Realisticaly: who would you be?

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Why would i ever need to worry no apocalyspe is ever set in australia,Bar for maybe the matrix but im pretty sure that was only filmed in australia not the actual setting.

You're forgetting the iconic "Mad Max" series that so heavily influenced Fallout and others.

Or the amazingly depressing "On The Beach".

I'd be some random guy who gets killed..

I'd be some random NPC in a JRPG town wandering back and forth on a predetermined path and saying only 2 or 3 lines of dialogue.

Probably the sniper. Staying far back from the battle, and I'm good at Sniper Elite.

That, or the guy who just says "To hell with this shit..." and goes back to bed in the beginning of the game.

Or, more likely, one of the guys at the Bar in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Alex Jacobson from Deus Ex; a system admin / programmer / hacker and a supporter of the underground resistance.

Joker, maybe. I mean as someone else said, he is basically king of one task and otherwise just known for his wit. Sounds almost TOO MUCH like me. *Shudders*

If not Joker...maybe the Courier from New Vegas. I mean if nothing else it seems like I have about that much luck - get shot in the head over a trinket because someone decided it was above my pay grade to be told what I was actually carrying until I messed it up.

Now, if I could PICK one, yet still staying within reason...Nameless MechWarrior Pilot C, I guess? Seems like a job that in an alternate future I'd love to have. I've never been one for the military IRL (keep trying to get a boot camp waver to join the cyberwar division but they won't agree to it... geniuses) but somehow I think piloting a massive fighting robot has much more to do with technical skills and tactics and much less to do with how much you can bench press. I doubt I'd have much of a kill record, but I do think I could survive that.

Alternatively, maybe Van Brugen from DXHR. The guy with no armor and a pistol donated by the real hero who still somehow manages to make it out of the fully surrounded apartment complex unscathed. I'd also give Jensen the money. Just seems like a fair trade - 4k credits for a pistol and my life. Sad thing is, when you think about it, Van Brugen is really more adept at stealth than Adam. But he clearly has a lack of nerve. So yeah...sounds like me.

I can think of a few more but those seem apt enough.

I'd be someone snarking off to the side. I could get involved, but screw it, that shit takes effort and emotional investment that I don't have to spare. So I'll probably be watching on in my convenience, possibly aiding the baddies or goodies depending on whose' cause or characters I sympathize with more.

The Adoring Fan...

...NO! JUST NO!!

OT: One of those small people/merchants in the towns you never visit unless it's for a sidequest. (Arefu in Fallout 3 or Karthwasten in Skyrim)

Or (in my dreams) someone like the hero of Fallout 3. Stalked by things from my past so I just wander. Not a hero but a wanderer. I'll either die as a loser in a ditch and be forgotted OR be ghoulified and forced to wander the Earth for an eternity (not killing myself) until I turn feral and am put down by the hero.

Definitely someone in the background, not important to the story of the game. Just some random NPC.

I'd probably be the merchant/buddy friend to the main protagonist that ends up helping him substantially somehow...
Kinda like Zeke Dunbar in Infamous 2, I find a lot of similarities in his and my attitudes.

basically Conrad Verner...sadly I'd just try to be a big help but instead a bloody idiot.
Thats usually what happens to me at work anyways...

Depends. I think I fit well with some of the craziness you get within a JRPG party...

I don't know how to put that, but I'm strange, but kind of lazy...

But given someone a bit pushy that would drag me around, there's every chance I'd go along with trying to save the world or something.

So... Not the lead in a JRPG, but one of the party members, certainly.
(If you're familiar with chrono trigger, Lucca is a good starting point.)

I would be the guy getting ripped to two by Kratos, and then my green orb Life Energy would transfer back to Kratos so he could go on his question to save the world.

The demo man from TF2. I, like most of my family, speak in a Scottish accent when I'm drunk. Also, I, like most of my family, love to drink. I also like blowing things up.

I'd like to think I'd be one of the rebels at the end of Half Life 2. Spend the first part of the game in civvies thinking about how much the oppressive alien government sucks. Then when I see a guy with a gravity manipulator next to a pile of Combine bodies, I'd pick up a rifle and join the resistance. Whether I'd actually survive or even be able to shoot anything is questionable, but I feel like I could at least raise hell with a team of guerrillas.

I specifically see myself coming in to help pull down that damn Breencast screen :P

i would be the friendly guy with a quest-line only to reveal my true motives are to screw you over at the end, then killed because that guy never bloody survives ha

Merchant from RE4. no zombie or deranged spanish peasant will EVER fuck with me.

One of the clueless NPCs who offers pointless advice, probably.

I'm not a fighter kinda guy. Unless there's magic that exists, and I have some. THEN, maybe I stand a chance. But otherwise? I'm just gonna sit here on the sidelines and hope I don't die. :P

I would be the guy who gets eaten by something while crying and wetting his pants.

Squall Leonhart. A snarky, condescending, mildly narcisistic, brooding, existential mess of a man seriously in need of love who somehow makes really strong leadership material.

Fuck being the hero. If I were in a video game, I'd be the keeper of an inn in some RPG land somewhere. Especially one where mana can only be restored either through resting at the inn or an even more expensive item. I'd be set for life!

A stormcloak guard.
I used to aspire for more, but then I took this thread to the escapist.

I'd be the guy who jumps ship and immideatly joings the evil team as soon as things get inconvienient...

Then I'd probably end up as some scrawny henchman that the protagonist kills... xP

I would be your trusty blacksmith. Making sure you have your arrows and your swords and your ammo. For a very reasonable price of course.

So essentialy we'd mostly be Bob, agent of Hydra.


You know the guy who Is far to eager to see some Real action in video sames?

Like Jenkins from Mass Effect 1

And then they die In a pretty pathetic manner.........Like Jenkins from mass effect 1?

Well that would be me........Except I wouldn't be eager to see action...........In fact on the way to the first mission, while everyone is chest bumping and Oorahing.

I'd be crying and begging to go home.

Urine stained underwear would also play a significant part......Yeah......Baddass

Random car driver #3. I just drive in loops the whole time and get stepped on my the giant robots

I'd be that random solider getting sniped in a shooter's cutscene. Sounds like something that would happen to me; I have bad luck.

Merchant from RE4. no zombie or deranged spanish peasant will EVER fuck with me.

And the profit margin is incredible.

So, as much as we might like to imagine ourselves as the hero or badass villain in a particular game, it's pretty much a fact that the vast majority of us would fall way too short of that ambition.

So, in realistic terms, who would you be in any given video game? From a nameless background dude getting stabbed by a demon, to some merchant or sidekick, or even Kratos if you happen to be Chuck Norris in real-life, who would you be?

Random Traveler, quite possibly a travelling merchant.

I've always imagined what it'd be like to just be able to go anywhere, see all there is to see. Never would I be the heroic badass who charges through monster territory with a big-ass sword, but maybe the guy who sold him the sword in the first place.

The cynical scientist who tells everyone "I totally saw this coming, you buttmunchers", then yells at the main character to go away.

In the Fallout world, that'd probably I'd be a Brotherhood of Steel scholar. In the Elder Scrolls series, that one mage who's really good at destruction and illusion but refuses to teach you anything. In every other game, the asshole who nobody likes and ends up dying first.

Due to mental illness and a small case of paranoia, I would be the guy living in a shack in the middle of the forest.
Doubtfully helpful with computer axe-hacking.

I'd definitely be some kind of strange hermit-like merchant character in a hard-to-find location far away from anything resembling society. I'd sell books of arcane knowledge that allow the character to proceed in the story... for a price.


I'd be the guy on the left.

No not Shepard

Farther left.

That is the best shepard ever.

Well, I'm a writer, so I'd be Alan wake, because he's a writer, and I'm a writer, and I write.

Did I tell you I'm a writer?

Though, to be honest, I'm probably more Barry Wheeler.

When your badass awesome marine is walking through an office complex that was (or currently is) the stage for a fierce gun battle and you pass by an empty desk, I'd be the person that was sitting at the deck crunching the numbers before things all went to pot.

Hopefully, I'd have just ran off somewhere safe as opposed to having copped it (which would be more likely admittedly). If I'm lucky, I may get to point the hero in the direction of the local resistance at some point.

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