a low snarl escaped her lips.

Corpse disposal was always something Fredrick silently cherished. No longer would the corpses remain desecrated, burned, blown up, spilled, or just staining the surface beneath them. He was giving the dead bodies a proper resting place whether it be in the dirt of in the flames, so their ashes can finally reunite with their lost souls in the void. That's what Fredrick and a few other souls did while there was a lull in the battle and what he always volunteered to do. They dragged them into piles and pile by pile they were ejected into space because lighting a fire here would further damage the ship's oxygen filter. If the bodies were lucky then they would venture too close to a star and burn to a crisp. He pushed around the bodies(and sometimes pieces) of both men and women alike who served aboard the ship till their dying breath. It was a grim job but somebody had to do it, somebody has to realize the sacrifices these people gave to the God-Emperor who sits on his thrown. Without their souls then the God-Emperor would be no more and chaos would follow.

Fredrick envied these people, as they gave the ultimate gift that they could and feed the God-Emperor with their souls while he still walks in shame of betraying him. Sometimes, Fredrick prays to die so that the sins of his family could be absolved somehow and yet, he still breathes and fights. Perhaps the God-Emperor spares him the embrace of death for now, and saves him an epic death. A death so reputable that it washes away the atomic blood his family had spilled. It doesn't matter how many kills he inflicts against the enemies of the Emperor because it pales in comparison to the penultimate gift he can give for him and possibly the people around him. Or so Fredrick prays to believe.


Leoni delivered the final, wounded man she could find but the ship is massive and it would take a few more hours of searching until she knew she was done. When she arrived, Leoni saw the female pysker who channeled the very warp itself march towards the operating table. Sorrow took hold of Leoni's heart as she saw the pained woman grab hold of Lith's hand as she was still in surgery from her wounds. Leoni prayed for a hasty recovery as she went and washed the grime off her armor. Leoni was mostly covered in the ash of her enemies but also the blood of her own from the wound she was given. She had forgotten about it until now, but the pain was beginning to set in so she saw one of the doctors who gave her a quick job. The bleeding had stopped but there was still a soreness to it. Leoni took it easy, not wanting to make the wound anymore worse than it already is.

Despite only leaning back in his chair, Dante had somehow managed to fall asleep, meaning when he awoke, he stared directly into the synthetic light fixture on the ceiling; which caused him to blink his eyes once or twice in order to adjust. Though the brief sleep was unexpected, it was rather pleasant. He soon managed to pull himself up and out of his chair, stretching a few times to relive tension within the joints.

Dante decided that now would be the best time to head to the main hall. Grabbing his spear, he clipped it onto a holster across his back, which made carrying it easier. Making sure he looked presentable, Dante began to make his way. As he got closer, Dante could overhear a conversation between two people, and as he got closer, the voice were more distinguishable; they were Urd and the Lunette.

"...risky moves like knowingly using a Chaos weapon to bring down a enemy Dread, thank the Emperor for Warp Resistance is all I can say."

"Indeed, fortune was certainly smiling upon you Urd. If fate had not been so kind, I would predict a darker outcome for you. I would further elaborate for you, but I believe it would not be a pretty sight." Dante remarked, interrupting the conversation between the two ladies as he got closer. He also noticed the wings that Lunette bore, which gave her a more powerful and fearsome presence.

"I must say Inquisitor, with those wings, you remind me of the few tales I've heard regarding the Living Saints."

"Yes, we should have been more prepared. I should have been up and out of bed quicker, despite the speed that i already have been." Lunette said and noticed Dante's approach. She motioned for him to walk with them and they continued on their walk. "Thank you Dante, i feel more powerful, almost to another level. I don't feel human anymore. And i can't feel the emperor's light in my soul as i once had. I died and felt myself drifting in the warp. Both the light of the emperor and the pleasure of slaanesh were grabbing for me, but a third, silver light came and rescued me from the void. Thats when..." She said, but then shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Pardon me... I must know how you two will respond to possible corruption of an entity we all depend upon. However, this corruption is necessary. Please, speak freely my brother and sister in arms." she asked them.

Solara began to hum a song though her sobs, its odd melody silent yet comforting. Then the girl started to sing, the song was ancient, in the warp from past souls and it had always comforted solara when she hummed or sang it.

"Train set and match spied under the blind
Shiny and contoured the railway winds
And I've heard the sound from my cousin's bed
The hiss of the train at the railway head

Always the summers are slipping away

A 60 ton angel falls to the earth
A pile of old metal, a radiant blur
Scars in the country, the summer and her

Always the summers are slipping away
Find me a way for making it stay

When I hear the engine pass
I'm kissing you wide
The hissing subsides
I'm in luck

When the evening reaches here
You're tying me up
I'm dying of love
It's OK..."

As The girl sang, the warp softly molded around her to her beautiful voice. no sooner had the doctors had finished the necessary internal operation, then her sternum lifted into the air and settled back into place, fusing with the bone. The cuts closed on their own and sealed up, no stitching needed, soon Lith looked like nothing had happened but her head had been shaved.

Inside her however, the war raging between her and the eternal enemies soon was accompanied by the song Solara had been singing. Her voice had a calming effect and swept over the war torn battlefield, reverberating through Lith's ears, beckoning her back to the land of the conscious.

Lunette motioned to Dante in joining her and Urd in their walk, and once he caught up they continued. "Thank you Dante, I feel more powerful, almost to another level. I don't feel human any more. And I can't feel the Emperor's light in my soul as I once had. I died and felt myself drifting in the warp. Both the light of the Emperor and the pleasure of Slaanesh were grabbing for me, but a third, silver light came and rescued me from the void. Thats when..." She began to say, before stopping to shake her head.

"Pardon me... I must know how you two will respond to possible corruption of an entity we all depend upon. However, this corruption is necessary. Please, speak freely my brother and sister in arms." Lunette then asked both Dante and Urd. Dante thought over this question briefly, trying to think of what this entity could be, but came up with nothing that seemed conclusive.

"Even with my talents Inquisitor, it would be hard for me to formulate a response to that question, unless I knew what this entity was."

"The ship." The inquisitor said. "Dante, feel for the machine spirit that should be attached to the barge. I guarantee to you it won't be there. However, i doubt you'll feel anything at all, because i'm fairly sure i know what happened now." She said, with an almost dread sound to her voice. She shook her hea, sighing. "why does it have to be them..."

"The ship." Lunette said. "Dante, feel for the Machine Spirit that should be attached to the barge. I guarantee to you it won't be there. However, I doubt you'll feel anything at all, because I'm fairly sure I know what happened now." She said with an almost dread tone to her words. Lunette then shook her head again and sighed. "Why does it have to be them..." Dante meanwhile was busy using his power to try and find anything resembling the Machine Spirit.

"That... that makes no sense, how is something like that even possible?" He asked aloud, his search finding very little left. Dante breathed a heavy sigh, fearing the worst.

"So tell us, what exactly did happen, and what does this mean for the ship, and all who remain on-board." Dante asked, his voice sounding a little cold.

"That essentially means where adrift in the Warp doesn't it?" Urd asked, shaking her head "Fan-fucking-tastic" she followed with before getting a reply "So what our plan then?"

"Well, you're wrong on the point that we're adrift. And Dante, we should be fine. The ship however, has been enlisted into a chaos god's fleet now. We're just along for the ride and whatever slaanesh has instore for us..." Luna said and brought them to the bridge.

"All guard here now, are dismissed if they haven't been already." She said and walked over to the control panel. "The ship still refuses to respond to controls, but we can see where its course shall take us." The inquisitress said as she pressed a few more buttons and a holo star map popped up. On it was their predicted course. Lunette followed the line and she wound up at a planet, an old world that had been marked as disappeared from the charts.
"thats an old eldar world.... it dated back to the pre-eye of terror times. Marked as found then disappeared, not a year after the eye formed. Its still the same status, so i have only a vague idea as to why we're heading there..." she said.

Urd thought for a moment, then frowned "So ... Dark Eldar then? More over, why would Slaanesh so interested in us? we just left, how would it even know bout us?"

"Urd, think about it. We know from records that Slaanesh is the youngest of the choas gods, and if you look at the rest, the "least evil". The chaos gods are constantly infighting, i know this since i've come across scenes where two cults have slaughtered one another because they worshiped different deities." Lunette said, her brain processing everything.

"The Torturer said "Rising chaos forces..." In all my years i have only came across that term once, in a small cult on a planet in the corner of the imperium's control. It appeared that they were worshiping him and not one of the main gods... He could be trying to attain status as a chaos deity.... which would explain why he targeted this ship with solara on it..." The inquisitor said reaching her conclusion. She slammed her fist down on the console, breaking it. "No.... he wants Solara so he can use her power as a way to achieve his desires... Slaanesh knows this and doesn't want him to become a rival. thats why we're heading towards that planet and i relapsed..." she concluded.

Urd quirked an eye brow at 'relapsed' , but saved that question "So, we have a wanna be chaos god on one side and an actual chaos god on the other, whom is nervous, and probably wants Solara for it self" Urd said, more or less thinking out loud "In that case I would wager keeping Solara out of The Torturer's hands would be the main priority, turning her or all of us most likely would likely be second. If that's true we'll have to find away to use that to our advantage" Urd said before her expression turned "Also, what did you mean, 'relapsed'? There something I should know Inquisitor?"

Lunette sighed. "Years ago, when i was but an accolyte to my master, i woke and found myself carving slaanesh's symbol into my left breast. I have been known to be exceptionally weak to the warp and oonly resistant in Solara's presence. Waking to find myself worshiping the heresy scared me. I vowed never to fall back to those dark action and the relapse was his influence upon my body earlier yesterday." The inquisitor explained to Urd, unclipping the front of her chest piece and revealing her bare breasts. Upon her right was the inquisition's crest, tattooed and upon her left was the symbol for slaanesh, an open wound but didn't seem to be infected at all.

"It is not a a mark i wish to bare, but one i am thankful for none the less. When i died, solara picked me up out of the warp and resurrected me, hence the wings. However, in doing so, i have been severed from the emperor and can no longer feel his light upon me. This is a one way trip i shall be having, but my soul will belong to slaanesh at the end of it. I shall fight for the imperium until the very end of my will and then some." she said, re-clipping the armor piece.

Urd took a moment to collect her thoughts "So, the situation is thus; our ship has be redirected by a Chaos God to a planet it likely controls, we have another, 'wanna be Chaos God' hot on our heels after the Alpha Plus psyker we have with us, AND our commanding officer has been compromised and is in effect a ticking time bomb? Have I missed anything?" Urd said, all the humor and friendliness dropped from her tone

"Urd, i may be compromised, but as long as Solara is around, i'm fine. I'm her guardian, her mother. I won't let anything bad happen to her. I'll remove myself from the equation if need be. All i ask is for your faith in myself and the emperor. I will see that we stop the torturer and keep solara safe." She said taking a knee before Urd and Dante, putting her right arm across her chest and lowering her head. "You have my word, as an inquisitor and as a servant of the imperium." she swore to them.

She flew across that palins, kicking dust up at her heel as she ran. As she got closer to the horde, she let loose a terrific war cry, her voice thundering with the sound of innumerable souls crying for vengeance. With a great crash she threw herself into the fray, and the battle was joined; but almost as soon as it began, it ended. The heretics, daemons, and abominations all faded away like smoke on a breeze, leaving her once again alone. "What is going on?" She shouted. "You need to wake up Lith, you are still needed." A voice said behind her. Spinning around she saw a silvery figure, surrounded by a halo of light. "Who are you?" She asked. The figure mearly said the same thing, while an unfamiliar music seemed to come from the very air. "You need to wake up."

Lith opened her eyes, and immediately regretted it. The bright light seared through her wide open pupils blinding her momentarily. As she reacted to that pain, the rest of her abused body made its complaints known. "By the Emperor, my everything hurts." She muttered.

When she tried to move, she felt a tug on her right hand. "Solara...wh..what are you doing here?" She said, seeing the young psyker. Unbidden pieces of what happened earlier came flooding back. Talking with Dante and Urd...An attack...CHAOS!...light, so very beautiful, but my Lord it burned soo much...I've got to save Lunnette. An image of Torturer impaling the Inquisitor seared its way across her mind. "Oh no..." She whimpered. Reaching over with her left, she placed it on Solara's shoulder. "I-I'm so sorry...I couldn't save her, I-I wasn't fast enough..." Then she did something she hadn't done since she was a small child, she cried.

Solara hugged Lith back, tears of releif now streaming down her cheeks. she cradled Lith's head, gently stroking the back of it, not wanting to let go. "Lith, its over... the fights over and my mother is back from the dead. I'm not sure how many we lost, but you're alive; thats what mattered most to me..." she said an kissed Lith's cheek, then cradled her head like a treasure. "I'm so sorry... its all my fault...." she said, meaning the injuries inflicted on Lith.

Urd sighed shook her head "Like we're in the position to pick and choose ..." she said, clearly not big on the idea of running with a compromised commander, but she didn't see another alternative. "Anyway, whats our ETA for the Eldar world, and stand up, It's unbecoming some one of your rank to be kneeling like that"

The screaming stopped a moment before Anthony detached himself, it was an odd void almost, but he didn't have time... he walked to an exposed maintenance panel on the floor and ripped it open, he took a moment to look before firmly grasping a set of exposed wires in one hand and another in the other causing energy to surge from his false hands and through his body.

~a few minutes later~

Anthony approached his servitors one by one interfacing with them, ordering them to go back to his workshop and to bring back supplies as well as his two personal guard whom he sent to recharge before the attack began. He sat down near the panel he tore open and began planning a course of action while he waited.

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