Helldivers 2 Trailer Seems to Leak Ahead of Potential PS5 Sequel Reveal

Helldivers 2 Trailer Seems to Leak Ahead of Potential PS5 Sequel Reveal

A small portion of a Helldivers 2 trailer from PlayStation and developer Arrowhead Game Studios seems to have leaked, signaling that an official PlayStation 5 reveal may be on the horizon. This first-look footage made its way to Twitter thanks to user DoodMarvelous. Although the video was swiftly removed due to a “response by the copyright owner,” Angie at ResetEra has captured it for any and all to see.

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The footage, captured on PS5, doesn’t share much outside of a warning of an impending alien attack, but DoodMarvelous did also add that Helldivers 2 will feature over-the-shoulder third-person combat. He also teased that the sequel is part of Sony’s initiative to offer players more games-as-a-service experiences.

While this alleged Helldivers 2 leak is far from confirmation that the game exists, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see an official announcement either. In late 2020, Arrowhead shared a screenshot from its next game — a still unnamed third-person co-op shooter for next-gen devices. The Helldivers Twitter account, meanwhile, posted an interesting tease last October that got fans buzzing for a sequel. It’s been nearly a year since then, and it’s more than time to find out exactly what it was all about.

It’ll be nice to see more Helldivers, but what’s more interesting is what Helldivers 2’s possible existence means. Last September, the infamous Nvidia GeForce Now leak seemingly revealed the existence of a laundry list of unannounced video games, including Titanfall 3, Gears 6, a Final Fantasy IX remake, and a whole lot more. A number of the games on that list have since been revealed, with some of the more notable announcements being a God of War PC port, a Chrono Cross remaster, and Kingdom Hearts IV. After today, it looks like Helldivers 2 will soon be added to that list.

There will be more to talk about when and if Helldivers 2 is officially revealed, and with major industry events like Gamescom right around the corner, we likely won’t have to wait long for confirmation from Sony and Arrowhead.

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