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please tell me im not the only one who thought of this as soon as i read runeclaw

It makes sense why bears would find "Teddie" offensive. It harkens back to Teddie Roosevelt, the bear's natural enemy. Calling them a Teddie basically implies they are all Roosevelt's bitches.

These cubs today, they don't remember the Bear Wars. They don't remember a lot of things. Probably wouldn't even be able to tell you who Wojtek was.

do I see a magic the gathering reference in there?
not sure if I'm happy or sad about that... probably both

Zen Toombs:
A bear's gotta do
what a bear's gotta do
Don't smack the kid
If you can't follow through

All that matters
Taking matters into your own claws
Soon I will control everything[1]
My wish is your command

By sithis, I love you! You just combined two of the things I like the most!

You shall have all the intrawebz you can handle. :D

[1] by virtue of being a BEAR



So, domestic abuse is funny now?

Not as funny as prison rape, it seems...

Anyway..."bears repeating..." *wince*

Nope, not half as funny :p

Seriously, reading through the responses to my post, apparently it's become illegal to dislike stuff...

It's not, but expect to be called out on hypocrisy.

And yes, it is hypocritical to say that joking about a person being raped is totally acceptable, but posting a visual gag about a BEAR hitting his CUB is not funny and something to be frowned upon.

Double standards and all that.

I don't know why I'm laughing so hard. When I stop to think about it, I have no idea why.

The amount of futile indignation (aka butthurt) in this thread is amazing. I guess all forums go this way when they institute "be nice" rules to make the place easier to moderate.

Geo Da Sponge:
Hehe, is it wrong that I thought that the Magic: The Gathering in-joke was the best part?

That's what did it for me.

OT this one was priceless.

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