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Where to Find Every Weapon in Lies of P

P battling puppets in Lies of P
P battling puppets in Lies of P

When it comes to slaughtering evil puppets, I daresay that Lies of P probably has more tools for the job than other video games out there. They’re scattered all over the place, seemingly abandoned by the citizens of Krat who felt that fleeing the Puppet Frenzy was a better strategy than standing their ground. Jokes on them, they’re all dead and Pinocchio, well he’s using their kitchen utensils to carve gears and twist up some metal. If you’re hoping to track down every killing instrument in Lies of P then I’ve got you covered with a comprehensive breakdown of all the weapons in the game and how exactly to obtain them.

There’s no “one-method-fits-all” scenario here, you’ll need to slaughter bosses, collect Ergo, look for secret chests, or just buy them from a merchant. It goes without saying, but just in case, every weapon on this list can be found in its original form. That means both the actual killing bit and the handle. Feel free to break them apart and create your own Frankenstein’s Monster of a sword blade attached to the wrench handle, power to you. Having more weapons in your inventory is obviously a major benefit in that you’ll have more options for your deadly pick-‘n-mix.

Every Weapon in Lies of P and Where to Find Them

Just as a heads up, I’ve split this guide into Normal Weapons and Boss Weapons. The former can be discovered by simply exploring Krat while the latter will need to be purchased from Alidoro in exchange for Boss Ergo; they also happen to be the best weapons in the game, go figure. I’ve also ordered every entry based on how likely you are to find them on a normal playthrough, so if you’ve missed any then just backtrack a bit!

  • Puppet Saber Blade: You start with this sword if you choose the Path of the Cricket at the very beginning of the game.
  • Wintry Rapier Blade: Same as above, except you’ll need to choose Path of the Bastard.
  • Greatsword of Fate Blade: Once again, just choose a different starting principle. This time, select Path of the Sweeper.

If you’re eager to try out each of these weapons, you can purchase the two you didn’t start with from the Wandering Merchant when you first encounter him in Cerasani Alley. As a bonus, they only cost a paltry 300 Ergo.

  • Electric Coil Stick: The next time you bump into the Wandering Merchant, he should be waiting at the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. He’ll sell this weapon to you for 1,200 Ergo.
  • Krat Police Baton: As you exit House on Elysion Boulevard, you’ll head down the nearby ladder and enter a plaza when a Police Officer Puppet comes running at you. Kill him and you’ll gain this weapon.
  • Salamander Dagger: From the Workshop Union Entrance, climb the staircase to your right, go into the room on your left, and drop down through the open hatch. Open the safe for your prize but be wary of enemies stalking around the place.
  • Fire Axe: After avoiding all the rolling balls of death in Workshop Union Culvert, you’ll find this (really strong) weapon at the end of the tunnel. Just keep running towards where the balls are falling and you’ll spot the chest easily.
  • Booster Glaive: In the Workshop Union Entrance, make your way to the massive gorge filled with Corruption and a Puppet of the Future. At the very end of this pit is a chest with your new weapon. It’s possible that you’ll grab this one before the Fire Axe since you’ll technically run past it first but going this way lets you use the shortcut, making the overall route much less stressful.

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  • Big Pipe Wrench: Shortly after leaving behind Venigni’s factory, you’ll enter a mine littered with puppets and snipers. Climb the ladders on the left side of the cavern all the way up and you’ll find this deadly piece of plumber’s kit in a chest at the top.
  • Blind Man’s Double Spear: In St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel, when you enter the room with massive cogs and a very simple but equally terrifying platforming section, climb aboard the second wheel. Ride it until you see a wooden platform to your right on which you’ll want to jump. In the room just beyond that, you’ll find the spear in the chest.
  • Acidic Crystal Spear: From the Path of the Pilgrim Stargazer, follow the path down and read right when it splits to find the chest you’re looking for. Be warned though, an enemy will fall on top of you in a move that can only really be described as unsporting.
  • Bone Cutting Saw: After defeating the Elite enemy prowling around the Black Rabbit Brotherhood bonfire in the Malum District, climb one of the ladders and get to the rooftops. Run towards the enemy on your left (put them down if you want) and follow the planks onto the well-lit platform to find this weapon.
  • Bramble Curved Sword: From the Malum District Stargazer, head left into the Red Lobster Inn (make sure you’ve unlocked the shortcut) and climb the ladder at the end of the first room. At the top, you’ll find our old pal the Wandering Merchant. Show him the Black Rabbit Brotherhood Mark and he’ll open his stores for you. You can purchase this blade for 2,000 Ergo.
  • Dancer’s Curved Sword: On Rosa Isabelle Street, when you come to the road with two soldiers taking shots at you and several of those stationary enemies that throw grenades, you’re going in the right direction. Kill all the enemies at the end of the street and loot the chest you find there for your new sword.
  • Exploding Pickaxe: In the Estella Opera House, you’ll find this weapon in the safe protected by the horrifying Mime Puppet. Once he’s dead, just check out the room he exited.
  • Tyrant Murder’s Dagger: To unlock this swift blade, you’ll need to upgrade Pulcinella’s store at Hotel Krat with the Incredible Venigni Collection. You can then buy it for 2,000 Ergo.
  • Clock Sword: As you make your way to Lorenzini’s Arcade, you’ll travel through an area filled with Puppet Maids. You’ll eventually get to a tunnel with a ladder on the right. Climb it, deal with the two enemies you find at the top, and crack open the chest for your weapon.
  • Circular Electric Chainsaw Blade: Purchase this Warhammer 40K-like weapon from the Wandering Merchant when you encounter him in the fountain room of Lorenzini’s Arcade. It costs 3,200 Ergo.
  • Spear of Honor: On the lower levels of Lorenzini’s Arcade, in what appears to be a cellar, run into the passage covered with Decay fog, killing the weird globs spewing the stuff while you’re at it. Open the safe at the end of the corridor for this spear.
  • Live Puppet Axe: In the first open area of Barren Swamp, book it for the canon Tower and climb all the way to the top. This gigantic axe will be waiting for you in a chest on the floor that sheltered the artillery.
  • City Longspear: At the very top of the Barren Swamp Ravine, before you head up the path protected by the Top Puppet, enter the shack on the right to find a chest that contains your new spear.

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  • Pistol Rock Drill: Purchase this weapon from Pulcinella after upgrading his store with the Fancy Venigni Collection. It costs 3,000 Ergo.
  • Master Chef’s Knife: While exploring Krat Central Station, you’ll find this weapon in a treasure chest surrounded by towers of suitcases and trunks.
  • Coil Mjolnir: Just after you leave the Krat Central Station Lobby Stargazer and exit out into a devastated town square, head left around the central statue and follow this path until you find the chest you’re after next to a destroyed carriage.
  • Military Shovel: Buy this dangerous piece of gardening equipment from the Wandering Merchant in the Abandoned Apartment for 3,500 Ergo.
  • Black Steel Cutter: Defeat the Elite enemy in the Hermit’s Cave area and open the chest he’s guarding for this weapon.
  • Cursed Knight’s Halberd: Run through Relic of Trismegistus as normal until you come to the area where an Elite enemy ambushes you by breaking through a wall. To your left, you’ll easily spot a chest sitting on a broken bridge with your prize.
  • Acidic Great Curved Sword: As you proceed through Arche Abbey Outer Wall, you’ll leave the scaffolding and enter into the actual structure. Just after the room where you discover the note titled “First Discovery, Camille,” take the steps up and enter the room where you’ll find a massive enemy waiting to pounce. Kill it and enter the room to the immediate right in order to unlock the chest that contains your blade.
  • Carcass Crystal Axe Blade: First, you’ll want to encounter Test Subject 826 in Arche Abbey Outer Wall before going on to defeat the boss Laxasia, The Complete. Once that boss is dead, teleport to Rosa Isabelle Street and find Test Subject 826 standing on a nearby bridge overlooking the bonfire in front of the main gate. They’ll then sell you this weapon for 3,700 Ergo.

Now when it comes to Boss Weapons, they can all be found in the same place: Alidoro’s store. Once the merchant has made his way to Hotel Krat, you can present him with Boss Ergo for these extremely powerful tools.

  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword: Required Parade Leader’s Ergo
  • Etiquette: Requires Broken Hero’s Ergo
  • Holy Sword of the Ark: Requires King’s Flame Ergo. Shout out to this weapon, I cleared 80 percent of Lies of P with this bad boy.
  • Trident of the Covenant: Requires Twisted Angel’s Ergo
  • Puppet Ripper: Requires Burnt-White King’s Ergo
  • Frozen Feast: Requires Reborn Champion’s Ergo
  • Two Dragons Sword: Requires Puppet-Devouring Green Hunter’s Ergo
  • Uroboros’ Eye: Requires Sad Zealot Ergo.
  • Noblesse Oblige: Requires Fallen One’s Ergo
  • Proof of Humanity: Requires Nameless Puppet’s Ergo.

There is one other weapon in the game but it’ll take you a while to get it. Remember that painting that looks eerily like Pinocchio that you find in the Black Rabbit Brotherhood’s hideout in the Malum District? If you’ve told every lie you possibly could throughout Lies of P, then you can return to Hotel Krat after defeating the final boss to take advantage of its magical gift. Before you interact with it, listen to every Record in your possession to max out your humanity, and then go find the painting. You’ll be able to detach the wooden nose growing out of Pinocchio’s picture and obtain The Golden Lie, arguably the best weapon in the game. Just a heads up, you’ll want to do this before starting New Game+, since that resets your Humanity, forcing you to go through the whole game again if you want to gain The Golden Lie. And that’s all to get all the weapons in Lies of P.

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