Smile and Nod: GTA 4: The Best Game I've Ever Played

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Personally, I cant help but feel like the game is a sleek repeat of the previous games excet with a different minority. Shot one guy, shot em all in this game.

Good review, as expected.

And while I agree with a lot of the positive things you said, let me also say thank you for mentioning the lack of a checkpoint system. With almost no other reviews mentioning it, I almost felt like I was alone in my frustration. Re-doing a 30-second-long mission with Little Jacob that I messed up wouldn't be half as bothersome if I didn't have to spend seven minutes following the exact same route to go pick him up at his house every damn time.

Russ Pitts:
Smile and Nod: GTA 4: The Best Game I've Ever Played

I have to admit to a certain reticence when it comes to praising games. Like most writers, I can usually find something not to like about a game, and those bits usually make the best copy. But 30 hours into Grand Theft Auto IV I can easily say it's my main contender for Game of the Year. Hell, it's in the running for Game of the Decade. I'd even go so far as to say it's the best game I've ever played.

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I don't know about this.

When your about to die, then you can say what the best game you've ever played is. I've heard so many people say - "Wow, this is the best game I've ever played" only for a couple of months later something else to come out and they say the same about that.

Did anybody mention the explosions look fantastic yet... doesnt that count for something graphically?
BTW great review, great game... seriously go buy it.

I really enjoyed this review, I was in the middle of writing a review for GTA IV but you seemed to grasp everything I was trying to say. So instead of saying fuck you, I'm gonna say kutos.

Although I did talk a lot about the gameplay (crash damage included) as well as the story.

I plan to review this game when I finish it... I think this time, I will try and make it sound as bad as possible, just as an experiment, and a demonstration of how staggeringly misleading a review can be.

So far, I'm enjoying the game, so it should be fun to pretend I'm not.

So instead of saying fuck you, I'm gonna say kutos.

There's not much I can say to that, but thank you. I think.

'See, I love games like this. But I don't like the violence or the profainity or sex or that stuff. That's why I still can't wait for Spore.

It's GTA! It's everything I expected and more.

It's realy strange, but all the flaws in this game actualy give it that certain special feel, at least for me.

Russ Pitts:

So instead of saying fuck you, I'm gonna say kutos.

There's not much I can say to that, but thank you. I think.

Take it as a compliment, I did really enjoy the review as much as I do with the rest of your writing. I guess you could call me a 'fan'.

I haven't played gta4 yet, and I don't think Im going too.
In my current drunken state (as a 28 year old) I think I've had enough with videos games and the opinions people have of them.
My 18 year old brother says that COD4 is the best game ever while I stand by my Halo3; hence my endless hours playing halo 1 with my buddys like 5 years ago.
But I'm already rambling......

P.S. I thought Cod 4 was boring and I quit like after one day, while I played halo3 like 50 times through.

I've got nothing against you Russ, you like this game and I have no problem with that, it's just that this sounded more like a User Review that I'd find on GameFAQs (no your isn't THAT bad, it's just that this felt a bit lacking) - and I just don't know whether to say "Good review" or "bad review" so, it was an OK Review, it just seems like every time a new GTA comes out, it's the best thing to happen in video gaming history, because they did some cool shit.

The game is awesome, but it's no 'criticism free (other than save points, which isn't really that big of a problem in the game, but yeah, it would be nice!) best thing in the world!' kind of game, and I swear all these reviews are starting to sound like they are just copied and pasted from those major sites like IGN and Gamespot.

I know you aren't a sellout Russ, but when you say something is the best game ever, I expect something REALLY convincing, like..convincing enough to "make me sell my computer for 10 bucks and buy a Mac" kind of persuasion.

i do like the review but damn do i hate GTA4... nice stuff

here I am, smiling a nodding. great article :)

I, like you, enjoy all the unnecessary stuff glittered around the main story missions that, inadvertidly (think thats the right word) make the game.

the only thing that annoyed me was, I thought it was set in Liberty City , well the same one as GTA III. I spent half an hour trying to scope out my old hideout before realising it was a different map all togther.

I've palyed 20 ish hours and have spent the majority of that farting about on t'internet, courtesy of [email protected] cafe'.

possibly the most fantastical £70 i've ever spent. out of my mates, i was the only one to pre order it (home delivery). got the biggest grin for miles :D,no,no! people need to stop praising this game. its repeatative and gets boring after less than a week. slap a dress and makeup on a tranny but its still a tranny

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