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Ghost Recon Wildlands Gets Reimagined as Body-Cam FPS in Stunning Mod Video

YouTuber Deef has created a Ghost Recon Wildlands first-person body-cam mod video to keep you busy while we wait for Unrecord to come out.

Body-cam games like Unrecord and Deppart are capturing players’ attention with realistic first-person shooter gameplay, but 2019’s Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands might offer the best take on the sub-genre we’ve seen yet. YouTuber Deef got creative with Ubisoft’s open-world third-person shooter in a video that shows what it would look like if it were to get the body-cam treatment, and the results are pretty stunning. Ghost Recon Wildlands is four years old but looks shockingly pretty in the footage as Deef plays the game you know and love with a lo-fi coat of paint.

Sadly, the version of Ghost Recon Wildlands seen in today’s video isn’t exactly playable. Deef, who specializes in creating heavily edited and stylized videos, created today’s video as an example of what the open-world Tom Clancy game could look like with the right setup. So, while some of this is definitely the work of some impressive modding, you can’t quite go hands-on with this build.

Deef pulled together a few different resources to achieve the video’s effects. Specifically, the video showcases Dudes with Keyboards’ first-person mod and Rafi’s Remove Detection and Hit Sounds mod. For the body-cam aesthetic, Deef tweaked existing body-cam mods for Ready or Not and STALKER Anomaly to make the visuals line up a little closer to what we’ve seen in games like Unrecord. Some edits to the video itself, including blurred-out NPC faces, also add some nice finishing touches to turn Ghost Recon Wildlands into a game we never knew we wanted.

Although you can’t download and play this exact version of Ghost Recon Wildlands for yourself, you can at least download the first-person mod and detection and hit sounds mod to create an experience that somewhat resembles Deef’s video. If you want authentic body-cam FPS gameplay, however, it looks like you’ll need to wait for Unrecord instead. You can see what the Ghost Recon Wildlands body-cam edit looks like for yourself below.

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