FarmVille Developer Offers $42 Virtual Item

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If you're the kind of person who's addicted enough to Farmville that you'd want to purchase an item like this, you're the kind of person who plays Farmville obsessively enough that crop wither is never a problem. I'm not sure just what Zynga's trying to accomplish here.

All I know is that my Facebook feed looks a lot nicer since I figured out how to block applications from appearing in my latest-updates section.

If you can't eat it, wear it, hold it in your hands, or use it to make your house or travel more convinient, it's not worth real money.

The worst digital buy I've ever heard of is pretty much anything on Maple Story. You pay real money for items that expire. You actually can't keep anything you buy for your avatars.

Imagine how pissed off you'd be if you bought that for your partner and then he/she broke up with you, then every time you logged on you'd see all their crops just not dying. That kind of thing could tear someone up inside.

Some people spend that much a week on tobbacco which not only dominates their time but will eventually riddle them with cancer. An imaginary ring is probably a more stable investment than a number of widely held vices... I'm not a smoker, nor will I play farmville, just saying, whatever floats your boat, it's your cash whether you want to save it, spend it or wipe your nose with it.

I honestly don't understand whats so fun about virtual crops.

Mankind proves further more that natural selection has retired.

As if your life didn't suck enough already, now you can buy this!

Zynga's ruthless profiteering has once again shone through


Uh-huh. I know 3 girls who would kill for this. Of course they believe that the "real" games out there are for losers. It just blows my mind how a game that simple and pointless can become so addicting that people just spend insane amounts of money on it, I mean seriously, this ring could get you laid and I am not even being ironic. So, uhm... What was I saying? Wait, brb, credit card.

Step 1: Go outside
Step 2: make your own damned plot where you can grow crops
Step 3: Buy equipment and seeds
Step 4: Give THAT as a gift.

Seriously, guys...

What a genius game. I played it for a while, never stopped me going to parties or socialising. But many people on this site hate farmville because it is popular but strangely love crappy MMOs like warcraft even though they are popular.

You contradicted yourself. I, and many others, hate farmville because it is painfully simple and barely earns the title "game". It's just a massive time sink of developing a routine. Like the sims, but much much simpler. I played it for maybe a week before it got way too boring to stand. And could you give reason, or provide some form of defense, for your opinion, before just flaming WoW? I don't know if it's good or not, I've never played it, but a lot of my friends have enjoyed it, or still do.
Anyway, I really hope my mum doesn't find out about this, although I think she devoted life, and my bandwidth, to the cafe one now.

FarmVille is not a game. Why are people still calling it that?

Ughh.. wait till me friend sees this. She still plays farmville like its her relgion.

I say good on the FarmVille developers.

If some idiot is willing to pay $42 dollars, let them and it's easy cash.

Low Key:
So basically this is a ploy to make Facebook's and Myspace's user base look bigger? Because all most people will do is create a new user account and gift it to themselves.

I never thought of that, there is a level of genius to this. Although farmville is not directly down by the facebook team (according to an article in the Economist about social networking and apps etc.) but it'll increase the farmville player base as well


Jordan Deam:

Personally, I'm sold on the idea. Is there a better way to say "I love you" than with an overpriced cheat code to make an already brain-dead simple game even easier?

A Mediterranean cruise? Box of chocolates? A hand drawn card? A kick in the shins?

Okay, maybe not that last one.


Unless your dearest is a Farmville junkie, a kick in the shins might just be what you'll get for giving them this.
Gotta give the creators of Farmville their due, they are evil geniuses. But I am glad I am not a part of their converted zombies.

Wow. Today I was just thinking, "Yeah the lawn is covered in snow, but in just a few months I will have to get the rototiller out, plant some tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers in my garden, then water them and tie them to stakes as they grow."


Oh. It's just for a game about farming. Sorry. I feel stupid.

And with that money, how many different Harvest Moon games could you buy?
I'm sorry, but if you don't want them to wither, play a game that waits for you.

Making money off of people's addictions. Something both drug dealers and Facebook do.

I never got the stupid facebook games, I don't see the charm or interest in them. I guess it might be the collection of games I racked up vs playing some stupid game which has you actively dump money into.

Seems like a pretty good idea to me. Divesting stupid people of money is always a winner in my books. Keeps them away from being able to by substances that can kill other people when the realise how sad their existence has become.

ugh. i could buy DI for that.

This is just plain evil.

For $42 you could buy CSS, TF2, a coke and maybe some skittles. Why would anyone possibly buy this? Oh right people are retarded.

What a genius game. I played it for a while, never stopped me going to parties or socialising. But many people on this site hate farmville because it is popular but strangely love crappy MMOs like warcraft even though they are popular.

UM, where to start lol? Warcraft is not an MMO, crappy or otherwise, its a rather ingenious RTS game that was released quite a few years ago. On another note WoW (which i assume your meaning) has an incredible amount of different facets of gameplay, with loads of different things to do. Farmville however is a shallow, 2d flash game for 10 minutes of boredom supression at work. Hell i hate WoW but even i wouldnt equate it to Farmville, lol.

OT: This is Hilariously awful, i hope to god there isnt anyone desperate enough to buy it.....there isnt......right?

dalek sec:

Ignoring the price, and idiocy of this. It is a ring of eternal life. Plant life, but still. I get a LOTR vibe from this. It is dark magic.

It's not dark magic dude... it's the ruinious powers of chaos!

On track though this seem's like a really pointless item.

Sec, any chance we can get a Dalek energy blast at Farmville?

OT: I can think of some much more fun things to buy with $ D&D rule books off Amazon (3.5 obviously, though I would like to check 4th out), going to Red Lobster, picking up some old games from the game store (i.e. games that I waited until they went down in price because I'm poor), and a bunch of other cool stuff.

And yet another part of Farmville's ingenious plan has been revealed. I've been watching it for some time now, but I really can't believe how it's come this far. It's spreading fast, kind of like Evony, but without shameless pandering to the audience.

Still, at least diehard Farmville fans will be pleased, God help them all.

Personally I'm not touching that game with a fifty-foot long javelin. I've got one extremely addicting game taking up my time already, and WoW's very time-consuming.

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