Doomsday Arcade: Episode 23 Preview

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Wow, I am shitting bricks right now. Can't wait.

You really need a better Alyx look-alike...

It sucks to know Greek letters: "Doomsdly Lrclde." xP

On the other hand, prettiness! Excited. Sentence fragments! =O Frangled magments! <3 Fwee.


wait... That's shanks getting hit by a barrel! ouch! >_<

yah this episode is looking to be pretty sweet, i can't wait to see it

Holy crap! This shit is getting intense! Totally can't wait guys!

Okay ..... Lund is nuts, Half-Life is making an appearance, Sonic is gonna pwn ...... EPIC

Oh my god, I actually hyper-ventilated from that trailer.

This show is of such high quality - this is a real testament to how independent work can be just as good/better then the works of professionals :-D

I winder if the 1st guy wearing a gas mask is HUNK from resident evil...

Wow.... This trailer is so full of win :D

Half-Life twooooooooooooooooooooooo

im expecting G-man in this :D


Seriously, how do so few people watch this, it's fucking genius.

although I'm still waiting on that character montage...

awesome i wish all there episodes had more than one game paradoy in them

My bf and I were discussing this series, and the one thing that would make this series even better is Yahtzee as the "Three Dog" radio personality. Imagine his commentary on this "game world" if he has amazing commentary for games in general. *nudge nudge*

Distorted Stu:
I just had a Valvegasm!

Exactly o.O

I winder if the 1st guy wearing a gas mask is HUNK from resident evil...

Given the theme, I'd bet he's a combine.


Now if you excuse me I have to go find my socks that just blew off.

it seems to me that this show is coming to an end. and that makes me sad very sad I hope that some unfortunate thing happens and results in 2 more years of doonsday arcade, and then a dvd full of awesome also can't wait for next episode looks epic. Tease, you! Got me all excited and wet, and now you won't put out for a week... :( I suppose self indulgence of your other episodes shall have to do.

The Random One:
But... but... what about Rapture?


I'm sure we'll get to see more of Rapture before our heroes return to the surface.

Here are my theories from watching the previous episode;

1. Lund finds a weapon to fight the Big Daddy like the Grenade Launcher, Chemical Thrower, or the Crossbow. If not those then at least the shotgun or Thompson Machine Gun because Lund already has a pistol. Also Lund would equip the weapon with the armor piercing or electric ammo.

2. Shanks or both Lund and Shanks encounter Sander Cohen and/or Frank Fontaine.

3. Shanks or Lund and Shanks have to fight a Rosie or a different Bouncer and rescue or harvest a Little Sister to use an ADAM vending machine for whatever purpose necessary be it fighting Splicers, Big Daddies, Sander Cohen, or Frank Fontaine. Also they encounter a Security camera, sentries, or security bots.

4. Shanks finds Lot 192 or makes a Lazarus Vector to cure Lund of his virus problem.

5. They escape Rapture in a Bathysphere and end up in the next game land.

I really liked how a quick scenes from an aquarium were made into Rapture indoors. I'm very much looking forward to the next one and more possible Plasmid and weapon upgrades.

I cant say much what with it most likely being an upcoming Valve-verse episode except Gordon Freeman most likely will be after Shanks and/or Lund if he's been cured of the virus corruption. Can't wait to see it!


I hope gordan freeman is a good guy in this next ep


i agree

Oh do I hope this isn't pushed back again, maybe it is a 1:00 posing?

It would be pretty annoying to have to wait until a completely new year to watch the episode.

cool , gee adding this to my must see list on the escapist will mean goodbye to 1up ... they don't have this good of content

Dude that guy actually looks a lot like Dr Freeman!


This looks like a fucking awesome episode.

Can't wait for it to come out.

*backflips in excitement* :D

it's about time theirs a half life woooooooooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttt

I just noticed at 0:22 That tree has a face....Whispy Woods....KIRBY!?

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