Jack Thompson Threatens Gabe Newell Over School Shooter Mod

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Ok you know a good song for this moment would be? Stop a Gaben or just gabe saying, Uhh, no?

How about Valve doesn't do that, because they aren't dictatorial dicks like you, Jack? How is an FPS a training aid for school shootings.
A) A keyboard is not a gun, unless you're playing Typing of The Dead. If a person is training himself mentally to kill people, odds are he's already off his knocker and will do it anyway.
B) What training do you need? Here are the four easy steps to a school massacre:
1. Walk in with gun.
2. Shoot everything that moves.
3. ????

The stupidity in the world never ceases to amaze me. Jack Thompson makes the world a worse place.

While you're at it, why don't you blame the Wright brothers for the Sept. 11th attacks?

Ignorant prick.

This is why he's not a lawyer anymore. Not just people who play video games, but EVERYBODY hates Jack Thompson, which is why his letter is less of a threat and more of a "my opinion still matters" reassurance tool for himself.

I am a member of the studio developing the mod in question, and I must disclose that we are trying to get in contact with Jack and explain to him that he has us, the mod, and the purpose behind it all wrong.

I'd explain the misjudgement he is making in more detail, but really this is between us and Mr. Thompson.

Didn't he blame the Virginia Tech shootings on Counter-Strike? If he's so right all the time why doesn't he remember what he said on national TV?

Fact is, Newell has as little to do with the creation of this mod as Gutenberg does with the creation of Mein Kompf. He made the tool, but can't be held responsible for what others create with it. Of course, if Thompson knew jackshit about the medium he keeps bashing, this wouldn't be a problem in the first place.

I think this argument should be presented to Jacko in it's entirety. He probably start spouting stuff about how Valve can control video games (I'm sorry murder simulators; y'know, because that's totally the point of every game ever made) because of Steam.

It got me wondering, since he brought up the VT killer as an example of someone who "trained" on Half-Life, did he read the police report that stated that investigation showed that the only game he owned was the original Sonic the Hedgehog? Or maybe those recent studies that showed that gaming was actually much more beneficial than harmful?

Hmmm, making up provably false statements and ignoring facts in order to bolster your argument and make it seem like you know what you're talking about...maybe he wasn't such a bad lawyer after all?

While I do believe violent video games can influence children at the very least to be apathetic to violence or suffering with a minority that actually pursues violence as a direct result. (If this were not the case then academic video games for kids would be just as useless) Outside of the criminally insane, this game will cause little harm to adults as these kind of things attract people with already present mental instabilities, not the other way around. But I conclude with saying just because you can do it or say it does not mean you should. Personally I think the mod should burn because it is purely tasteless, a fantasy no doubt for someone who experienced abuse in school. Understandable but not encouraged.

*falls over laughing* I love how Jack just keeps getting crazier. Basically, the letter says: "Your game is already a horrible murder simulator responsible for many deaths, but you need to stop it from becoming a really horrible murder simulator that emulates some of those deaths and may end up responsible for more! Or else... or else I'll do something! Yeah!"

I sincerely hope that Mr. Newell and Valve just throw this letter out and don't think for even a moment about listening to Thompson's insanity. I think the School Shooter mod is a pathetic plea for attention in a society that rewards tasteless behavior (Jersey Shore, anyone?), but it's still better than giving Jack Thompson any sort of validation whatsoever.

In A Nutshell Shut the **** up Thompson

I think someone needs to call the CSI Guys in on this one...

...because it looks like someone just killed my faith in humanity. *sunglasses*

Oh look, the fucker is still alive! I thought he died or something, because for a moment I couldn't hear his abyssal whining anymore. Ah well, no good thing lasts forever.

We can only hope. That retard needs to go elsewhere.

Lets maroon him on Pluto or something

"I hate being right all the time."

Never knew you had a sense of humor Jackie boy. Now on a more serious note what would Gabe Newell have to do with this? Hes to busy swimming in pools of money.

Pay attention to meeeeeeee!

Did anyone else burst out laughing when they read his letter?

"Half-Life murder simulator?" LAWL

"Given the fact that your company has the technological ability to stop the operation of School Shooter..." ROFL


Jack, you's trollin', ain't ya?

Jack Thompson - Master Troll

I will never believe that hes serious...

if I was Gabe Newall, THIS would be my response:
Dear Mr. Thompson,
My company did NOT create this mod and we do not have to approve any mods. To say we should have to approve mods would be the same thing as saying Crayola has to approve every kindergartener's drawing. We simply gave the community the tools to make whatever they wanted. Mods are downloaded and installed by individuals. If we were to remove this mod (as you suggested), we would have to personally delete it off of the hard drive of every single person who installed it. As you can plainly see, this is simply not feasable. But what worries me about your letter is the "or else". Is this a threat? What could have caused you to become so violent Mr. Thompson? Especially towards a total stranger? I personally think it's the anger shown on shows like Fox News. They perpetrate hate towards the gaming community and act as "hate-simulators" specifically designed to brainwash people into committing acts of hate. I mean, honestly, CHILDREN could be watching! It's a shame that this awful medium has brainwashed a fine mind as yourself. First using a derogatory term for little-people, then threatening innocent strangers? WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END MR. THOMPSON?
Yours Truly,
Gabe Newall

There are 2 people I hate with such a passion that even when they are (somewhat) on my side on an issue I still despise them. Jacko and Garry Bettman.

"I hate being right all the time".

It's sad to watch a failure grasping at straws to save any sort of dignity.

Bettman? The NHL isn't that bad right now, compared to say Roger Goodell or David Stern.

I agree that the mod is pretty nasty and should never have been made- its pretty stupid to even go ahead with something like that, and paints gamers in an awful light.

On the other hand, Mr Thompson, if you ever speak out against something then people will TRY AND LIKE IT because they hate you. Please, realise this and keep quiet.

And in other news, Gabe Newell was found dead of a heart attack in his apartment this morning. Sources say that, judging by the sheer amount of spittle on the monitor, he died of extreme laughter.

Prof. Monkeypox:
I hate to admit it, but Jack did predict a game like this would be made. I am disappointed.

He predicted it would be made, yes, but not as an analysis of it. He predicted a mod about SHOOTAN. (Or I could be a complete idiot and mis-remembered the post I read about it. If it is indeed SHOOTAN and no analysis- no redeeming qualities, in other words- then this probably shouldn't see the light of day.)

I think this sums up Thompson's message.

"I hate being right all the time."

Um, OK.

Watch out, Thompson will give you such a pinch!! (I know the visuals don't match the Looney Tunes audio, it's still funny though)

Edit: Grr, I can never embed vids for some reason

I mean, I know that Jack Thompson was diagnosed a long time ago with a fatal case of USI (Unwarranted Self-Importance), but seriously? "I hate being right all the time"? He'll never understand that people ignored his opinions to begin with, and care even less now. And that people take you even LESS seriously when you pull cold hard "facts" out of thin air.

See, I'm kind of weird. I don't think 'murder simulators' cause people to commit murder. That's like saying a flight simulator will cause someone to want to learn to fly-okay actually that's true, but I don't think anyone has ever said flying a plane is immoral. Yes, killing ones and zeros is fun, but killing actual people...not so much. We have a mechanism in our brains that make it much more difficult, and less fun. Except for those nutjobs who enjoy murder. But they would have killed with or without these kinds of games.

I would love to know what Thompson thinks happens in someone's mind when they play a video game. Seriously, I'd like to know. Though no matter what he says, unless he can provide evidence, it's simply not true.

Jack T., Everyone's Favorite Crazy:

You either know or should know that the more moral midgets who run Checkerboarded Studios have created a mod for your company's Half-Life which they call School Shooter: North American Tour 2012. This mod is a full-blown Columbine massacre simulator which cannot function without your company's assistance and acquiescence.

Jack, Jack, Jack, always with the horrible words.

It's "more moral diminutive people".

Jap all you want, you sick little delusional man. We will not bow to your tyranny.

heres a thought for him

I read it in the Heavy's voice.

I'm soooo very interested to see what he possibly has right all of the time.

And how can he be tired of being right? Hasn't he lost almost all video game cases associated with him?

Murder simulator.


Exploding ragdolls and forcing people to ragequit= Murder Simulator. Truefacts.

Short of reading Gabe Newell's e-mail, just how did you come upon this alleged 'letter'? I find it ridiculous as does everyone else, but I am curious of how it was obtained.

if he is really upset about it why doesn't he oh I don't know go after checker board that's actually making the mod instead of going after Valve either way checkerboard isn't gonna cancel their mod just by the way they said stuff in the interview they don't seem like the type of people to do it


one question thought, has the gov given a yay or a nay to the "free speech" protection that can have videogames!?

I believe the ruling is gonna be in the summer

Just once, I would like to see someone go batshit insane and get questioned by the media as to why he did it, look the camera dead on and say "Jack Thompson made me like this."

See what the dumb prick has to say THEN!


Just once, I would like to see someone go batshit insane and get questioned by the media as to why he did it, look the camera dead on and say "Jack Thompson made me like this."

See what the dumb prick has to say THEN!


LOL that be hilarious XD

as the spiritual son of gabe would say

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