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Horizon Zero Dawn PC Launch Set for August, Brings New Features

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Guerrilla Games has announced that its former PlayStation 4 exclusive will arrive on PC on Aug. 7 as Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition. The studio has released a trailer detailing the various PC features that will come with the game. While the trailer runs at 60 FPS, it is confirmed that players will be able to unlock frame rates too. Other features include ultra-wide support, dynamic foliage, and improved reflections.

Both controller and graphical customizations are also present so players can tailor their own experiences with the game. Additionally, players have access to a benchmarking tool to keep track of how the game performs on their PC setups.

Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will cost $49.99 on both Steam and Epic Games Store and is available to preorder now. The PC release will come with several digital items, such as different bows, traveler packs, and outfits for Alloy. The Frozen Wilds expansion and digital art book are also included.

A PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn was rumored earlier back in January and was briefly leaked by Amazon France a month later. In March, Sony confirmed that the rumors were true.

The sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, is in development for PlayStation 5 and is scheduled to release in 2021.

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