Apocalypse Lane: Episode 16: Kazoo Cat

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Good heavens, where was Obama when the bombs dropped and how much radiation did he get hit by? And yet, he's actually the most normal character in this whole series so I guess there no hard feelings.

Though I had hoped they would lay off the politics. Oh well, atleast they're not biased. Still, he was the first President I ever voted for. Coincidently, means I have never voted for a losing Presidential Candidate.. woohoo!

The 3rd crook this morning, that was hilarious. Gotta tell you though I was kinda freaked out in the sneaky cat part. Scared the shit out of me, that part and the vulture.

Awsome episode. People don't realise how great a show this really is. I was actually a bit sceptic in the beginning too, but when the story started rolling and Cuddles left I almost cried.

Love this stuff! Keep it coming!... And Im glad I wasnt stuck in a marmot day. Phew... close one. :)

Hah, they guy filming Cuddles was LEROY JENKINS!
Epic :D

Oh, Barack Obama, you Pennsylvania Avenue whore!

Lighten up, guys. Satire-Bush was little like the real man, either. Obama's voice is a perfect parody, though, and his naivety and egomania are well-[documented]enhanced. He's easily the funniest character in the series!

Wow, this episode was awesome! In my opinion, ever since "Attack of the Gamerz" this series has been going downhill, and I told myself if this episode wasn't any good I would stop watching the show, but man did it rock!

I knew obama had something to do with the ......... I couldn't say that part cause of the CSI and other police

Damn, man. You're characters are pretty damn strong for like, a short weekly internet series. I have a list of favourites now!

Jon Etheridge:


Jon Etheridge:

haha good episode, more people should give this show a chance

As of right now we just finished recording Episode 20 and we have 28 left to go after that. When its all said in done I hope people look back on it and think that it's the best soap opera with cat shit in it they have ever seen. :)

Plenty more cliffhangers are on the way.


this show is ending!?! if zp can run for over 100 episodes this should be able to last longer than guiding lights (longest running daytime drama whit over 15.000 episodes, yer i wikied that bitch) and i would rather be told that it ended at number 48, now every time i watch one of these hilarious genius episodes i will be filled whit sadness shortly after "now theres only gonna be 19 more, now 18, now 17" etc etc.

If it has a strong enough fan base when we get to that point we may consider doing more. We have the ending to the series thought out but I've thought of ways to keep going after that.

Me personally I'd like to just end at 48 and then move on to a new series after that. Plus it always seems to me that a show can start to get a bit stale after a while. Either way I'm just honored to be working on something that is this awesome. :)

Jon you should end Apocalyppse Lane at episode 50 just two more episodes thats all. Besides im sure that by then you will have alot more fans so i think you should keep Apocalypse Lane going.

great ep!

A homeless guy... named leeroy jenkins.

Sir, this is my new favorite show on the escapist. damn that bastard to hell. leeroy jenkins my big fat arse...

Everyone knows that a working NES can be rigged to set off nukes around the world. Cuddles was so cute. Sneaky cat and Kazoo cat rule! Keep it up.

Its official, I'm hooked on this comic. Really funny stuff! I can hardly wait for next week.

Haha.... can't wait for the next one!!

Nice take on Keyboard Cat! I didn't know that this whole Cuddles being a celebrity thing was actually true. Also, I bet it would be cool if KnifeFight was played by Linda Hamilton.

I always thought the President was a white guy with a tan. He doesn't sound black.

Ha, Gulliver always makes me laugh.

I assumed Obama wasn't mutated because he avoided the radiation (he's likely to have had access to a falout shelter which everyone else wouldn't have had).

heh that vulture is creepy...

Hmmm... So it actually IS Obama ;).

And Steve will finally reunite with Knifefight in the next episode yay! I wonder what will come out of it.

PS. I feel really bad for Cuddles...

PS. I feel really bad for Cuddles...

Is that because of him becoming an internet meme?

I was wondering what Cuddles did in the past and that was just perfect! The animation is getting better too, keep it up.

Best part of the episode "Hello, I'm the president". Don't know why but I loved that part. Also, is Kazoo Cat a real video like Sneaky Cat? Because I've never heard of it.

Best part of the episode "Hello, I'm the president". Don't know why but I loved that part. Also, is Kazoo Cat a real video like Sneaky Cat? Because I've never heard of it.

I tried looking it up but I can't find it (I thought the Sneaky Cat video was called Ninja Cat if I remember correctly from I Can Has Cheesburger).

Mr Cuddles face as Kazoo Cat was amazing. And the story is really getting good now. Obama needing a NES, Knifefight going to the gas station where Mr Cuddles is and what about Steve's roof. Seriously this storylines more fucked up than Lost.

What about the roof? that must have been 8 episodes ago.

loved the last line, took the edge off a very serious monologue. Which is alwas good in a comedy show.


Kazoo cat! Hahaha nice meme there. And we got to see Gulliver again! :D I'm liking seeing the old faces again. Gulliver's freakin' crazy.

Best part of the episode "Hello, I'm the president". Don't know why but I loved that part. Also, is Kazoo Cat a real video like Sneaky Cat? Because I've never heard of it.

its a take off from "keyboard cat" and I love the line "hello....Im the president aswell!

yellow snake95:
heh that vulture is creepy...

he's in my top 3 favorite characters because he's so creepy

I agree. Zero Punctuation's already gone stale. I think 48 episodes is a good limit.

Loved it

I miss the Mick jokes. Haha. Cuddles was more adorable before than he is now.

I was surprised that that was Obama. He acted more like George W. Bush.

He seems more like Bill Clinton at that point.

Thank god the apocalypse has People magazine in this dark time.

I always thought the President was a white guy with a tan. He doesn't sound black.

He sounds like that only he's more even toned and isnt as course in his speech and mannerism. Personally I didnt think they would do an Obama simulation, it's kind of a polarizing field.

So it was Obmama that started a nuclear war and here I thought it would be the Chinese.

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