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How to Beat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss in Lies of P

eldest of the black rabbit brotherhood boss in lies of p

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss fight in Lies of P, that’s not surprising. You’ll encounter them in a flooded courtyard of a dilapidated town square, and despite what this boss’ name suggests, you’ll be dealing with all four siblings that make up the brotherhood. The Eldest is a lumbering man in a rabbit gas mask holding a large but short buster sword. He’ll be joined by his sister, The Youngest, who is armed with dual swords; The Eccentric, his brother with a spear; and finally The Battle Maniac, his brother wielding a cutlass and a puppet string gadget similar to your own. Here’s our advice for beating the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss and winning the encounter in Lies of P.

How to Prepare for The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Boss in Lies of P

All of the siblings are humans, which means they are all generally susceptible to status effects. Equip your extra bag with any throwables that have a decent range. Pulse cells, fire canisters, or even sharp pipes will deal great damage from a distance. You’ll want to equip your Puppet String Legion Arm, as well, which can drag enemies to you in order to separate the siblings or capitalize on their split attention if you have an AI Specter with you.

You should be able to make use of any weapon you like in this fight, but using a move set with good horizontal swings, like the Seven-Coil Spring Sword, to catch multiple targets at once could be useful.

How to Defeat The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood

The Eldest sibling is the only enemy with a boss health bar and the fight is over once he goes down, but it may not be the best idea to focus on just him. He will start the fight alone. However, once you’ve taken off about 25 percent of his health, the Youngest will join the fight. The Eccentric comes in at 50 percent, followed by the Battle Maniac when the Eldest only has 25 percent of his health left. If you haven’t downed any of these interlopers, you’ll end up facing all four at once — and that’s not good.

If you have enough throwables and the AI Specter is distracting the siblings, you can cheese this fight by just throwing everything you have at The Eldest. Just be sure to keep the other siblings in your sights as they arrive and sprint away as needed to stay safe. If you don’t want to go that route, you’ll need to be more methodical in how you take on this encounter.

The Eldest has a number of deceptively fast attacks, as his slow wind up doesn’t match the speed of his swings, making them difficult to parry. Luckily, his range isn’t very long; you can keep a safe distance by dodging backwards or sprinting away when he starts up a series of attacks. The Eldest holds his sword with a reverse grip, and all of his attacks from that grip will be horizontal. You should be able to dodge backwards and sprint out of range of any of those attacks. When changing his grip for overhead attacks, he will delay a moment before swinging with great speed. You should be able to easily sidestep and sprint around him when he attempts those attacks.

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I won’t break down all of his moves, as many aren’t very difficult to deal with should you keep your distance. However, be on the lookout for his seven-hit combo. To kick this one off, he’ll raise a leg as he winds up before performing a series of alternating left and right swings with a heavy overhead at the end.

His red unblockable attack has a similar startup but is only a single swing. You’ll need to parry it if you’re in range.

Your best openings to deal damage will be when he goes for the slower overhead attacks, particularly a high-flying jump. You should be able to easily avoid that attack if you wait until he’s paused slightly in the air before you dodge.

It shouldn’t be long before you’ve dealt enough damage for The Youngest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P to join the battle. She’ll announce herself, so immediately disengage from The Eldest and lock onto her. When other siblings are on the battlefield, The Eldest becomes far more passive. Try to create distance from him while you deal with the youngest, being sure to keep him in your sights in the background, as he will gain a new attack where he charges your position and dives with his sword once he reaches you. Just sprint away or parry it once he gets close and re-establish some distance.

The Youngest is very quick and nimble; she can close or create distance in an instant making her hard to deal with when not focused on her. However, she’s easily staggered, so staying aggressive can knock her out of the start of many of her attacks. She can also be backstabbed, which you will want to go for. With the AI Specter on the field, take advantage of your Puppet String Legion Arm to pull her towards you, especially if her back is turned, as it will lead to easy back stabs. Once her health drops near zero, she will exit the fight and you can resume wearing down The Eldest until the next sibling shows up.

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The Eccentric of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P should be dealt with the same way. His spear, however, grants him considerable reach when he thrusts, He’s also not as easily staggered, but his thrusting attacks can be sidestepped with minimal effort. Keep moving to his sides to get backstab attacks and either block or parry his sweeping attacks. When he’s near zero health, he’ll also retreat.

Resume your fight with The Eldest until The Battle Maniac joins the fight. Resist the urge to focus on The Eldest to finish the fight. Even with his health at under 25 percent, you can be caught off guard and demolished by the two enemies in short order. The Battle Maniac wields a cutlass that he uses like a rapier, with very quick thrusting attacks and spinning swings of his blade that make him a bit more annoying to sidestep for the back stab. He also has a Puppet String gadget like yours that will pull you to him from a distance, so listen for the sound cue and watch his arm as he tries to fire it at you so that you can dodge. The strategy largely remains the same as with the other siblings: Separate The Maniac from the Eldest, look for the backstab and favor the dodge vs the parry to eliminate him from the fight as well.

With only The Eldest left, you should resume your tactics from the start of the fight. Keep a safe distance and punish his heavy overhead swings. You should be able to down him without too much trouble once it’s one-on-one or two-on-one in your favor with the Specter helping.

What Drops Do You Get for Beating The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P

When you beat The Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in Lies of P, you’ll get the following items:

  • Resplendent Ergo Chunk
  • Taunt Emote

This isn’t one of the toughest boss fights in Lies of P, but it’s one of my favorites, thanks to its strategic design and its dramatic presentation. You only actually kill the Eldest brother and the other three siblings drag his body away, dejected and swearing revenge. This may not be the last you see of them, but you’ve got business with the next boss in Lies of P, The King of Puppets, so onwards you go.

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