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I take my hat off to you

This totally redeemed the first episode. If it can keep this kind of quirky, imaginative ambition, it will quickly become one of my favorite shows on the internet.

That Little Big Planet sequence was the cutest and most awesome thing I have seen this week =) Big ups to all you guys for that!

The little big planet part, was just AWESOME. Very cute. If you guys made it standalone as sort of an ad for your program you'd have an avalanche of hits I tell ya. Kudos guys, it was imaginative and some of the folks in your office can sing. Nice pipes, ladies.

Yup, that sums up LittleBigPlanet in a nutshell :D

I won't be sleeping tonight. You jerks.
On the bright side, your LittleBigPlanet level was AWESOME!
Congratulations. This show is now officially part of my weekly cycle here on The Escapist.

the lbp thing was pretty cool. Was a little disturbed by the kinectimals skit though... [shudder]

Please tell me you let some lucky kids play with that LBP set.

UNIRACERS?! My god, I how do you guys know about that game?!

Wow! That LBP section was incredible! I loved it!

You know..I wasn't too crazy about the first ep...but now I think I'm sold. :)

They aced it!

Not a fan of the first half but wow, the end half made up for that and the pilot

The whole first part was boring to me, but the ending was great so that saved the episode.

I was a little hesitant about this series when I watched the Pilot. But any fears of this show not being good have been washed away from the awesomeness that is this episode.

Trying things out, I can go with that. Finding your niche and whatnot.

I'm with the majority of the mob here, the first sketch was... a little weird. Overstayed its welcome, trying to set up something that needed a little more time, it's kind of at that state where it's a little short to be anything complete, while it's a little long to be the punchy, quick(ish) skits you had on your pilot.

Apparently the second one was a nod to Uniracers, something I haven't played, but I haven't played Kinectimals either, so... it's reminiscent of your pilot. Not saying it's necessary bad; although, you know, putting it in more like Cooking Mama might have been more nice.

The last one really takes the cake though. Awesome.

The LittleBig Planet bit won sooo much.
Kinectimals was kind of funny.

I was waiting for the first bit to end. The whole time. The LBP part made up a lot, of course.

Brillent show! Look forward to next week!

The beginning will give me nightmares forever, but the Little Big Planet skit was super cool! How did you even fit that level thing-a-majig into your room!?

I think we all can agree that the best part of the video is the LBP segment, I LOVED IT! and I don't have a PS3. Makes me wish I had one.

Also, we can all agree that the Kinectimals part was funny as hell, but at the end, it gets creepy as hell.

And props for that Uniracers cameo.

The opening sketch was horrible! But the Little Big Planet part was pretty cool. Didn't get the intermission...

The Kinectimals furry thing ran a little long...but the Little Big Planet skit was amazing! I was looking forward to see what was going to happen next! Good job guys! I'd like to see more of that!

Wow. The LBP2 skit was almost majestic. However, very little could be said about the Kinectimals sketch other than is was...umm...extremely creepy and not in a good way. Also, is it me or was that unicycle sketch a throwback to Uniracers?

Well the kinetimals skit looked like it was heading somewhere nice and then made a left turn to creepy-ville. Though the little big planet skit was AWESOME!

First half = OK, 2 epsiodes and I'm done watching.
LBP = Wow... that was amazing. I may have to continue for a few more episodes.

That kinectimals sketch was just...wrong. Didn't find it nearly as funny as some of the sketches in the pilot. The reactions were funny, but near the end, it was just wrong.
But that LBP sketch...

Cpt Corallis:
Wow. I was in awe the length of that entire LittleBigPlanet section. That was amazing.

Been playing LBP2 a lot, and that captured the feel of the game, especially all the little details. How long did it take to build? And were the songs/sound effects all sung/voiced or did you use some downloaded ones?

That little big planet has an almost dangerous amount of "win".

Man that LBL skit simply dominates the rest of the episode! That was just awesome!

I laughed at the first sketch, but the LBP part had my jaw so low that if someone walked by they could have stepped on it. That was just sheer brilliance.

Bravo, guys. This was a damn good episode.


i liked the original concept better, several sketches work because of the low attention span i have

anyway, the kinectimals was kind of weird, i didnt really thought it was funny, but the last part was AMAZING

so i would give you 3 1/2 stars out of 5, just because i know you can do better.

Loved your first one even though it seemed forced at times.
This week, the first part was...just wrong. I didn't find it funny and it was just creepy. If you were trying to creep people out, good job...the LBP part was just amazing.
How long did it take for that to be made?

Srsly, You lost me in the middle there but the LBP ending just made up for every thing! Good job!

The first part was heart-warming in a very creepy way. Also disturbing >.>

Little Big Planet was amazing, loved the sound effects and human instrumental.

Random its all I can say

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