LoadingReadyRun: Installation Anxiety 2010

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I don't know, I liked the original, but I kept thinking you were going to make some cool new twist or change but it never happened. Also why this one, the only real difference is the house and a better camera. I would think if you were going to remake one it would be an episode that was more restricted by your resources at the time.

I remember in the LRRcast (I think) you mentioned that the original thought for the ending was that Paul was insane in a mental institution with linux installed on himself, and while I understand why you didn't go with that, either then or now, I hoped for something weird like that.

This is a reshoot, right? Nice, and still as funny.

Joe Deadman:
Now do they call a plumber or an admin?!?


were you not happy with the first one? or did you remake it to try and get a awesome film shown more to escapist community.


(also it was better when the letter box just printed the knock knock)

Not sure if I watched the original or not, but funny either way. Nice to see Paul can get around the Other OS option-less on the PS3. Paul in a frenzy is unstoppable and scary.

P.S. Nice House!

Meh, this is probably the first time LRR disappointed me. It was pretty much Installation Anxiety again with very few differences. I'd rather see new stuff from you guys.

Once again this video makes me look up 'pierogi' to see what that is.

New, improved, remastered, now with 700% more CGI monsters... but Paul is still clearly just mashing keys at random. Good to know some things never change.

Amazing. It took me a while to be brave enough to watch ENN and Ready Loading Run, because I have been burned so badly by internet sketch comedy before. This however, is pure internet gold.

Honestly, I don't care that it's a remake - I didn't watch the original.

Great video!

Quote for truth!

also, what happened to this weeks unskippable

Hey guys, there are people who watched this having never seen the orginial and really quite enjoyed it!


But I saw the riginal and it was funny, and so is the remake.

Linux on an Iphone Such hilarity.

Chase Yojimbo:
So he installed Linux in the toilet... well atleast its being used properly like all other Linux. Covered in shit.


Being a CS major a lot of my fellow students have this same thing. But, it gets worse. They act all snobbish and uppity when you tell them you run windows, like its ridiculous to imagine someone might actually prefer windows over other platforms. Cheeky Bastards.

oh lord, eye patch

As has been mentioned by a couple of people in this thread, we remade the video to show at w00tstock in Seattle and Portland, because we wanted to show a geeky video that had been shot at the level of production values which represents our current work, not our work from four years ago.

And then we had the remake sitting there, so why not show it to everyone else, too?

I'm glad people enjoyed it. For those who are disappointed that it's a remake, I apologize. Hopefully you'll be happier with next week's offering.

A Brit here... what's a perogie?

Ok, it's a scene by scene remake of a previous video, and very well done, but I just watched all the LRR videos on the old site over the past couple of weeks :D

I hope there's some genuine new stuff coming soon.

Oh if you're going to remake old LRRs, any chance of doing some of the early Season 1 vids that aren't on the website now? ;)

I had a friend who would do this if he could. Bloody Linux!

A Brit here... what's a perogie?


I see Paul is utilising the classic movie technique of never hitting the space bar for added dramatic effectiveness.

My initial reaction to this video was one of disappoint. However, with a little context, it makes sense. It was re-filmed to be played at W00tstock, so to get a little more out of it, they posted it on The Escapist for the new fans that don't know of the original to watch.

It is worth noting that it is a very good video though.; as is the original.

EDIT: It appears that I have been ninja'd by Mr Sevenhuysen.

And *this* is why I never installed Linux!!! ;)

Hilarious episode, see you guys next week!!

I saw it in the beginning on the shelf...Homestarrunner character figures! Linux is a mad mans OS I believe. Still very funny with the jokes of Linux and such especially the Eye Patch one.

Paul is this close to being a supervillain.

or a mad scientist

Great job once again, guys.

All I gotta say is that this one didn't need to be remade. The original one was better and all naysayers need to re see it. Nuff said.

I was almost certain that Paul was going to install Linux into Kathleen behind Graham's back.*

*Not an innuendo... YET.

This actually reminds me of myself, I had no use for linux so all I did was installing it over and over again

Well, the original was hilarious, so obviously this one is, too. And it's kind of cool seeing it with God-level production value. HD video, audio, the whole shebang (and I think you guys have improved as actors, as well!). A little confusing, but thanks to Tim, that's all cleared up.

I do have to admit, I think my favorite part of this video is and has always been Paul mentioning "Scorched Earth." Hell yes - that game.

I also like the fact that, seeing this again, I now have the prior knowledge of what a beastly cooking master Morgan is, so his insistence on teaching Graham how to cook pirogis gave me a chuckle.

Deja vu much?:P

he he he he eyepatch

I didn't know this was a remake...or how one would see the original.

So I watched this and immediately thought, "hmm... this seems familiar"

So I come to the board and find that it is indeed a remake, but I then rewatched the original and it wasn't what I watched.

Thanks to some further reading, I found that I had been it at w00tstock.

It was a very confusing morning.

On the other hand, I think it is one of the funnier ones.

nice one guys

That's probably been my favorite episode since you've started on the escapist, I laughed so hard.

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