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Hitman developer IO Interactive is reportedly hard at work on an Xbox-exclusive fantasy game. Following an interview with GamesIndustry.biz where IO teased that it was developing something “a bit different” than what fans would expect, Windows Central has reported on info received suggesting that this title is in development under the name “Project Dragon.” If real, Dragon seems to be in early development, so we won’t be seeing it for some time. Past explaining that the game is set to be a AAA fantasy game exclusive to Xbox platforms, the report states that IO is assembling a team to create the fantasy game as a “connected-world RPG” set in a new, original universe.

This report from Windows Central was corroborated by Eurogamer, which states that its sources have also heard of a game “AAA in scope” that is planned to take place in a “large medieval-esque world.”

If you’re even remotely familiar with the work IO is known for, then word that the studio is working on a sprawling fantasy RPG with dragons should be quite the surprise. IO is best known for its work on the Hitman series, having just released the third entry in a new trilogy just a few months ago. It also recently announced plans to create a James Bond game for 007 fans, with hopes of doubling the size of its studio to create a trilogy of games for the franchise. Additional content for Hitman 3 is still rolling out, and we have yet to see anything substantial from the James Bond project.

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