No Right Answer: Comedian Who Was Funny

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I would like to see a round 2 for this.
Tyler Perry Vs Ben Stiller.

Or maybe
Eddie Murphy Vs Steve Martin.

I second this, but FU, Steve Martin is still genuinely funny and he has a sense of whats comedic.
I would send to your consideration Robin Williams. Most of his last works: SUV (or whatever its called), license to marry, the one with John Travolta, ugh...

Btw, remember that Adam Sandler's studio (Happy Madison) is producing most of what Kevin James is making nowadays, which is a lot of wasted potential, the guy is likeable and funny, but the writing is painful in each of his movies.

I never really understood why people think Steve Martin is funny. I can never watch a movie he is in, I get this feeling, I'm not sure how to translate it into English properly but I would describe it as substitute embarrassment. His movies are usually so bad, so lacking in actual comedy and just embarrassing that I cannot escape getting that same feeling.
It could be because I'm more partial to the British sense of humour and not the American, but I seriously cannot stand that man. His style, or lack of, comedy is so contrary to what I perceive as comedy that I cannot think of him as an actual comedian, and most people inspired by him.
If anyone could explain to me what is funny about him and what is funny about the type of comedy he employs I would be grateful (wouldn't make anything he's in watchable to be but still).

I'm a bit offended that amongst all the movies they mentioned in their argumentation the following 2 didn't come up:

adam sandler at his best in comedy (back when hollywood wasn't as uptight about stuff): Little Nicky
jim carey doing proper drama: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

These 2 movies are by far some of my favourite works in comedy and drama and to anyone that hasn't seen either one of them I HIGHLY recommend watching them!

You can't get much more funny than hitler in a black&white maid's outfit getting a huge pineapple shoved up his anus and eternal sunshine is simply one of the most moving movies I've ever seen, it's just so lovely.

Despite the fact that he was mentioned in the debate, I'm of the mind that Eddie Murphy fell further than either Carrey or Sandler. His SNL sketches? Consistently well-written and acted. His first batch of movies (re: Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America)? Still worth watching in this day and age.

And then came the fat suit.

Don't get me wrong, dulling an edgy comic's fangs with family movies is always a bad career move. But you can kind of tell when a comedian starts running out of ideas when they say "Hey guys, what if I pretended to be morbidly obese for two hours?"

Honorable mention goes to Jimmy Kimmel. He's followed the same career arc as Sandler, but he's had the common decency to keep it strictly to late night television, meaning he can be easily ignored.

hey hey hey! "that's my boy was awesome"! sure it wasn't happy Gilmore great but i was in stitches man, oh and grown ups was pretty funny too Sander has some duds but he was some good movies recently too.

Really liked this one guys! I find you're best episodes are the ones like this where there is two layers.

For example, 'Best ***** movie' can get a bit boring. 'Best thing that was a thing but isn't any more'; well that just gives you much more scope for interesting discussion. Something like 'most ***** that you most love to hate', OR '***** that you hate to love.'

Keep up the good work guys, love the show as always.

Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey both used to be more funny than they are today.

But Adam Sandler I feel hasn't really made anything good lately. He's trying. A lot. But he's never actually funny. For every 10 jokes, only 1 of them pulls through and gives you a chuckle.

Jim Carrey still has some comedies. (even though most of them are drama-comedies) I LOVED Bruce Almighty. I LOVED Yes man. I absolutely adored Truman Show. Even the Cable Guy I liked.

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