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Holstin Gameplay Trailer Reveals Mind-Blowing POV Mechanic, Demo Out Now

Holstin Gameplay Trailer Reveals Mind-Blowing POV Mechanic Demo Out Now PC PlayStation Xbox Nintendo Switch

Sonka has released a Holstin gameplay trailer that reveals its combat and a cool mechanic that allows players to switch between aerial and third-person perspectives. It’s a feature that creatively mixes the Polish survival horror experience’s Resident Evil and Silent Hill influences in a way that we’ve not really seen before. From these few glimpses of the POV-swapping mechanic the trailer shows, it looks like players will be able to have a number of different weapons when traveling through the game’s creepy, twisted town.

In a press release, the developer confirmed that the over-the-shoulder swapping will be seamless, with combat allowing players to dismember slow-moving enemies. So, if anything it looks like the mechanic will make the experience creepier, but you don’t have to take it from us. To help celebrate the release of the new Holstin gameplay trailer, Sonka has released a Steam demo that highlights its fascinating combat. Before jumping into it for yourself, you can see the Holstin gameplay trailer below.

Holstin has some interesting combat up its scary sleeves, but Sonka is looking to offer something much more than a fun horror game. For more on its story, you can read the short synopsis below:

Holstin is set in an eerie, isolated 90’s Polish lakeside town in which an ominous presence has slowly enveloped everything and everyone. A close colleague of yours came here, looking for answers to a newspaper story. But after a series of incoherent and troubling messages, all contact was lost. Now you need to venture into this psyche-shattering town to find out the truth and the fate of your friend.

Unfortunately, Sonka has yet to reveal a Holstin release date. While we wait for its eventual release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox, be sure to check out our preview for a closer look at the eerie vibes the game is going for.

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