We Are Our Avatars VI (Closed for Good)

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@Furi: No,it wasn't serious. Just messing around.

Yukino starts to laugh out loud. "Sorry, sorry~ I love that face you make when you're angry~!" She sighs and stops for a moment. "By interesting, you mean my hatred, correct?"

Ness puts her hand to her chin for a moment, then looks at Sav and Jessica. "Well... We don't know anything about the Wild Lands or their inhabitants... That may be a place to start looking for allies who'd want the war to end. Also, that's a BIG may." Ness shrugs toward Lyra. "I'm sure Rex wouldn't object to it, Yukino surely wouldn't... I may need to stay here now that I think about it, since I've made a promise I need to fulfill... I'm not sure about the others, you may want to ask them yourself."

"Yes... what exactly were you talking about?"

"Well don't give up on that idea so quickly. We could probably think of something. There's got to be some neutral ground somewhere." Jessica said, trying to be somewhat reassuring. She rifled through her pockets for a bit, but didn't pull anything out, instead simply removing her hand and saying. "I could probably see about acquiring another form of transport though." Hearing what Ness had said, she mused aloud to herself, "Aren't the Wild Lands pretty much supposed to be neutral ground?"

"Simple. Humans bore me and for that, I want them dead. Do I need another reason to kill them?"

"I was worried about something like this. Hang on..." Lyra rummaged in her belt, before pulling out a small bead. "put that in your ear. When you finish the job you promised you'd do, contact me by applying force to the ear, where the beads been placed, to get it broadcasting and receiving. I'll find a way to get over to you, and collect whoever you're with. Now, any idea where I could find Rex?"

Envy started to laugh "Oh, but where is the fun in that? Humans are soooo easy to manipulate, it barely takes any effort to get them to tear each other apart! I mean, all it takes is one, single, tiny person to let the Legaians know that a city started to fly and bam, they blow it up and crush the city beneath it as well!"

"The Wild Lands? Those aren't exactly a place people generally WANT to go to. About the only ones I ever hear being sent or making their way there are criminals, and, occasionally, those who run away from the rest of the world." Savranth explains to Jessica and Vanessa. He starts to walk off. "Anyway, I need to go to sleep. Hopefully, I can find a place..." He says limping off.

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Ness shrugs toward Lyra and points toward the city. "Find a really high rooftop and you'll probably find him sleeping there." She takes the bead and places it in her pocket.

She turns to Jessica and nods a bit. "I believed so, but each nation has bases there. I read articles stating that they've been sending airships to strengthen them. If it's neutral and the area is ruled by militaristic might,I wouldn't doubt that some people are being... oppressed there. That should give them a reason to side with us to end it. Or so I hope..." She added as she heard Sav.

Yukino's ears twitch a bit. "So that was you, huh? Crafty little bastard, ain't ya?"

She giggles a bit. "Manipulations all fine and dandy, but torture and seeing people bleed is something I enjoy... much more. Still, the faces they have on when you tear the false safety net you weave out from under them is always nice~."

Envy chuckled again "Torture's fine as well, but when you can turn into people like I can...ohhh all sorts of new ways to do that open up. Oh the look on peoples faces when they get killed by who they think is their husband or wife! Such a thrill!"

"ah, a nomad. I can relate. Another time though. Its late, and Xyleena's probably getting a bit bored of watching my back, the dear. Another time, Miss Ness. Goodbye." with that, Lyra heads back into the forest, seeming to disappear between steps.
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Yukino smirked as one of her tails lit up and she spun around. She took on the look of Envy... only with breasts. "Who says I can't transform, Envy? But that sounds like a lot of fun... it's about time I stop following that group around and got to doing more fun things..." She sighs as she dispels her transformation.

Envy frowned at first, then laughed "Good! You should be doing whatever you feel like doing. I'll be in touch." and with that Envy walked off, finding some crevice in the mountains to rest in

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Hellosh searches the the outside of Lakewest, then he finds a ship. What the..... He sees some people, and says."What the hell is this crap?!" He points at the crashed ship.

So people don't want to go there. Sounds like the perfect place to gather people together secretly. Jessica thought to herself with a shrug. "I'll just have to put going there on the list of things to do then." Jessica replied to Ness. "In the meantime though, I should find something to do while Savranth rests." She said aloud to herself. "An airship crash." She simply stated to Hellosh.

Ness raises an eyebrow toward Jess. "The list? What's on it already?"
Turning to Hellosh, she shrugs. "...Yeah, an airship crash." Ness sighs as she takes another drag of her cigarette.

With Envy gone, Yukino hops onto a rooftop of a sturdy house and stares at the flames for a bit before finding a places to sleep in the caves.

"And that's a normal thing because?" Hellosh asked both Jess and Ness.

"Well..." Jessica placed a finger on her chin as she gave what Ness had asked some thought. "There's some ruins I have to try and find a way into, I want to see if I can convince someone to let me into Solaris...Seeing as how that's the only flying city around any more...And I want to investigate some different ruins that are haunted. That's just off the top of my head though."
Turning back to Hellosh, she said, "They've got airships, and occasionally people who aren't in any way qualified to fly them get ahold of the controls. You aren't from around here, are you?" Before Hellosh could answer, Jessica waved her right hand at him and said, "Nope. You certainly are not."

Ness let out another puff of smoke before answering back. "I see. I'd like to do as many things on the mainland as possible, so I'd like to assist you on some of those points... Especially Solaris..."

She shrugs at Hellosh. "Some people in our group are idiots, me included. They got behind the wheel of something dangerous... This was basically to be expected." She notes Jessica's arm movements and tilts her head a bit.

OoC: @Drak is her right hand the robotic one?

"Yeah, I am not from here and I would like some explanations. By the way, what's wrong with your hand?" He asked Jessica.

"I am not a fan of idiots." Hellosh simply replied to Ness.

@Dirty: Yeah, but she wears a long-sleeve coat and a glove over it, so it isn't immediately obvious.

"Well, I do actually have an idea on where to start on how to get into Solaris. I'm not sure it'll actually work, but I won't know unless I try it." Jessica replied to Ness. Hearing what she said to Hellosh, she added, "And you can't seriously be blaming yourself for this, can you?"
Somewhat taken aback by Hellosh's question, she started nervously stroking her right arm as it sat firmly at her side. "W-What do you mean what's wrong with it?" She asked, suddenly sounding incredibly self-conscious.

Ness nods toward Jess as she turns to go back to the inn. "You do? Great, I'd love -yawn- ...to hear it,... tomorrow..." She lazily rubs her eyes as she looks over at Hellosh. "Neither am I, but I hired a few of them, so my tolerance for questionable acts... is quite high..."

She gives the duo a wave as she walks away. "Good night, you two. Try to get along~." She goes to sleep in the inn.

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"I meant why do you wave it around my face in that strange motion." Hellosh looks at the way she strokes her arm, he also notices the panicked reply. "Keeping doing that, madam. That's utterly not suspicious." Hellosh sarcastically said to Jess.

"You should not be that forgiving." He Replied to Ness before she left.

"What's so strange about waving at someone? That's how we greet people where I'm from." Jessica replied, placing her left hand on her hip as she became more indignant than anything else. "And my arm was just itchy."

"So why the panicked reply?" Hellosh asked Jessica. Afterwards, he moves a little closer. "If you're hiding something, just admit it. Why would you think I would harm you? I have nothing to gain from it." Hellosh replied to Jessica, in an attempt to reason with her.

Jessica took a step back from Hellosh as he tried to move closer to her. "What was panicked about that? I just asked why you thought something was wrong with my hand. And why do you think I'd just go around telling secrets to people I don't even know? I don't even know you." Why am I standing out here in the dark talking to this guy...he's starting to give me the creeps. Jessica started backing away from Hellosh much more noticeably.

"Ah, so it's a secret then!" He said. He notices that Jessica is backing away from him. "What's the matter?! Are you afraid of me? Is it because of my red eyes or the horns, or both? This is not the first time people gave me funny looks." Hellosh harshly replied to Jessica, seeming to be insulted.

"I never said there was a secret! I was asking why you thought you'd get results by asking someone who doesn't even know your name to admit to something!" Jessica spat back at Hellosh as she started to get flustered. "And no, it's not the horns and the eyes. It's the fact that you're twice my size, we're out in the middle of nowhere, and I don't even know you. So excuse me for being a little suspicious." She sighed and started walking back over to Lakewest.

Keep hiding it, I still know you are lying "Whatever, you spineless bigot! If I looked like a normal human being, you wouldn't be so afraid to begin with!" Hellosh shouted at Jessica as she walked away.

Jessica stopped in her tracks and spun around on her heel. "Oh you did not just try and pull the race card on me! I'm not even human to begin with, in case you couldn't tell, so why would I care if you aren't?" She said, pointing at the Feline ears sitting on top of her head. "I'm just saying I'd rather not spend time out in the middle of nowhere with some guy who won't tell me his name, yet insists on bombarding me with questions."

"I am going to tell you the reason why it matters! I look like a bloody demon, I am as tall as a bloody demon, I am as powerful as a bloody demon and people fear me like a bloody demon! And you are no different from the others, fearing which you do not know!" Hellosh shouts in an extremely loud manner as his eyes glow red. "Do you look like a bloody demon?"He points his finger at her, "Your double ears are not horrifying, you are not horrifying." Hellosh calms down a bit, as the glow leaves his eyes. "My name is Hellosh and I am sorry, happy now?" Hellosh apologizes to Jessica, even though he does not mean it.

Jessica backed off again from Hellosh as he started shouting, her ears momentarily pressing themselves against her head. "Okay, first off, sensitive ears, please don't shout like that. Second off, don't even start to compare to me to people here. I'm nowhere near as bigoted as they are. Third of all, sorry if I made you feel that way, but it's really got nothing to do with your appearance. You're just acting like a creep is all." Jessica went on. She sighed and said, "And fourth, why don't we just start over? My name is Jessica."

"Calling me a 'creep' is an understatement, so you got me there....." Hellosh pessimistically said, seeming to be self aware about his flaws. "Fine, let's start anew. I should let you go back to your duties,I distracted you far enough." He said to Jessica.

Jessica sighed again and said, "Sorry. I really should get going though. So, see you around, I guess." She conjured up a set of light blue glyphs around her head, and after a few moments a portal appearing as a swirling blue pool of light opened up next to her. She hopped into the portal, disappearing with it as it closed up and left no trace it was there to begin with.

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Hellosh shrugs and decides to go sleep in the alley, like what he always does. He lies downs on the dirty ground and sleeps.

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