Comic-Con Hilariously Strikes Back Against Hate Church

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(For situations of such pure WIN you must slap youself in the face just to know it is real)

Well done Geeks. Well done indeed.

Gentleman, I salute you.

Nerds: 1
Bigots: 0

Your move, Phelps.

Phelps : Oh yeah?! Well... um... god hates... um... people who are more clever than us! Yeah! Your goin' to hell for protesting us protesting!

OT: Nerds win yet again :)

John Funk:

And then there was Commander Shepard, endorsing this as their "favorite protest on the Citadel."

...And that just made my month.

Fighting extremist religion ideals with. . . nerdly awesomeness I guess.

I love how one of the signs read "My name is Inigo Montoya, you killed by father, prepare to die."

Yes a glorious day for the nerds, and to show Those extremist ass-holes that we don't have to believe in God if we don't want to. We can Worship whoever we want as long as it doesn't go against the law.


John Funk:

And then there was Commander Shepard, endorsing this as their "favorite protest on the Citadel."

...And that just made my month.

Give that lady a box of freshly baked cookies, she deserves it :)

as a brilliant man once said"GO TEAM RETARD!"

I don't see a pink spy :( Where?!

maybe the spy was cloaked? or was disguised as one of the WBC memebers waiting to backstab their leader.
OT: That (along with kratos makin a sandwhich) has made my day. And its only the start of my summer break.

I saw this picture of the protest on another site, and I just have to share it.


*sniff* So much win...

Ah , that's double awesome!
"All glory to Hypnotoad!"

This man...this man is my hero. Serious courage.

Never bring your nonsense to a group of kids who obsess about bullshit more than you and have too much time on their hands


Yes, just beautiful. I salute these men in their fight against ignorance.

That made my day. I nearly fell out of my seat laughing when I saw the Shepard sign

I have found a new respect for comic-con. And a new laughter for religious bigots.

Now people are getting it! Fight fire with much more entertaining fire.

It's never a proper real life trolling without Mass Effect memes.

Kudos to the counter protesters!

"God Hates Sentries" is the funniest thing I've seen all month.

Also, I'll take a spanking for Jesus...

This should be a new comic-con tradition

Yes, thank you.

Score 1 for the good guys


I take my earlier comment back- THIS made my day.

Thank you, ComicCon. I salute you!



A better pic of the spy there...he is my much win.
I bet you anything the idiots are gonna rage hard about this, try and get a legal right in the US banned for everyone except them, or something.
Definatly a Hi5 and props to everyone that was out there. In also fighting the crazy church on there own game, they showed that nerds, gamers, etc etc, can be mature, and not crazy or whatever negative view other people have on em.

I lol'd at the "Is this thing on?" sign.

Is it wierd that I only got that joke now?

This is why it's great to be a nerd. =3 If people just insult you, you insult them with clever humor that they'll never understand. It's like heaven. Only made for awesomely weird people.

I dig it alot. Though I have to admit, amongst flak, that I do support the Westboro Crazies simply because it shows the beauty of Freedom of Speech. I'd rather have nutters saying that some nonexistant deity hates something rather than some nutters strapping on explosives.

Good point at least their not killing people. But we don't know for sure.

But... But... That's not fair to them, they said they were gonna protest first! No fair.

LOL, some human endeavor still amaze me greatly. I wouldn't have thought of a counter-protest.

In the name of Ronnie James Dio and the comic book and alternative art community world, take that you monotheistic shits!!

Agreed 100% if they keep doing stunts like this there likely to get killed. Most likely they will protest the wrong metal head unlike dio god rest his soul

Dio would be proud.

Yeah, I'm glad people have finally stopped talking these people as seriously, and have now begun the process of blatant parody. It's what they deserve.

FINALLY! Someone has the balls to stand up to these morons. Thank you nerd-dom, you have made me very happy and have made me very proud. Keep up the good work! ^^

Oh no! God hates jedi?!

Once again proof that nerds are not to be triffled with. Plus, we have more material. The have a several-hundred-year-old book to use, and they selectivly read it, only using the parts they think will make them sound right.
WE on the other hand the the entire ever-expanding mediums of comic books, video games, and general AWESOMENESS!

frankly, i wanna go visit the "free spanking for Jesus" girls shown in the picture gallery.
hallelujah ;)

I agree, god bless geeks, the world would not be as it is without you.

To quote User Friendly (a webcomic):

"It is said that idle hands are the devil's tools; Idle geek hands, however, came up with Gunpowder, Nuclear Weapons and toilet plungers"


A better pic of the spy there...he is my much win.


I'm willing to bet anything that God is the biggest Dungeon Master out there. Think about it: His world and His rules.

This is brilliant! Nerds fighting back, love it!

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