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Zs'Wua'Itzala - 5/8 AP

She entered her master's sanctum to present her findings. Master... The Deceiver had made it clear that it didn't want to waste time with her, so why did she waste time with it? Gratitude was the only possibility. Gratitude that only came begrudgingly from the proud Phantom. But now, with the armour, she had more power. She was climbing the ladder of divinity, but Zs'Wua was only halfway up to the top. Nevertheless, as a Phantom, she had learned patience, how to live the life of another at cost to her own and more. Zs'Wua had already slipped into the role of the agent of the Whispering Wyrm, now she had slipped into the Armour of Hatred and into the role of champion of her god. However, there were different thoughts going on inside it... Sadly, those thoughts died down to the bottom of her mind when she reached the injured god.

"Greetings. Report. Events."

The god rose from its seat and offered her one. Zs'Wua immediately took the one by the end of the table, directly opposite M'endar and began her report. As the conversation had began in the mind, she continued it that way, "There was a meeting between the gods there." Soon images of those that had assembled after the meetings were transmitted. M'endar nodded - a cue for her to continue. She did, "First they debated about Ailish's and her servant's deaths. Afterward the matter of the items of power was debated. The dark god of magic got the guitar sword, the ambitious one left with a jar of dark honey, the bright one got the mask, and I got this armour." The robed god nodded again, as the fresh memories behind the words showed themselves to it. "There is to be another meeting, by the order of the bright one. And that, to my recollection, is all that occurred."

"Acknowledged. Interesting. Dismissed."

And with that, the demigod left the hollow moon for the Hallowed Court. As a mortal she had heard only stories of that divine realm...

Roe - 16, 0

Back in Oculus Obscuritatis, it was a few minutes before Roe was finally able to unattach himself from Petal and finish explaining what had happened.

"I told you I'd be okay," he said ruefully before adding, "I need your help Pets, look at this," he held up the domain for his friend to see. Her eyes widened at the sight of the glowing orb.

"What is it?" she asked curiously, "Can I touch it?"

"Sure," Roe replied and passed it to her, "It came from Ailish after I beat her, I think it's the last part of her godhood left in the whole universe."

"Pretty!" the little girl cooed as she lifted the sphere close to a nearby torch, sparkling colours glinting off it's smooth surface. "Why do you need my help?"

"I'm going to do what Ailish would have wanted, before she turned bad that is. I'm going to put it into my sword to make something I can fight with to be a great hero! Here, hold my sword down."

Roe passed Petal the diamond sword that Cassiel had given him and then instructed her how to hold it against a wide smooth rock in the centre of the chamber. He summoned a large hammer out of thin air and then placed the domain gently down on the sword. Finally he heaved the hammer up high with a grunt and quickly sent out a message to his allies and friends.

"I am making something very hard, please send help, Roe"


Melanthios 14AP,1MP

He was happy to see that, Roe followed him instead of Aen. He had admit, it amused him how foolish Aen was. Using whatever stupid 'honor' and rules he had, to justify himself. Melanthios had decided that he had waited long enough, it was time for his plan to be executed.

Melanthios looked around the main hall, it still needed quite a few things before the party was ready, he grabbed the guitar sword and looked at it. "You belong to me now, you need a more worthy shape." He used what little power he had, left to change its appearance. The sword turned white, and began to hover in mid air. After a couple of seconds the process was done, he grabbed it and revealed an instrument which suited him more.

Melanthios smiled as he tried it out. "This is much better, and now to prepare for the party." He began to play a song. The room began to change, new tables appeared and food began to appear. He kept playing until the whole hall had changed, it was now worthy of a party for the gods. Melanthios took a seat on one of the chairs, satisfied with his work.

He then heard Roe's call for help, he grabbed his new violin and began to play a new tune. He combined the orbs power and his knowledge to make a song able to aid his new ally. After it was done he sat back down again. He then focused and send a message to his allies, and Nivix. He hoped to recruit him into the alliance, and this might be the perfect change.

"Greetings friends. I wish to invite all of you to a party, one that will be held on Oculus Obscuritatis. It will be held to honor our new member, as well as to forge new friendships and honor old ones. I hope everyone will accept this invitation, the party will start as soon as you all arrive. Or at least the ones that are planning to attend."
He smiled, and now he would only have to wait for his guest to arrive. In the meantime he began to play again, music began to fill the room.

Nivix, Ven - 10, 0

The night sky looked rather pleasant tonight, Ven had to admit. There were no clouds to block his view of the stars, and he looked up at them with unabashed awe. Hundreds upon thousands of tiny specks of light, sprinkled throughout the immeasurable heavens and bringing light to the vast darkness. True, when they were compared to the massive, brilliant beauty of Niv they were hardly worth mentioning. But now, with no sign of the plane's central star, they were the only noticeable source of light. And damn if they didn't put on a fine show.

"I didn't know you liked to stargaze."

There was a grunt somewhere to his right, and the sound of someone begrudgingly sitting up. Ven didn't have to turn his head to know that Nivix was slowly rising back to his feet; the sounds of cracking joints and half-mumbled complaints were evidence enough of that.

"Eh, what can I say?" the god replied, his words ringing with a slightly wistful undertone. "Some nights, when everything just gets to be too much, it feels like the stars are the only thing keeping me sane. Failed projects, fights and arguments, my own reckless stupidity, it all just seems so... unimportant, at least when I'm looking up there, ya know."


There was a moment of silence, broken only by the scurrying of a few Clankers, as god and immortal stared upwards, lost in the endless expanse that surrounded them.

"So... Any idea why I brought you out here?"

Ven barely managed to repress an annoyed huff; what business did a god have playing around like this. "Nope, not a clue. I stopped trying to understand your madness a long time ago."

"Fair enough," Nivix replied, giving the Mizzen a solid clunk to the head. Ignoring Ven's indignant grumbles, he continued. "Look... I guess I should probably say something about this whole fiasco, shouldn't I?"

"What, you mean the thing were you almost wiped out an entire continent? Yeah, an apology would be nice. Not sure if I'm the one you should be saying sorry to, though."

Now it was the god's turn to be annoyed. "Oi, who said anything about apologizing? 'Sides, you should know well enough by now that I'm effectively immune to feeling guilty."

"It'd still be nice..."

Dismissing Ven with a wave of his hand, Nivix turned back towards the sky. "Yeah, well don't hold your breath. ...If you could breathe anyway, that is."

"Low blow there."

"Is it though?"

Grunting, Ven pushed himself up from the ground as well. He was getting tired of this roundabout conversation; Nivix must have a reason for bringing him all the way out here to Coleus, and he was going to figure out exactly what it was. "Look, will you just stop playing with me and tell me what this is all about? Seriously, is it that hard for you to just be straightforward here?"

"Fair enough." Nivix stared at his companion with, for once, utter and complete seriousness. "I want to turn you into a demigod."


Sighing, the god awkwardly scratched at the back of his head with his good hand, taking the opportunity to find the right words. "Look, I realize what almost happened today, alright? If it hadn't been for some good timing on Roe's part, a lot of people would have died. Now, to be clear, I don't care about that; I'd be more than happy to sacrifice all of Evalon if I thought the ends were worth it. But still..."

The chemister dropped back to the ground, staring bleakly at his mechanical limb. "The fact remains that I did something incredibly stupid. I ended up hurting myself, and would have done so much more damage if I'd been left unchecked. Wiping out all those people and wasting all that steel, just for a toy?" Nivix snorted derisively. "Hardly a fair price. But let's face it, I didn't learn anything from that. I've done crap like this before, and I know that I'll do it again. Maybe on a much larger scale."

The madman lapsed into a fitful silence, fiddling with his new fingers. Ven, meanwhile, stared at the god as if he'd just grown another head; this wasn't a side of Nivix he'd ever seen before. "So... What does any of that have to do with me turning into a demigod?"

"Simple enough answer. I need somebody to keep me in check, somebody to stop me if I go too far again. If I'm about to do something that endangers all of existence before its proper end, then somebody needs to have enough power to make me stop, by force if necessary."

"So why me?! Why not one of the other gods?! You know, the beings that you created reality with!"

Another snort. "The other gods? Don't make me laugh. I may be an idiot, but the day I trust any of them with this is the day I sell my soul. Mel, Van, M'ender, they've all got their little plans and schemes, regardless of how much they pretend to be my friend. Roe, Ail, and Aen, I like 'em but they can't be trusted with something like this; they wouldn't be able to understand what I need them to do. Pen's just plain boring, Zareth's got his head in the clouds. Seith and Eldar are dead, if not worse. And don't even get me started on any of their demigods; they're just mortals whose minds have been twisted around their 'parents'' fingers."

Nivix looked up into Ven's eyes, his face devoid of emotion. "I need to give this power to someone I can trust, someone who won't automatically look for my or their own best interests, but for the best course for all of reality. I need someone who doesn't give a crap about politics and other sources of power, someone who'll stand on their own with complete impunity."

The madman's lips curled up in a half smile. "And I'm pretty sure that's you, Ven."

The Mizzen was silent for a moment, as he struggled to come to terms with what he was hearing. "...Wait, are you actually asking me if I want to be a demigod? You're not just doing it and telling me what to do?"

"Yep. If you don't want to, then whatever. I'll figure something else out."

"Huh... that's new."

"Well, this is kind of a big deal and all that. There's a bit of a difference between making you ageless and giving you ULTIMATE COSMIC POWER!" Nivix allowed himself a small chuckle. "Besides," he muttered, "it's not like you actually resent me for giving you immortality, if you can even call it that. Right?"

"I don't know. Maybe?" Ven admitted. "Look, just try to understand my perspective, okay? Alive for a matter of days, barely scrapping out a living, and then everyone I know dies. I almost die. Then you show up, out of the blue, and decide to make me into your... your what? Personal plaything? It was a little degrading, even if it's something I'd normally love."

"Eh. Fair enough." Nivix replied vaguely.

The two rested in uneasy quiet, each waiting for the other to speak first. Seconds dragged into minutes, each tick of the metaphorical clock making the tension just a little thicker. Finally, when he could bear it no longer, Nivix cleared his throat. "Look, if you're looking for some great big feelings jam about how I consider you to be my first born son, and how I honestly love you, then you can just forget it; it ain't going to happen. But the offer still stands. If you want it, then go ahead and accept. If not, then I'll get you back home and figure something else out."

"Great... You really love putting me in tough spots, don't you?"

"I don't try to, no, but when it happens it's certainly entertaining enough."

"Tch. Alright, so let me get this straight: the entire point of this is to give someone the strength to just make you stop if you go over some limit? You just want a babysitter to make sure you don't break everything around you?"

"Well, when you put it like that it's a little demeaning... But yeah, that about sums it up."

If his visage could have moved, odds were Ven would've cracked a grin wrought with malice and mischief. "Heh, how the hell could I possibly turn something like that down?"

"And that," Nivix replied cheerily, "is about the best answer I could have hoped for."

Cassiel: 22,2

Nivix - 10, 0


There was a slight tickling against the back of Nivix's skull, a sensation that he'd felt before. Someone, somewhere, was making another item. A bit of investigation revealed that the forger in question was none other than Roe. Where he got the material for something on this scale, Nivix didn't exactly know, but what he did know was that he still owed the child god a favor.

Effortlessly, the madman lent some of his power to the youth, a half smile crossing his face as he sent his strength halfway across the solar system. It wasn't much, but hopefully it'd be enough to communicate his gratitude.

"Heh... Thanks, kid."

Soon after had he finished aiding Roe, Nivix detected something else. A message this time.

"Greetings friends. I wish to invite all of you to a party, one that will be held on Oculus Obscuritatis. It will be held to honor our new member, as well as to forge new friendships and honor old ones. I hope everyone will accept this invitation, the party will start as soon as you all arrive. Or at least the ones that are planning to attend."

"A party, eh?"

The chemister had to admit that a little get together sounded nice. It'd be a chance to see all the other gods again, and maybe he'd get to show off his new arm. It certainly couldn't hurt, in any case.

"Yeah, sure, why not?"

Vantric: 20, 1

With his apprentice and protege gone, Vantric found that he had a few moments to himself. He couldn't remember the last time he had stopped working for a few moments and walked to the walls, scanning the book shelves, looking for something worthwhile to read. After a few moments, he found it. It was a copy of one of his old journals, he had always meant to get back to cataloging his plans, but never seemed to find a proper moment to write.

Vantric made his way back to a chair, kicking up his feet casually thumbed through the book. Most of it was a series of observations of the other gods, their quirks, characteristics, and status as assets or enemies. He turned to the page where he had started the entry on Seith. A pen appeared in his hands and he took some relish in crossing the name out along with the next few pages of details, adding the word 'terminated' to the end of the entry. He took a sip of the icy water and smiled.

It was at that moment that he received a telepathic message. "Greetings friends. I wish to invite all of you to a party, one that will be held on Oculus Obscuritatis. It will be held to honor our new member, as well as to forge new friendships and honor old ones. I hope everyone will accept this invitation, the party will start as soon as you all arrive. Or at least the ones that are planning to attend. It was Melanthios.

This wasn't unexpected, especially not with recent events being what they were. It was somewhat unfortunate that the timing was so poor though. He had a good idea of exactly what Melanthios wanted to discuss. Unfortunately, I am presently engaged. I will meet up with you as soon as possible. He replied. Though the phrase 'new member' was somewhat troubling. There were only so many possibilities that it could be though. Using process of elimination Vantric figured that Melanthios was referring to either Roe or Nivix and the gesture would be wasted in either case. He had written both off long ago as unfit for any serious sort of alliance. At best he figured that they could be counted on for the occasional bit of unexpected aid, but that was only when it suited their interests.

He checked the clock nearby. His own guest should be arriving shortly.

The Storyteller

The campfire was burning low and from the number of children who seemed to be half asleep, it was clearly getting late. The Storyteller decided to finish up the story for that day.

"After half an age of war, it seemed like peace was returning to the universe. Vantric used his powers to alter the devils so they were able to leave the Hell's Court and use dark magic, however inherent flaws were accompanied with these new powers. Meanwhile upon Salustutis' most frozen continent, Zareth enchanted the very centre to form an icey wasteland.

Deep inside the Alliance's base, with the help of Aen, Cassiel, Melanthios and Nivix, Roe forged a new weapon out of his short diamond sword and Ailish's domain that had the ability to change when the bearer needed it to. This possession of great power would come to be known as Skye. As the young god did this, Nivix finally lifted his creation Ven to divinity, a millenia after he had first granted immorality to the Mizzen. This new demigod would be fiercely independent of it's creator.

None of the gods or even demigods however noticed the momentous event which was happening amongst the celestial doves that encircled Evalon, but that children is a story for another day..."

A collective sigh rose from the group.

"Don't worry," he winked at them, "come back tomorrow evening and you can hear the next part of this long tale."

Aryx: 4

Dark powers encircled the Hell's Court for a moment, and the building filled with Aryx's power. In the midst of it all, she gasped. She was strong for a mage, she had been able to channel immense amounts of power while she was mortal, but this? This was something new altogether. For a moment existence turned on a fulcrum of immense power, and Aryx was its name. With her powers she felt the devils as a whole, all linked through bonds of spirit, unknown and omnipresent.

She reached out with her powers and touched the strands, becoming at once a devil and the embodiment of the entire species for a brief moment. Then she directed it as she wished, changing them in the manner she was instructed, and then adding on a bit more. It wasn't part of the deal, but then, at that moment Aryx didn't care. She was immortal, divine, and for a brief moment the most powerful being in existence. She was perfect.

The power began receding almost as quickly as it had gathered, much to her disappointment. It wasn't long before she was once more in the office of the Hell's Court beside a fairly unimpressive creature. This is far, far beneath me. Aryx decided, but she was happy that things had gone over well. But that was to be expected.

"That was...my word." Calath whispered. He walked around his desk, still holding his head. "I...I feel so...strange. Did...did it work?"

Aryx nodded, picking up the jar. Some power of its had been tapped, she felt, but couldn't quite place what it was. "Of course it worked. Our part of the bargain has been upheld."

The devil nodded, focusing on his hands, repeatedly opening and closing them, trying to find whether the changes affected had altered his physical form. "Right. Well then. I suppose it has." Calath began to focus on the angel once more, "And we are obligated to uphold our own side of the bargain as well."

Aryx followed the High Speaker out into the main chamber of the court. The devils were tightly packed into the room, all sensing the change. A silence overtook them when Calath entered, all waiting respectfully for his words. "I won't take much of your time." He began, drawing what little of their attention he didn't have, "You have all felt it, the change in us. We are free of this place. Free, at last." At the announcement, there was a cheer. They had been waiting for this day for millenia.

Calath raised his hand and the cheering began to quiet. "This was delivered to us, by means of this one here," He gestured to Aryx, "By Lord Vantric. I have signed a contract, allowing this, but not without cost." Some nervous murmuring began at the word 'cost'. "But that is a discussion for another time. For now, we go to Vantric. We will meet with him, and begin discussing the terms of our new existence." He turned to Aryx. "Please, take us to Vantric. Lead the way."

Aryx beamed, striding forward with the High Speaker close on her heels. Once more she felt the eyes of the devils staring at her, not with burning curiosity this time, but rather a sort of amazement.

She made the short trip back to the fortress with a host of devils behind her.


Vantric: 20, 1

He sensed the devil's presence after he sensed Aryx's. His protege made little secret of her return, was wearing her victory on her sleeve. Vantric smiled, The stupid vanities of youth. He thought. Something he could well appreciate. With a flick of his wrist, the book was returned to its place on the shelf and the pen and water disappeared.

He teleported to the front entrance just in time to see the devils march in. Aryx looked exceptionally pleased with herself as she bowed to Vantric. "My lord, the devils, as you requested." She then handed back the coin and jar.

Vantric nodded. "You have done well Aryx. Truly, I'm glad to have someone competent working for me." Her grin only go wider.

"My lord." One of the devils said, making his presence known. He too, bowed beside Aryx. "I am Calath, my lord, High Speaker of the devils. I am the one who agreed to your terms on our behalf, and I would speak with you about some of the other provisions within it."

"Of course." Vantric replied, "We will speak soon. Aryx, I'd like you to stay as well. The rest of you," He shouted to the rest of the devils, "May go about the fortress as you will, make yourselves comfortable. You'll be put to use soon enough." The horde broke up at those words, disappearing through the fortress's many meandering corridors and hidden side passages. It wasn't long before only Calath and Aryx remained.

"Now then, my lord." Calath began, "As for the other terms outlined in our contract-"

"Those will be discussed later." Vantric cut the High Speaker off, "For now, I must prepare for the arrival of a guest." He turned to his protege, "Did you find out what this jar is, Aryx?"

She shrugged, "I can't say exactly. The substance is powerful, but something unknown to me. If I can test it a little more, I'm certain I will understand it."

"It is the substance of 'sin' my lord." Calath spoke up. Both gods turned to the devil. "It's a substance I am quite familiar with."

"I see." Vantric said, tapping the jar. "Now then, what could we do with you?"

"Might I suggest something, my lord?" The devil spoke again. Vantric waved him on. "We have a great knowledge of the powers and possibilities of sin. With little effort we could use the substance to craft something to help make this coming guest of yours more...pliant."

"What did you have in mind?"

"Something edible, naturally. I would need to get to a kitchen to say exactly what."

Vantric considered the proposition for a moment before handing the devil the jar. "Make something then, and be quick about it." Calath bowed once more before rushing off. Aryx stared after the devil, distaste plain on her face.

"Anything else you need from me?" She asked.

"Yes," The ambitious god said, pocketing the coin. "Go wash up for dinner. An important guest is coming."

Roe - 16, 0 and Petal - 8

Once the smoke finally cleared from the small underground chamber, a shining electric blue sword lay upon the forging rock. Fixed in the centre was a blood red gem which was just as resplendent as the rest of the blade. Roe reached down eagerly to pick it up.

"Great! I think I'll call it... Skye," he exclaimed, before noticing the worried expression on Petal's face. "What's the matter Pets?" he asked.

"I don't like it when you kill things, only use this sword when you have to," she said with a surprisingly force to her voice.

Roe stepped forward and put his hand on her shoulder in reassurance.

"I promise I'll only use it to kill really bad people who need to have their heads cut off or else they'll do lots of bad stuff, is that okay?"

She nodded silently in acceptable, then added aloud.

"Come on, let's go to this party before it's too late!"


Sometime later Roe and Petal walked together into the party hall. The young god was dressed in a colourful navy and crimson suit with a hat, whereas his friend wore a short white dress with holes cut in the back for her wings to spread through. The pair gazed admiringly at the spread of food and drinks across the tables, not to mention the relaxing music which filled the hall.

The two children bounced up to where Melanthios was playing the violin and Roe pulled on the elder god's robe until he noticed him.

"Hey, what are you doing?" he asked cheerfully.

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

The music filled the hollow chambers and the place looked ready for the party Melanthios was so insistent on throwing. However, something was missing. Two things actually. For one, M'endar couldn't show up to a party like this. The wounds had yet to heal, the cuts had yet to clot. It still left a trail of black ooze. This wouldn't do. With a flick of the fingers, the robed figured solidified, the robes became more glamorous, with rich embroidery showing scenes of the gods. To complete the look, an ornate black mask covered the ever-shifting face. That was one problem sorted, now it was time to deal with the matter of entertainment. It rose to the surface of Oculus Obscuritatis, wandering towards the ever-present gathering of fledgling Verr mediating on the Path their life will take. They looked up at their god, surprised that such an aloof deity would come to them.

They stood, one plucky one asked with a measure of awe and fear in equal measure, "What brings you here?"

"There is a gathering of gods happening soon, entertainment is needed for the guests." It stated.

The would-be Performers rose to their god and bowed their heads, "It would be an honour if you would accept us mere younglings."

The god chuckled, "Everyone starts somewhere. Come, children."

The parade of Performers followed their god until it stopped. There was a strange man in the distance and he looked somewhat lost. But memories rose up from the back of its mind and M'endar realised that this was not a simply a strange man, but one of the gods themselves. It must have been... years, thousands of years since it last saw Nivix. Yes... That was the name. But he was different now, his arms no longer matched. One was flesh while the other was metal. It seemed that not only M'endar had changed over the years. Nevertheless, Nivix was probably here for the party, at Melanthios's request. Continuing on, the now masked god walked up to the celestial chemister with mixed feelings. Why approach a wildcard like Nivix in this weakened state? M'endar sighed, it would have to rely on the other deity's goodwill for once, which was never a good thing.

In the voice of a gracious host, it said, "Welcome to Oculus Obscuritatis. Please follow, this way to the gathering."

Dåre 30, 2

Where there once was two beings, one a god and one a void creature, a new life came to be. It was not something that had happened instantly, but instead a process over time. However, it was rather sudden that this being; a god made from the essence of madness and spectacle, awoke from nothingness. The god had no memories, but had already formed a body with limbs, eyes, and a mouth. With those eyes, he stared into the seemingly endless sky of glittering stars and planets, and wondered what was beyond. He then turned around, and beheld the planet the closest to him, the one the cage of doves were encircling. It was grand and glorious, at least in the eyes of a madman. It was all so grand!

The world around him was filled with life, and others like him. He could sense them, feel their presence naturally. Oh, how he wanted to find out who they were. The first sound he made was that of laughter, and it left him breathless for a short moment. He didn't think he could be without breath, but that didn't matter much. He wanted to explore more, he wanted experience it all. A smile formed on his lips, and he whispered; "Scatter."

The doves did as he said, but only this one time. White flew everywhere for a short moment, giving him the chance move before returning to their usual place. Likely, they were glad to be rid of him, for they were not his creation, nor his prison. As he did, the sound of small bells could be heard, and he smiled again. "Where to now?" the god asked himself, and then shook his head. "Who is the right question. One needs a name, don't we?" He then lifted his towards the stars in the sky and closed it, as if catching one of them. "I stole your name, because I liked it so much, little light." The god looked at his hand, and opened it, slowly. "Dåre it is, then. Dåre. Dårrrrrrrre. It sounds like strawberries!" He chuckled to himself, and turned to that nearby planet.

"Now, how to get down there from here." Dåre closed his eyes, and thought about it. Nothing happened. He tried to say that he wanted to go there. Nothing happened. It was not before he had given up, he noticed that he was already standing there, soft green grass surrounding him. "That was totally unexpected." Dåre lay down and closed his eyes, everything was suddenly so much brighter than it had been. He lay like that for a while, thinking about everything and nothing at all.

Nivix - 10, 0

Nivix took a moment to examine his new surroundings, sweeping his curious gaze across the moon's vast surface. It'd been quite a while since he'd last set foot on Obscuritatis, and he hadn't exactly been in the most lucid state of mind then.

"Huh. Guess it isn't made out of cheese," he muttered, sadly examining a very non-edible chunk of rock. He hadn't really believed the rumors anyway, but there was always that little chance...

When his brief examination failed to turn up any sign of the promised party, or any directions on how to get to said get-together, Nivix started to amble across Obscuritatis. There was no rhyme or reason to his footsteps; he just wandered about, oohing and aahing at the scenery and the numerous Verr who made there home here. It was an interesting place, to say the least, with alien terrain unlike anything he'd seen on Evalon, Eld, or any of the other planets. "Nice place you got here," the god said to no one in particular.

"Welcome to Oculus Obscuritatis. Please follow, this way to the gathering."


Turning around, Nivix spotted the masked figure that had just sneaked up on him. "Oh, uh, thanks..."

His words trailing off, the madman stepped closer, taking a second to examine the entity hidden beneath the richly embroidered cloak and obsidian mask. That voice, the way the being carried itself, why did it seem so familiar. "Wait, don't tell me..."

Leaning in far too close for comfort, Nivix lifted his metallic hand, extended a single finger, and poked his host right in the gut. "M'ender!" he exclaimed, a smile dancing across his features. There was no way the mysterious figure could be anyone other than the Deceiver; he didn't know anyone else who was quite that squishy. "Hey, Mel invite you to his party too? I probably should have asked for some directions on how to get there..."

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

Nivix stopped muttered to himself and finally replied to the welcoming while being rather forward, "...Hey, Mel invite you to his party too? I probably should have asked for some directions on how to get there..."

The poke in the abdomen was taken with a smile that hid clenched teeth, which in turn was hidden behind the mask in its obsidian glory. It didn't help that area was still sore from the fight, making the dense ooze-like substance that made up the god's body a bit squishy. Last time the two gods had met, it was on the eve of war. Hopefully, with the celebrations, this time would be quite different to say the least. Still, M'endar couldn't help but smile the half-caught compliment or the fact that Nivix had gotten himself lost. Umbraculum was still a secret to some then, but revealing such a thing was a risky thing to do at best. What to do?

It first replied with, "Yess... In fact I am the one who is hosting. As for directions..." Then M'endar drifted off into thought. It would not make it easy for Nivix to find Umbraculum.

Inspiration came quickly and the grim hidden behind the mask grew. Nivix wouldn't mind a little bit of pre-party entertainment would he? M'endar turned to the parade of novice Performers and whispered something in their minds. If this was the god of knowledge, he wouldn't mind a little test of wits, would he? The Deceiver turned back to Nivix.It replied with a whisper, twisting itself around the god like a snake, "But finding the venue is half the fun." Then it turned to the Verr, who had combined themselves into two entities. One was white and silver, almost a mockery of Seith, and the other was a like a reflection of M'endar in a twisted mirror.

M'endar reverted to simply standing by Nivix and took some joy in explaining the rules of the game - it was time to poke Nivix back, "One tells only truth and one tells only lies. Both know the way to the party. One question is allowed..."

The Deceiver paused for a moment, putting emphasis on its last statement before the game began, for the it was the question at the heart of the riddle, "But which one should you ask?""

Nivix - 10, 0

The madman stood still as M'ender twisted around him, listening carefully as the Deceiver shared the game's rules. This was a new experience for him, being offered a question that relied on wisdom and logic instead of science and fact.

"One tells only truth and one tells only lies. Both know the way to the party. One question is allowed... But which one should you ask?"

"One question, eh?" Well, that might provide a bit of a challenge. The obvious questions that flew to his mind needed to be asked in conjunction if he was to learn anything, but with only one question... He'd have to think this one over.

"I guess that the truth telling one is the one I want to guide me, right?" Nivix asked M'ender absentmindedly. Then, a look of terror slid across his face as he realized what he had just done. "Wait, wait, wait!" he shouted as he turned to face the masked figure, waving his arms about in a panic. "That's not supposed to be my question, not my question! Do over, do over!"

M'endar chuckled at the god's little panic attack, "Don't fret, we can stand here for millennia while you spout all possible answers until the end of time." With a simple hand signal, the Verr entities were silenced and wandered back to their positions. Then, with another wave of the hand, M'endar said, "Again?"

Nivix nodded gratefully. "Aye, thank you." With that, he turned back to his meditations, making sure to keep his thoughts silent this time around. Hmm... I could ask them what their favorite color is. Wait, but I don't know that either. Er, why did the chicken cross the road? What's the velocity of an unladen swallow? ...Why the hell am I thinking about birds so much?

"Oh, hey, that'll work!" he suddenly exclaimed, giving a victorious clap. Turning to face the silver and black clusters of Verr, Nivix shot them a mischievous wink. Raising his left hand, he presented the artificial limb to them as he began to speak. "Is this hand made of metal, yes or no?"

Zareth 17 , 2

His breathing had become ragged now. It seemed that the more emotional Zareth became, the more mortal he seemed. More like something living. He wandered around the desolate landscape, kicking up snow and slashing into the ice with his sword. If it weren't for the deep gouges he was leaving in the earth he might have looked like a child playing in the snow.

And she called me the coward "When all she did was hide in the trees and pick on her people!" He swung his blade into a nearby mountainside. "And what does she do? She runs at the first sign of trouble! Runs from the consequences of what she did, of everything she did!"

Suddenly he launched into a frenzy, attacking the surrounding landscape as if it had done him some great wrong, as if he might cut into the planet core. All around him the ice was smashed and warped into twisted shapes. His power was flowing out of him unchecked in a flurry of sporadic bursts. The death god didn't even seem to notice as he he gave shape to a landscape mirroring his own inner hatreds.

And what did I do? I just stood there. I didn't lift a finger while they tore each other apart. He thought of Seith and how he'd turned his back on what was happening, how he'd left the poor god to face his end alone. I couldn't have, there were others that needed me. The excuse rang hollow.

And Ailish... the woman needed help and he was so lost in his own melancholy that he didn't even bother to care. Not just that but he piled on and helped butcher her like a pig. He couldn't save anyone, he couldn't make anything of beauty or use. All he ever did was clean up when it was all done, sweeping the mess of the universe under the rug that he called his kingdom.

His swings had become slow and halfhearted by now. He'd slowed down enough to notice his blurred reflection in one of the mountains of ice he'd blasted into existence. It was a dark, downtrodden, sad looking thing. "What good are you to anyone?" He sneered at it.

He gave out one final roar of frustration and drove Midnight deep into his reflection, cutting through the ice as if it was paper. The sword pulsed with energy and the cold mountain burst into pieces, scattering across the land and leaving a scar in the continent that could be seen for miles.

Zareth panted in exhaustion, this outburst had tired him out more than he expected. "Right." He said to himelf. "That's enough of playing silly buggers, time to get that horned head out of your ares and back to the now." Who would have thought that a planet would have made such a good punching bag? With all that stress worked out of his system he could get back to work.

"Greetings friends. I wish to invite all of you to a party, one that will be held on Oculus Obscuritatis. It will be held to honor our new member, as well as to forge new friendships and honor old ones. I hope everyone will accept this invitation, the party will start as soon as you all arrive. Or at least the ones that are planning to attend."

Or he could just go and party. Yes he would, things had been so grim recently it would be good to spend some time enjoying himself. Besides it would give him a chance to talk to Melanthios and M'endar about recent events.


Of course Zareth had to stop by Evermoor first to pick up a few bottles of his personal vintage and a few delicacies. It was amazing how the spirits of the afterworld held onto their passions, most didn't shed the trappings of their mortal lives easily and did their best to try and recreate familiar places and things. The Chefs were no exception; a sea of kitchens and eateries covered parts of Evermoor and the world of the dead gave them access to ingredients they never would have imagined in life.

Recently Zareth had really gotten into Lainir cooking so he made sure to pick up some native takeaway dishes of Gaerv Vantric.

A few hours later (and after a bit of searching) he stepped through the doors and into the main chamber where the others had gathered. "Hope I'm not too late." He said, brandishing his offerings.

He had left Salustutis so quickly that he hadn't noticed the strange way that the snow had rippled and flowed in his wake, or what had stirred beneath its surface.

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

The black one bubbled with glee with a resounding, "Yes." while the other boomed a "No." And M'endar gave a slow clap.

While the Whispering Wyrm would hold the god to the exact words of the rules, there was a party ahead and it would be cruel to deprive Melanthios of a guest. Nivix had got the answer, well... in spirit anyway and it was time for a reward.Mental whispers ran through the Performers again and they wrapped around both gods, creating a flurry of black and silver.

Naturally, Nivix looked somewhat surprised at this. However, M'endar raised a finger to the lips on the mask, then tapped the nose. Nivix hopefully got the message. This is was its way of making sure that the way to Umbraculum remained a secret to those outside of the group. It was nothing personal, just some wise caution.

While in the silver and black vortex that both pulled both of the gods down through the tunnels and obscured the view, M'endar gave a sigh as it revealed the ploy behind the riddle, "I lied. You think that mere younglings know the way to the innermost sanctum? But enough of that for now, we have a party to attend..."

Soon enough, the troupe of Performers brought the two into the decorated chambers, where a violin could be heard.

Zs'Wua'Itzala - 4/8 AP

After a bit of exploring of the place, she grew bored and began reflecting on what she saw.

The Hallowed Court was as majestic as the tales had said. However, it was empty, hollow even. The fortress of Vantric's, Grand Ascension, and the Library of the Gods towered over empty gardens. The Observatory was but rubble. An exodus of Devils could be seen at the Hell's Court and the rest of the halls stood empty.

It seemed a gathering of gods in one of the halls was never to be. The emptiness of this place was unbearable. The only sounds she could hear was sounds of a sword striking wood. The ringing of blades only resounded with the hollowness of the place. Maybe there was peace in the first few Ages, but the innocence was now lost.

She had seen god descend on god in vicious fury. She had heard of the First Folly and now slinking up to the site where it happened. This place was full of hope until their actions had backfired on them. Yes, that must be the point when some tasted of violence and liked it, wishing it on others. Well, they got their wish, and she got to see the ruins.

At least she had the armour. But what was it anyway? All she knew was that it had power, but she had to know more...

Vantric: 20, 1

Auctor 7AP

Auctor sat in the shade of Loth Ringard playing with the grass, in the same spot she had been sitting in all day. Niv was low in the sky, and the demigod was growing impatient. She had chosen a spot that few Dwarves ever visited, so she had gone unnoticed. The glass rose she had made sat next to her, Eldarwen's last gift to the God of Order. But just like his people, it seemed that Pentar had not noticed her either. Not noticed, or perhaps just didn't care. In fact, it seemed like no one cared about her anymore. Even Eldarwen, her own mother, had shooed he away with out so much as a farewell. And now her, Sonitus, and Venator were dead, and Auctor was alone. The last of an extinct family.

"Why, hello there young lady."

Auctor's head snapped up. Apparently, she had been so engrossed in her thoughts that she hadn't noticed an old Dwarf approach her. Odd. she thought. I should have been able to sense him. She scowled. "Go away, old man."

The Dwarf smiled, clearly determined to strike up a conversation. "Your people generally don't travel this far from home. Perhaps you could tell me what you're doing here?"

"It's none of your concern." Auctor said harshly. She was in no mood for small talk, and certainly not from some awkward old fart. "I won't warn you again. Screw off."

The Dwarf chuckled and sat down next to her. "It sounds like you're a bit troubled." he said, pressing the conversation. "Maybe you'd like to talk about it?"

Now she'd had enough of this old Dwarf. "Don't you know who I am, mortal?!" she yelled, and stood up. "I am Auctor, the Lady of Minas Kei, Daughter of Eldarwen, and all powerful God." She raised several spiked vines from the ground behind her and pointed them at the Dwarf. She expected him to be staring in awe, but instead he still wore the same stupid smile. Auctor grinded her teeth. "And I command you to LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" she screamed, and drove the vines into his body.

The old man kept on smiling as the vine neared his heart. Then, at the last second, an arc of lightning shot out of his hand and incinerated the vines. They crumbed to ash at his feet, and now it was Auctor's turn to be astonished. "How..." she trailed off. Even a powerful mortal mage shouldn't have been able to destroy those vines. Either she had seriously underestimated the magical power of the Dwarfs, or...

"You're wrong."

Auctor looked back at the old Dwarf, who was now standing up with a new, menacing smile. "Wha-what..." she stuttered, then found her voice. "Who are you? I demand to know!"

"You're wrong." the Dwarf repeated. "You're no God. As for who I am, I'm the one you've waiting all day for. Generally you shouldn't attack your new boss, by the way."

"Auctor scowled. "Don't play games with me, wizard. I'm looking for Pentar, the God of Order, not an old street performer."

The Dwarf looked down at his clothes and laughed. "Where are my manners?" he said at last. "Please, allow me to change into something more fitting." There was a burst of energy, and suddenly Auctor was looking at Pentar in full armor, Gawmfust resting ready on his hip. The God crossed his arms. "Is this better?" he said in a much deeper and more authoritative voice.

Pentar 26AP 1MP

Maybe it was just him, but Pentar could swear that when ever he wanted someone to do something, he always had to take this form as some kind of proof. Technically, it wasn't even his real form, just his preferred appearance when talking to others. He had hoped that he wouldn't have to do this with a demigod, but Pentar was willing to give her some leeway. After all, she had just lost her mother, and Pentar was sure that wasn't easy. Still, her temper would have to be controlled. "Is this better?" he said sarcastically, trying to put as much resentment into the words as possible.

He was now a few meters taller than Auctor, so the demigod had to look up to talk to him. Her mouth moved up in down as her mind processed what had happened. But the mind of a demigod was quick, and she soon regained her composure. "I'm very sorry, sir. I didn't know it was you."

"I'm not angry, child." Pentar said, laying a hand on her shoulder. "I know there is much on your mind. Eldarwen is gone, yes?"

"Yes sir." Auctor said, and Pentar could see a tear run down her cheek. "So is Sonitus and Venator."

"Then my worst fears have been realized. No doubt Vantric and Melanthios are behind it. They're making their move, and we will soon be targeted." Pentar walked a few meters away and looked into the sunset, letting the silence communicate the weight of the situation.

"What do we do?" Auctor asked after a few moments.

Pentar turned back to the demigod. "We fight back." he declared solemnly, and once more approached her. "You mother's last action was an attempt to hinder the power of the trio. She failed, but now you are her legacy." He extended a hand. "Join me Auctor. Together, we will stop them and bring order to this universe."

Auctor took Pentar's hand. Her grasp was surprisingly firm for her size. "I gladly except, sir. My mother shall be avenged." Just as she released her grip, a decorative bird landed on Pentar's shoulder. "Aye. Shoo, beast!" she said, swiping at the creature.

"Stay your hand, Auctor." Pentar said, and she reluctantly stopped. A normal bird didn't land on a God's shoulder. "What do you want, bird?"

Instead of speaking, the bird sent it's thoughts directly to Pentar. In a flash, he saw the fight on Eld, the arguments between Gods, and Zareth sending the bird to Pentar. "What is it?" Auctor asked curiously.

Pentar took a moment to consider this new information before replying. "It's worst than I thought. War is nearly upon us." He turned to the bird. "Return to your master. Tell him that if he wishes to stand up for what's right, he can meet me in the place of divine diplomacy. He'll know what it means."

"Caaaaw!" the bird cried with a flap of it's wings.

"Yes, quite." Pentar responded, wishing he spoke bird. "Now go, there is no time to waste." The bird took off and flew into the sky and out of mortal sight. He faced Auctor once again. "You must return to Minas Kei. Your people need you there. Once things are settled there, contact me. I will find you. Farewell for now, child, and be safe." With that, Pentar disappeared in a burst of lightning, and Auctor, after making sure the glass rose was still firmly rooted to the ground, vanished soon after.

Dåre 30, 2

He had been thinking for quite a while, when he suddenly heard a sound. What that sound was, he didn't know, but it was curiously odd and wonderful at the same time. Or was it horrible? They were much the same, horrible wonderful and wonderfully horrible. Dåre stood up, and looked around, noticing a swarm of what seemed to be small, dark creatures with wings. "Hello, how are you?" he asked them, and was answered with nothing but several shrieks. with a sudden movement, he got close enough to touch one of them. However, as he was about to, they suddenly started flying towards him, startling the young god. They kept shrieking, something told him they were of the more unwanted sort of creatures. "SHHHHHHH!" he yelled, the sound as fascinating and plainly frightening as he found their sounds. It probably would make them listen.

"I'm trying to find out where I am. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it would be nice if you left, as I'm not sure what you are. I need someone... someone I can speak to." The creatures hadn't really stopped shrieking, but he had managed to get them away a bit. Or, they seemed something like half an inch more away from him. Well, some were in his hair, but that was surely not a problem. They didn't seem intent on attacking him, nor telling him where they were, unless they already were, in that shrieking language. He looked around, but couldn't see much apart from trees and some hills. Dåre then turned his gaze towards the sky, he had been able to see a lot more from there. "Higher up, then. Something that can fly would be great! How about... a carpet?!" He wasn't completely sure what a carpet was, but it would have to do. Besides, it sounded useful for flying, and getting around. Or... was that something else? Eh, whatever.

Focusing on a shape that would enable him to stretch out his legs without having to worry, the creation gained a rectangle shape in his mind, together with all the strange shapes and patterns and colors that already existed there. It would need to be fast as well, and he implemented this in its design.

Melanthios 14AP,1MP

After putting the young god to bed, Melanthios had taken a seat in the hall and he had begun playing music. Suddenly he felt something being created, but the person who made it was foreign. There is a new god?! How did this happen?! He grabbed the orb of infinity of the table, and focused. He teleported himself to where the item was being created. He saw a strange new god "Greetings my name is Melanthios." He said looking at the new god. "Please allow me to help you with that." He snapped his fingers and a spark appeared, fusing with the power already being used. "Would you be so kind as to tell me your name stranger?" He asked smiling. He had used a spell to hide his wound, and suppress his pain.

Dåre 30, 2

Suddenly a fellow god appeared close by, but Dåre concentrated on the creation of the carpet, feeling that looking away for just a second would mess it up. The other god spoke; "Greetings my name is Melanthios. Please allow me to help you with that." Dåre felt that the creation suddenly went a lot easier, as if he didn't need pay completely attention. "Would you be so kind as to tell me your name stranger?"

"I'm no stranger," Dåre said, smiling, looking at the god. "I'm Dåre, born of madness and spectacle, in the cage of doves. Thank you for your help, and it's nice to meet you." He bowed, deeply, mind working on the creation of the item. Not that the colors and patterns on it stopped shifting, making it a uniquely decorated one, his mind would never truly be able to calm down and stop spinning. "Now, I've been asking those lovely, shrieking creatures, but they don't seem to want to answer me; where am I? What is this place? Why is the bottom green and the above blue? What is the large round light on the sky? I don't seem to know much, my apologies." He laughed, and took another look at Melanthios. "You sure you don't want some colors or something? I'm sure you'd look good in a light shade of red."

Melanthios 14AP,1MP

"Now, I've been asking those lovely, shrieking creatures, but they don't seem to want to answer me; where am I? What is this place? Why is the bottom green and the above blue? What is the large round light on the sky? I don't seem to know much, my apologies." Melanthios was surprised by this new god, and his many questions.

Still this new god seemed like a nice person "You are on the planet called Evalon. And these creatures did not answer you since they can't, they were created by M'endar an ally of mine. As for your other questions, this planet was made by Roe another ally of mine. As for the colors, I am afraid that explaining that would take very long. That large light thing in the sky is called the sun, and there is no need to apologize. I had to learn all these things when I arrived here too, which was quite a long time ago. And I am quite fine with my current colors, but thank you for the offer." He said smiling. This one was a strange one, he had to watch out not to offend it somehow.

Dåre 30, 2

"You are on the planet called Evalon. And these creatures did not answer you since they can't, they were created by M'endar an ally of mine. As for your other questions, this planet was made by Roe another ally of mine. As for the colors, I am afraid that explaining that would take very long. That large light thing in the sky is called the sun, and there is no need to apologize. I had to learn all these things when I arrived here too, which was quite a long time ago. And I am quite fine with my current colors, but thank you for the offer." The other god seemed to be nice, as well as knowledgeable.

"Too bad, I really think it would be delicious. Or, magnificent? Refreshing and uplifting? Woozy? Oh, excuse me for a short moment." Dåre turned around, looking upwards again. He made a motion with his hand, one of saluting someone who wasn't there, until one realized it was the sun he was greeting. With a swift movement, he turned around again, the jingles from the bells on his clothes becoming a sound one would associate with the young god. He then smiled to Melanthios, curiosity still clear in his eyes. "Who are Roe and M'endar, are they also gods? Are there more gods? And what is this you call an ally? Would you say it's a good or a bad thing?" He counted on his fingers. "And that's the same number of questions as last time, have to make sure something doesn't overload and go boom."

Melanthios 14AP,1MP

"Too bad, I really think it would be delicious. Or, magnificent? Refreshing and uplifting? Woozy? Oh, excuse me for a short moment." Daare turned around, looking upwards. He then made a motion with his hand, seemingly greeting the sun. He turned around again, making a t jingling sound. He then smiled at him, curiosity still clear in his eyes. "Who are Roe and M'endar, are they also gods? Are there more gods? And what is this you call an ally? Would you say it's a good or a bad thing? And that's the same number of questions as last time, have to make sure something doesn't overload and go boom." Melanthios was beginning to get intrigued by this god, he was an very interesting one.

He then spoke with an smile. "You don't have to worry about overloading me Daare, I can handle quite a lot. As for your questions, Roe and M'endar are both indeed gods. And yes there are more gods then you, me, M'endar and Roe. And an ally is an friend, who you make a promise with, to help one another when the other needs help or is in danger. And having an ally is a very good thing Daare. So tell me Daare, where did you come from?" He asked, trying to learn more about the new god. He was a bit worried about this god though, he seemed like a wild card. They already had quite a few of wild cards, still as long as he kept him away from Aen everything should work out.

Vantric: 20, 1

With Aen and his odd apprentice gone, Vantric and Aryx waited for several moments after they left before speaking. "What do you make of them?" Vantric asked, finally breaking the silence.

Aryx snorted, "The god's a fool, and the armor is worthless as far as I'm concerned. Meeting with them was a waste of time."

"Appearances are often deceptive." Vantric muttered, going to one of the bookshelves. He took out one of his spare journals and turned to a blank page. At the top of the page he wrote the name Aen, followed by every detail that he could about their recent meeting, even going so far as to dedicate a page to Ren.

Ren. Now that was something to ponder. "What do you think of Ren?" Vantric asked, looking up from the book.

"I thought I made my position clear. She's fairly useless." Aryx replied, sitting in one of the armchairs.

"No, I mean in general. Her relationship to Aen, what do you think about her? What could you tell?"

She shrugged, "Not much that you didn't pick up on. She doesn't like Aen that much, she's quiet, possibly unable to communicate, and she was the result of remaking Sephariel." At the last word Aryx grimaced slightly. "Overall, it's a fairly uninteresting thing. Hardly useful."

"There's a time and place for every tool." Vantric responded, returning to his writing. "No, Aen has his plans, I'm certain of it. Ren has her part to play, it's just about figuring it out." He tapped his pen a few times against the book. "I think you might be making a new friend soon."

Aryx's eyes widened. "No. No, no no. You can't be serious. Friends with the suit of armor? Why not get Isond to do it? It's a menial enough task for him."

"I am, and you will." Vantric said, shutting the journal and replacing it on the shelf. "As I said, there is a time and place for everything. Isond will receive his orders, and you will accept yours. Ren was once Sephariel, perhaps she will open up to one who worshiped her."

"Do I have no say in this?"

"None at all." Vantric bent down toward the bottle on the table and grabbed it, there was still a bit of elixir left. He sent a telepathic message to the devils. A few moments later, one arrived bearing the jar. Vantric nodded, dismissing the devil. Pocketing the jar, he turned back to Aryx. "I think it's time we visited M'endar."

With that he teleported to Oculus Obscuritatis. From the looks of things, that party Melanthios had mentioned had started and ended. Probably for the best that he showed up after the fact. He was too busy getting productive work done to bother with things like this yet.

Vantric found M'endar and approached him. "M'endar, good to see you."

Nivix - 10, 0

He wasn't sure how long he had been sitting there, in the halls beneath the surface of Obscuritatis. All he knew was that when he was finally shaken from his stupor, he was alone. The other party guests, the Verr, the food and drink, all had disappeared while he simply sat there in stunned silence.

"It is dead now Nivix..."

Dead. The Void Beast, the monster from beyond time and space, was dead. Before he had even known of its existence, it had already been taken away.

"Ailish had been lying to us all along, she was a void beast from the very beginning."

No, not just a Void Beast. Ailish. She was dead, gone, lost. Forever.

And no one had even bothered to tell him.

"Well she attacked us, and we fought back. She suddenly attacked us, and that is when she impaled herself on our weapons. And that is how she died."



Nivix's growl echoed around the empty chamber as he slammed his fist against the table. Wood cracked and splintered beneath the blow, and the madman rose to his feet with a snarl. "Lies, lies, lies, lies, lies!"

Who did Melanthios think he was talking to!? Did he really think that he was such a fool, that'd he'd blindly believe that Ailish had suddenly turned hostile and needed to be put down!? Idiocy aside, he was still a god of knowledge; it would take something much more than this pathetic attempt at deception to trick him!

...It was time for a little "chat" with Melanthios.

Nivix slammed onto Evalon like a thunderbolt from on high, engulfed in a mass of flames and heat. Anger and rage coursed through his veins, and the air around him soared to unprecedented temperatures. Grass, plants, and trees withered and burned around him, the victims of his indiscriminate wrath.

Spinning around, the chemister scoured the horizon for any sign of his prey. There, over by that swarm of Shadowshrieks, conversing with some unidentified being.

Nivix let out another low growl as he began to stalk towards his target. "Melanthios..."

A growl that soon turned into a roar. "MELANTHIOS!"

Dåre 30, 2

"You don't have to worry about overloading me Daare, I can handle quite a lot. As for your questions, Roe and M'endar are both indeed gods. And yes there are more gods then you, me, M'endar and Roe. And an ally is an friend, who you make a promise with, to help one another when the other needs help or is in danger. And having an ally is a very good thing Daare. So tell me Daare, where did you come from?" It seemed like an ally indeed was a good thing to have, and this god had several of them. Did that mean he was lucky?

Dåre shrugged. "Nowhere, and anywhere? The sun?" He laughed heartily. "I'm jesting, I'm not from the sun, that would be weird, as I didn't even know what it was before now. I'm from the cage of doves. I think there used to be someone else there, but they are gone now, yet not. They might be me, or they might be gone. Thinking about that makes me feel strange." He suddenly frowned, and sat down. Dåre was mourning something he didn't quite know what was, and he was suddenly silent for a while, an somewhat eerie silence from someone who seemed to be a chatty person. He just stared into the air. "I wonder how that is." The young god suddenly muttered. "How am I the god of Madness; because I certainly am." He suddenly jumped up, eagerly. "Oh, hi, hi, Mel, it's almost done!"

The creation seemed to nearly done, he wondered it if would be as useful as he had intended it to. "Just a little more now, a little more time and it will be here! Do you want to borrow it later? Since you helped making it, I mean."

Suddenly another god appeared, when had he done that? He seemed to not be in a good mood, as he yelled: "Melanthios..." and then he sounded even more angry "MELANTHIOS!"

Dåre looked between the two, this didn't seem to be one of Melanthios allys considering how angry he was.

Cassiel 22,2

Cassiel and Isond were staring each other down, Isond's gigantic ax ready to swing. Without a word, Isond came crashing down on Cassiel's shield, but unlike last time, Cassiel was ready and swung Stardust to parry. The two clashed and their weapons were caught in their opponent's. Cassiel bashed his shield forward and stabbed with Stardust, flames extending far beyond the reach of the sword but Isond dodged to the sided and hefted his ax in a horizontal slicing motion.

Cassiel turned around and fell to the ground, dodging the swing and the next one Isond aimed at the ground. Cassiel rolled back and got up while Isond got his ax out of the dirt. Isond spat on the ground and looked at Cassiel, ambition and fire in his eyes. There was always room for a dirty trick or two when raw strength failed. Isond teleported directly behind Cassiel and begun to swing his ax down, before an unfamiliar sensation reached him. It was warm, in fact it was burning.

Cassiel had figured out Isond's trick and had impaled the assassin on Stardust. He drew the sword out of Isond, letting his opponent sink to the ground. Cassiel would normally have been concerned, but the arena was designed to keep gods alive. Cassiel sheathed his sword and reached his hand out to Isond. "Here, let me help you up. It was a good fight. I would take you as a friend any day."


Cassiel left some time after the fight had ended. He had little concern for the other games scattered around and honestly stopped caring about Aen. Whatever he was doing, he wanted to make it happen alone and that was fine. Cassiel descended down to Evalon and went up to the mountains. He reached for his mask, still on the back of his head and not activated, and grabbed it. The bird looking copper piece held an insane amount of power, Cassiel knew it had to. He sighed and placed it on his face, allowing whatever was in it to finally make its move.

The second Cassiel put the mask on, voices, tons of them, all entered his head at once. "Hope, Observatory, Peace" All mixed with screams of sorrow. It seemed the horror would never end, Cassiel gripped the mask to try and remove it, but it was stuck now.

"What is this thing?" The god screamed at the top of his lungs.

However, as all voices seemed to, silence overcame the lament and Cassiel found peace again. The name Sephariel echoed lightly in his head, getting quieter and quieter leading to a final inquiry. "Lennonous...survived?"

Soon after, Cassiel got up and shambled out of the mountains. The mask still refused to remove itself so he decided to make it at least into something more resembling himself and made it into a golden helmet, now encompassing the entirety of his head. It glowed an eminent gold and while Cassiel would normally be distressed from an event like this, he felt something else...hope. Was that his sister's old domain? He didn't know and something told him like many other things, the answers would not come easily.

In the distance, a large battle was under way. Ten Humans, half of them changelings, five Dwarves, six Lainir and five Verr and a Girigori were all trying to kill each other over some tipped over chest filled with gold. None of them had any weapons so Cassiel figured that it would get messy without his intervention. He spread his wings and descended from the mountain.

All of the combatants ceased fighting once his golden aura began to encompass them. It seemed the problem had been solved, but Cassiel knew that it was only fear driving them now. "I am not here to slaughter you all for insolence." The god of angels turned to the Girigori, "Though I am disappointed in some more than others for their actions. What is this all about?"

One of the Lainir spoke up first. "See, this 'ere chest fell over, we figured we'd take it for scraps ya know? Well, then all these jackasses came along and figured they'd take it too! We told 'em to stop, but they wouldn't so we fought! Soon more came in and well, 'ere we are."

"You intended to kill them over some gold?"

"When you put it that way..."

Cassiel sighed, he knew if he left that the problem would just reciprocate and destroying the chest would be wasteful. Someone had spent time making it and gathering the gold... Then an idea popped in his head. "Does this happen a lot here? I mean, are the five of you constantly trying to kill one another?"

One of the humans now spoke up. "No major war has broken out since Olek, but fighting does occur." Cassiel nodded and turned around. "I have a plan, and all of you are invited. It's a bit of a commitment, and you are welcome to leave, but it will make the lot of you immortal.

Many of the creatures stared at the winged referee. They knew when the gods had plans, it usually meant never seeing your family again and possibly a lot of cheese. After some debate, most of the fighters had simply gone home, but one of each race stuck around, more than curious about what Cassiel's "plan" was.

"I am going to make you immortal, but what you will stand for is what will make you unique." Cassiel turned around and madea bunch of patches with a shield insignia. "You will be Praetors, that is your new rank. All a part of the organization from here on known as the Vigils."

With that, Cassiel conjured a knife and a bowl and cut his palm, blood oozed and he then blasted it with fire. "If you drink this, your fate is now as a protector of the lands. You will be immortal to an extent, gold will still harm you, but from this sacrifice, you gain the power to defend your friends, families and races! The choice...is yours."

Cassiel lowered the bowl and vanished. Soon, all six of the remaining mortals drank, their eyes flashing brightly and soon returning to normal. They put their patches on and felt a new goal for life. Protecting people. A ceremonial knife was next to the bowl, with it, instructions how to use it engraved on the blade. Any of them can do exactly what Cassiel did to make more, but the gift has to be accepted, not forced.

Pentar 26AP 1MP

Pentar appeared in the Meeting Hall of the Hallowed Court in a flash of lightning and began pacing around the room. If the alliance was initiating it's end game, then he would need to act quickly. Beyond that, he would need help from the other Gods; Melanthios and Mendar might be weakened, but they would still put up a fight. Pentar knew that with Seith gone, he needed new allies.

Seith. The name tasted sour in Pentar's mouth. The alliance might be evil, but at least they had been upfront about it. Seith had betrayed not only Pentar, but all of Godkind. Pentar's pacing had brought him to Seith's statue, gold like all the others. But Seith was not like the others, so Pentar layed a hand on the statue and turned it to black stone. The new material was cracked and impure. Pentar thought it fitting.

He sat himself down in the throne at the far end of the table that dominated the room. It was identical to all the other thrones in the room, made of gold and coated in fine silks and gems. Focusing on the other Gods, Pentar sent out a telepathic message to them all except the trio of evil. Brothers, an alliance of evil threatens us all. If you wish to help me overthrow this wicked regime, come to my meeting hall in the Hallowed Court.

Auctor 7AP

Auctor appeared back in the subterranean labyrinth beneath Minas Kei. She heard coughing behind her and turned to Alectra having a fit. She rushed to the mortal and turned her on her side. She vomited all over the alter and floor, then slipped back to sleep.

"Welcome back, Lady Auctor." she heard three voices say in unison. She turned around to see the trio of synthetics from earlier. Apparently, they had stayed with her all day. One of them stepped forward and layed a hand on a machine next to the alter, which Auctor now noticed was connected to Alectra by several cables. "You can monitor the patient's life signs on this screen, my Lady."

"Thanks." Auctor mumbled, curious about the machine. She looked at the screen the synthetic had indicated and saw many glowing lights and words, though she couldn't tell what all of them meant. "What is this thing?" she asked.

"It is one of Alectra's concepts." the synthetic replied. "We retrieved it from her journal and built a working prototype, with a few modifications. Her hypothesis on electron flow was not entirely accurate, so we replaced the iron conductors with-"

"Alright, I got it." Auctor said, cutting the synthetic off. "How are things in the city?"

"Not good. The Ekiruru population has revolted. They've formed something of a horde and are currently raging throughout the city killing whoever they can touch. Large fires engulf every district. Estimated casualties number at 3,063 and climbing. My Lady, is Eldarwen dead?"

The question was sudden and delivered with the same indifferent tone that characterized the synthetic's speech, but Auctor's divine senses could hear a hint of uneasy in their voice. She took a deep breath before responding. It wouldn't be easy to spread this news, not even to the synthetics. "Yes." she said at last, fighting back tears at the thought. "She is indeed dead." Most likely, the Ekiruru had felt their mother's death and had gone mad as a result.

The synthetics bowed their heads in solemn respect. "Then let the Goddess of Nature bless us as she did in life." they said in perfect unison.

"For we will need it." Auctor said to herself, then addressed the synthetics again. "I need two escorts and the other to stay here to monitor Alectra."

"It shall be done, my Lady." they said, and the two not next to the machine took positions on either side of Auctor. "These units will protect you, Lady Auctor."

Units, is that how they see themselves now? Auctor thought,but now was not the time to ponder such things. Saying farewell to Alectra and the other synthetic, she stepped into the elevator and ordered for it to rise.

Thankfully, Auctor's party was able to avoid most of the fighting on their way to her palace. In the back of her mind, Auctor wondered if that was just luck or the work of the other synthetics. Eventually they reached the yard of the palace, where the palace guards were dueling a group of rebels. But Auctor could waste no time, and rushed past them into the palace. She ran up the stairs to her balcony, the synthetics right behind her. Once there, she summoned a scroll to magnify her voice so that everyone in Minas Kei could hear her.

From her balcony she could see the majority of the city, and the sight made Auctor cringe. Vast swaths of the metropolis were on fire, and all of the several million inhabitants were either killed or doing the killing. The once pristine water of the lake was now stained with the blood of thousands, to say nothing of the streets that were chocked with corpses.

Auctor steeled herself. It may be a city in ruin, but it was still her city. "People of Minas Kei, lend me your ears." she said, her voice ringing throughout the city. All the Ekiruru stopped their fighting to listen to their Lady, hoping for an answer to the feeling they all had. For the first time in a thousand years, Minas Kei was silent. "You are angry and confused, and I understand." Auctor said, nervous with all the attention on her. "You have all felt the same sensation, the feeling that Eldarwen, our mother, is dead." she felt a rustle of unease in the crowd. Auctor had not been wrong. She swallowed the pain in her heart and continued. "And I have come to confirm that claim."

As quickly as the city had fell silent, it again burst into cries and shouts. Some began weeping were they stood, others began cursing at Auctor for her heresy. Auctor let a single tear flow down her cheek before continuing. "But" she said, silencing the city yet again. "that does not mean we will dissolve into a horde of barbarians. With her other companions gone as well and Eld in shambles, we stand as her last legacy. So tell me Minas Kei, will we prove that Eldarwen's life was not in vain?!"

Roe - 16, 0 and Petal - 8

Roe blearily cracked opened his eyes to the sound of laughter and found himself spread across a messy bed. His head felt like it had been pounded repeatedly with Gawmfust. He looked up to see Petal leaning over the edge of a nearby bathtub with a grin on her face.

"Ha, you're finally awake Roe. You were really sick last night,"

The young god looked down at his clothes and sure enough they were stained with crimson vomit. With a look of disgust he peeled them off and jumped into the bath next to his friend. Being a god he could cleanse himself in quicker ways of course but the warm water was pleasant and he hoped it might help with his headache. Petal continued to chat with him but he mostly tuned her out, replying only in monosyllables.

"...and it was really funny when I threw a pie in your face. Oh, can we go back to house today?"

"Uh, yeah,"

"Yay! Can we get a..."

"Shhhh!" Roe replied suddenly and cocked his head. Someone he hadn't spoken to for more than an age was sending him a message.

Brothers, an alliance of evil threatens us all. If you wish to help me overthrow this wicked regime, come to my meeting hall in the Hallowed Court.

"Evil?" Roe said aloud in confusion, he couldn't think of any gods who were evil, he had to check it out. He leapt out of the bathtub and summoned clean clothing to wear for the occasion.

"Where are you going?" Petal asked.

"There's going to be a big meeting about fighting bad people, I can't miss it," Roe replied as he buttoned up his shirt.

"Another meeting?" she said with a yawn, "Do I have to come?"

"No, you'd think it's boring. Go to our house once you've finished here and I'll meet you there later. Do you have the whistle?"

"Yes," the little demigod replied brightly and held it up for Roe to see. He saluted her with Skye and then ran out of the chamber, determined not to be late.

M'endaxius - 0/30 AP, 2/2 MP

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