Escape to the Movies: Rock of Ages

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Well, I might give this one a go as I recently discovered that my local large cinema started selling bear.

Captcha: mish-mash

get the hell outta there! that place is a bloodbath waiting to happen! who would do such an irresponsible thing?!


So, let's get this straight.

Rock of Ages is bad because the music that it uses is not about anything, but purely a fun, loud and bombastic anthem of excess, which the movie then perfectly uses and is, in turn, loud and bombastic and full of excess. Wait, what?

Also, while Bob is at it, he continues by writing in the extra column that Adam Sandler's new film is "fun for what it is" and basically trying to write some half-assed apologetic piece on how it's just enjoyable and yada yada yada.

While in that same column he goes to compare Will Smith (you know, the Oscar nominated, pretty consistently well reviewed actor that balances big tentpole films with small scale dramas like every other major star and is one of the few remaining names that can carry a massive movie themselves) to Adam Sandler and then pretends to have some credibility left?

Oh Bob, we knew already that you're taste in movies is bad, you don't have to convince us any more.

Never been a big fan of Tom Cruise. Guy gives me all kinds of wierd creepy vibes O_o

Also, End Credit Jokes? I don't think you quite realise how important those are D:


As for drinking in theaters Bob really should get to Austin TX and check out the Alamo Drafthouse (AKA The theater from Youtube that kicked the girl out for texting) because you can get as plastered as you like there. All in all I can't say enough nice things about the Alamo Drafthouse. They have great projectors, great seating, don't put up with shit like talking or texting during a movie, and they serve real food and booze and it's an 18 and up establishment so no kids. It may be the happiest place on Earth.

That sounds f--king amazing! I wish we had something like that in Canada, specifically Ottawa. :(

First time I heard the name "Rock of Ages" I thought they were making an adaptation of the indie game.

It would have been funny to see exactly how the heck they would pull that one of.

Another horrible musical.

The thing about Tom Cruise is that he can play really good characters when he's not trying to be a likeable person. He was incredible in Tropic Thunder.

Also 'found a feat he can't physically perform'.... what about reaching the top shelves?

Many people here were probably not the age group for 80's Rock, but I disagree with your assessment that it meant nothing. Remember the era that it was in, intense cold war. At worst case you could call 80's rock a retreat into fun music, that broke away from a lot of the heavy in the 70's, which the 90's grunge movement brought us back down to earth.

I have heard a few of the tunes that Tom sings, they aren't bad. I wouldn't say the movie would be great, not a fan of the genre, but I am not sure you were a fan of the 80's music as you think. And I would say he is much more Brett Michaels than Axel/David. (See hat as example A).

Honestly, I'm not into 80's rock much anyway, basically, for the reasons that Bob described. It all just seems so... vapid. I also find it hilarious when people tout 80's rock as some big rebellious thing, I call bullshit on that one. I think the true "rebellious" music of that time period was Punk, New Wave, early Rap, early Hip-Hop, and the emerging Goth scene. All of the supposed rebellion of 80's rock was pre-packaged.

Okay... rant over.

Cabin in the Woods is at the dollar theater so that's where I'll be since I usually go to the movies on Sunday. I've already seen it but I want to see it again.

My parents paid for me to see Snow White on Friday. Meh. Is Brave out yet?

But...but I waited for those last thoughts! I waited all through the credits! Why did they leave me? They've never left me before! Are they okay? Is something wrong with them? Are they mad at us?

Also, Meh. 80's rock is fun to listen to, not all that fun to watch as it's re-enacted, since I'm not exactly nostalgia tripping for weird outfits, bizarre hair, or drug fueled afterparties. Those are all coming around again, so why pine for what isn't (regretfully) lost?

See, when I heard that Rock of Ages would have 80s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal I expected Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Metallica, etc. The list of songs that are in the film are really just plain old ordinary classic 80s rock. I wouldn't call most of the stuff even Hard Rock. I guess this is one of those old expectations not meeting reality things. Oh well.

No funnies in the credits? Bad form Bob, I had to rewind to make sure it wasn't me.

Also movie I wasn't interested in at all in the first place isn't good? Well, that's money I wasn't spending saved.

Man, slammed the fuck out of this movie. I wasn't seeing it because I'm not a fan of musicals, and the critical reception sure isn't changing anything there. o.o

See, when I heard that Rock of Ages would have 80s Hard Rock and Heavy Metal I expected Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, AC/DC, Metallica, etc. The list of songs that are in the film are really just plain old ordinary classic 80s rock. I wouldn't call most of the stuff even Hard Rock. I guess this is one of those old expectations not meeting reality things. Oh well.

By "metal" they mean hair metal, or glam metal, or whatever you want to call it. A lot of people in the metal community (myself included) don't consider it true metal by the very loose, subjective and ever-changing standards we have.

Well I went and saw it this weekend, and Bob was right on the mark with it. As I mentioned in my previous post, I wasn't expecting a grand storyline by any means, but some good music. The song line-up is awesome, and I liked how some song segments had 2 songs going back to back...but most of them were pretty much pop remixes. That makes this 80s kid cry.

Tom Cruise pretty much was the best part of the whole movie. I felt he nailed the whole "drunken and over-sexed rockstar in his own little world" angle. In fact, I wish that they didn't follow the storyline of the original Broadway show and did this movie solely about Cruise's character, starting with his first gig at the Bourbon Room, then following him as he rises in fame, gets involved in the sex and drugs and goes through a bender as he loses himself, and finally comes out of it on top. That I felt would have made for a more engaging movie and you can still use the rock anthems.

Actually. In the luxury cinema areas over here in Western Australia (Gold lounge (Event Cinemas/Greater Union), Gold class (Reading Cinemas), La Premiere (Hoyts) and so on...) the cinemas are actually a licensed premises so you can drink there...

Sure it is a bit more expensive but fish and chips served with a good Sauvignon blanc sure beats popcorn and soda any-day!

That guy...the main, young lead dude...I've seen him before! Yeah! He's a Mexican actor that used to have a secondary role in a novela called "Rebelde" (Rebel). HA! I knew I've seen him before somewhere!!

Wait a second. How did that guy land a lead role in this movie? With Tom Cruise? HOW?!

Meh, I actually really enjoyed this.

Expected to hate it because musicals are lame and I hate 80's rock, but I was in town with this chick who convinced me to go see it with her.

It was silly as fuck, pretty fun, genuinely really funny in parts and Tom Cruz was fantastic.

It's also the first time I've seen Russell Brand do something without wanting to kill him.

You overthink things sometimes you miss simple "fun"

"Rock of Ages" is the name of a videogame made by ACE a couple of years ago. It was funny, charming and challenging. ACE must sue the people who made this movie

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