LoadingReadyRun: iPotato

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Maybe I'd understand it more if I was more of an Apple person, but this sketch felt a little flat to me. Funny stinger, though.

Can't wait for some Fish & iChips.

the iPotato it's delicious

Apple of the Earth, indeed.

MUST....GET.....AN IPOTATOE! cause it is 3.9% larger than regular potatoes!

I can't wait for Apples latest and greatest scheme though,

iPad == Bigger version of an iHardware?

I thought it was gonna be the Apple tablet that would be the chopping board for the iPotato.


ahh the intro/outro theme is really growing on me :D.. anyone know the author name?..
and loved the episode xP.. ENN was about iPhonemenon LRR was iPotato can't wait to find whats the UnSkip be about harhar..

If someone can FIND the author's name, that would be fantastic. It is an unattributed chiptune.

Also, to head the question off at the pass: Poutine is fries covered in cheese curds and gravy.

Further: I'm not sure if the "Legume" thing was just a mistake, or if it was part of the joke (Redefining the potato!). I'll go with the second, because that makes me laugh.

Hmm. I wonder about that tune myself. It is catchy...

But, given that the intro at the very least has been something LoadingReadyRun has been using since at least 2004, it'd be hard to tell.
They may even have come up with it themselves.
(LoadingReadyRun's original website has a rather heavy C64 theme going...)

Onyx Oblivion:
I never owned a single Apple product.

That's nice... Now if you excuse me I'm going to get my iPod hook it up to my Mac and go on iTunes!

I'm pretty sure potatoes arent legumes...

just saying.

(EDIT) -oops, already been pointed out. My mistake. Please disregard.

I love the pictures of the iPotatoes sitting on the desk next to the computers. Very surreal and brilliant :)

Only Apple could sell something like the iPotato and get away with it. Brilliant sketch.

Loved it as usual, loved the graph of Apple vs Gateway. Brilliant same time next week.

If you added that wink to the end of anything, I'm pretty sure you have a marketable product on your hands.

"And I should know, because my name is Max," much?

God I hope someone gets that. >_>;

Great video as always, my LRRd-and-master! The iPotato certainly looks...compelling.

I've seen bigger potatoes. I'm in the mood for chips now.

What a fantastic parody - though not as laugh out loud funny as some of the other videos, I just found this one to be so incredibly clever I couldn't help but smirk throughout the entire thing. Well done!

I give this one a solid "meh" (but then not being an Apple-junkie I don't necessarily feel the "burn".) I just kept waiting for the big punchline but I don't feel I got one...though the 4th wall wink at the end was a decent zinger.

Kathleen's voice was so annoying. Otherwise, it was good. It wasn't burst into tears laughter, but it gave me a few chuckles.

hmmm, I cant imagine a product manufactured by apple would have much in the way of complex carbohydrates though, most of their market is incappable of using a real potatoe so they need this simplified form.

I'm torn between the fact that I love seeing apple get ripped up and the fact that iPad jokes were old about 3 minutes after the anouncement was finished. Still good work, Graham's best acting I've seen yet.


Now understand this....the iPad will do well. I can see LOADS of uses for it.

Funny video though. EXCELLENT series.

anyone else thinks this is probably a more useful product than the iPad?

"Can It go on the Internet?"

No, it's a potato!"

Struck me funny that did!

the funniest part is, if this actually happened, all the mindless apple drones would buy it.

wow.......funny and stupid at the same time...i like this show now.

Damnit, am I the only one who can't watch this because all his videos have randomly turned into five and a half minute long ads for all the videos on the site?

You forgot to mention how much more expensive it is than a regular potato!

As usual you get 4% more product but it costs 5% more. Also, if any part of your iPotato is defective you need to get a whole new iPotato.

Random Argument Man:
I'm hungry now... I need to learn how to make mash potatoes.

get a potate and some kind of heavy object put potato in bowl and hit it with heavy object
mission complete

gotta be honest with you guys this one really wasn't that funny, potato jokes really aren;t that funny no matter how many of them you make

kinda reminds me of that collegehumour skit where 'Steve Jobs' reveals the i, a big ball with an on button but that doesn't actually do anything, a fact disguised by all the buzz words he chucks out :P

Also, you should totally have made Apple produced cameras or glasses and called them the iEye

lol i loved that skit!! too bad i got ninja'd by you

... wait, Eye Potato.

Damn you, LRR and your puns!

Brilliant. Another fantastic edition of LLR.

... wait, Eye Potato.

Damn you, LRR and your puns!

I didn't catch that until I read your comment. That is awesome, oh LRR and your wit.

this isn't the sort of video i'm interested in..... (Wink) ;D

Onyx Oblivion:
I never owned a single Apple product.
And I'm proud of that.

Better check your kitchen, you may already have an iPotato!
After the ranting about the iPad I found this quite amusing, especially the part where GrahamJobs pulled the iPotato from his butt. Genius!

However, potatoes simply MUST have internet access! I demand it!

Send a bag of Idaho's best to your nearest internet cafe. Problem solved.
I sense that the next product will be the iApple. It, too, can multitask, and is compatible with iCaramel and iPeanutbutter. *wink*

So when they have the little Apple on it doesthat make part fruit too?

I love you guys! Potatos!

sounds great but you never told how much they cost...

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