Hideo Kojima Clarifies Independent Studio Status of Kojima Productions

Yesterday, after PlayStation Studios updated its website banner to include an image of Death Stranding, speculation increased that Sony might have acquired Kojima Productions. However, Hideo Kojima himself has spoken up to clarify this is not the case and that Kojima Productions will remain an independent studio. This means the door is still open for his games to appear on other platforms.

Nonetheless, the ties between Kojima Productions and PlayStation Studios continue to run deep. Sony notably published Death Stranding on PlayStation, while 505 Games published the PC version. The game isn’t likely to come to Xbox. However, Hideo Kojima is reportedly involved in a separate, unannounced game project with Xbox. And on top of all that, there was a report last year that Hideo Kojima is partnering with Konami to again make a new Silent Hill at Kojima Productions. That report indicated Sony Interactive Entertainment is funding the title.

If either one of those reports is accurate, then it’s probably a great thing that Kojima Productions will continue to be an independent studio. It has the ability to apply its creativity wherever it desires. Nonetheless, Sony does intend to keep acquiring studios, and hopefully it can keep its hands off of beloved multiplatform studios like Square Enix and Capcom.


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