No Right Answer: Best Sitcom Ever

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Meh this one was the only one I didn't care about there being a winner. I can see clearly Seinfeld is the better show, but I enjoy watching Friends more.

It's easy to relate to the characters of friends we all have at least one friend like one of them. Whereas Seinfeld all the characters are rather petty and selfish more 'realistic' but difficult to relate to. I love both shows though they each give me laughs everytime I watch them.

I never cared for either of those two shows, though my hatred for Friends is greater.

Then again, I don't care much for sitcoms in general. I like some of the classics, like Dick Van Dyke, Lucy, or Night Court, but most of my more recent favorites are from across the pond, like Blackadder, The Vicar of Dibley, et cetera.

Though my personal favorite sitcom of all time is actually a Canadian one: The Red Green Show.

Um lets see for a situational comedy?

Hogan's Heroes
Gilligan's Island
Mork and Mindy
Family Matters
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Any of these would have been far superior to three mentioned in the video in my opinion. MASH, Family Matters and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air especially as they tackle difficult subject matter while providing comedic effect, memorable characters, lasting a long amount of time and without messing with the formula for what makes a television show great. Thats what a sit-com is and Friends, Seinfeld and How I met your mother are decent television shows they just don't match up IMO to the list I provided especially MASH, FM and FPBA.

Epic voice by Dan towards the beginning there.

I have to ask though... there's such a thing as a good sitcom? O_O

This for my answer in this debate.

But for best sitcom ever..... nothing can beat MASH.

Daystar Clarion:

How I Met Your Mother is brilliant.

Is M.A.S.H considered a sitcom? Because if it is, that's pretty much the best one of all time.

As valid today as it was 30 years ago.

Yay we agree on something, we can be random internet friends again, and eat various British pies.

Agree with the judges ruling. Might have to debate with him about it being Allison Hannigan's best role though. I like Willow from Buffy a little more.

Seinfeld and HIMYM blow Friends out of the water. Both are pure comedy gold. Smart writing combined with great acting. I'm going to call it a tie.

For me, it's Frasier.

This argument is redundant since M*A*S*H took this title when it came out and still hold's onto it today.

Seinfeld vs. Friends make's this argument even more pointless. But I get it... Who wins? Whoever's still making money off there DVDs and Blu-rays.

... was basically what went through my head when Kyle popped in and completely changed the outcome.

It was legend
a little longer

I really like friends too, but not as much as HIMYM, so the final choice was really well done I think. (I never watched Seinfeld so no comments there :3 )

Not sure why but I feel like Chris was secretly pissed at the end, haha.

what? no love for Frasier?

UK sitcoms win by miles. the inbetweeners, spaced, blackadder, father ted, fawlty towers and black books. It doesn't get any better.

I too find Alyson Hannigan attractive, however her best role was Willow in Buffy. Lily is a close second though.

I cannot stand Friends, I really can't. This gets me plenty of flack among my mates, but honestly I can't stand those characters. The only reason they're friends is because no other group would have them. Personally haven't seen Seinfeld, it dropped under my radar somehow. For me, the best american sitcom is Fraiser.

We brits do have the very best sitcoms, however, it's the one thing we do impossibly well. Blackadder, Spaced, Outnumbered, Black Books, Vicar of Dibley, Father Ted, IT Crowd, The Office - the list goes on.

When Friends became the Ross and Rachel's bad relationship drama - and then they were all hooking up in various configurations just to drive another season... yeah, I tuned out forever.

That was avoided in the other, but as some have said, super selfish unconcerned with the environment around them people are funny, but don't make for the best sitcom group overall either.

Then again, is there really a best sitcom, they are basically cheap entertainment for the masses with generic appeal all the way around as much as possible. The genre itself seems to prohibit greatness.

Best sitcom ever: Spaced
Didn't get much international exposure because of music copyright problems... now available on digital discs in most teritories.
Essential viewing

Married with Children is the best sitcom ever. Al Bundy has no competition, because he's a real man. A NO MA'AM.

Dan's argument that the main cast of Seinfeld behaved like real people makes me wonder if he and I watched the same show. And if so, does Dan really think people behave like that? Chris was closer with the description "adults acting like children." Personally I thought "narcissistic nihilistic sociopath space aliens not trying very hard to blend into earth's society" was the best way to describe Seinfeld. Though I guess they couldn't describe it like that because Third Rock From The Sun was on the same network at that time.

+1 for Arrested Development. It's kind of hard for me to think of any sitcoms that come even close to it in quality.

I'd also say 30 Rock is ahead of the majority of sitcoms mentioned.

Community. New Girl. Curb Your Enthusiasm. Modern day, there are a lot of infinately better sitcoms then those. Hell, Curb is basically Seinfeld with balls. Maybe if you said 90's sitcom, but wait...Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Really, this episode is argueing the better of the 2 most popular late 90's, typical sitcoms. Maybe.

Community for it take on spinning traditional Television Themes.
Big Bang Theory for it brilliant joke writing.
But Cheers is still #1 for me.

So uh...I've never actually seen a full episode of Friends, so I feel unqualified to judge. I have to go with Kyle, though. HIMYM is fantastic. I also really enjoy Happy Endings.

What? What about frasier, 30 rock, arrested developpement (Does that count as a sitcom?) cheers, faulty towers, both the offices, a huge number of comedies are better then these. Though Seinfeld is pretty awesome.

Totally agree Kyle, How I Met Your Mother for the win!

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