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How to Find All Cryptic Vessels in Lies of P

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What’s a fairytale without a bit of mystery at its core? Lies of P is certainly one of the more creative takes on Pinocchio and his quest to become a real boy, so it stands to reason that throughout the story there’ll be plenty of secrets to uncover. Some of the more puzzling elements are the Cryptic Vessels, unique canisters that are hidden around Krat and require a great mind to decrypt. Yours? Certainly not! You’re just a puppet, after all. A puppet that’s good for killing other puppets, not doing crosswords and pictograms! No, Pinocchio will need to track down these rare items and find someone far more adept at cryptography if he wants to learn their secrets. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a handy guide on where exactly to find each Cryptic Vessel, how to crack their codes, and even track down the treasure they’re protecting. In the Great Venigni, we trust!

In the whole of Lies of P, players will be able to discover six unique Cryptic Vessels, each with its own secret and descriptor to help you differentiate it from any that you’ve already collected. It’s also worth noting that each Cryptic Vessel has a unique puzzle that players will need to solve if they want their reward. They aren’t like Quartz or Legion Plugs, which are simply obtained by exploring the environment and defeating enemies. You’ll need to go one step further if you want to see what treasures await you, so be prepared for a great deal of running, especially between Stargazers since you’ll need to return to Hotel Krat for every Vessel you find.

All Cryptic Vessel Locations in Lies of P

St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel’s Cryptic Vessel

To unearth this Vessel, you’ll need to first climb your way to the top of this area and look for a flaming brazier mounted on a ledge that’s conveniently located over the pools of highly flammable corruption on the lower floors. Push the brazier over the edge and then head back the way you came. You should notice a new staircase that was previously unreachable due to all the acid. Move down the staircase and you’ll enter into a fairly cozy with a chest, within which you’ll find the Crafted Cryptic Vessel.

Now that you have it in your grubby puppet hands, get back to the local Stargazer and teleport to Hotel Krat. Speak to Venigni in the East wing and he’ll offer to decode the Vessel, giving you the next clue in your little scavenger hunt. Teleport to the Krat City Hall Stargazer and backtrack all the way to the bridge where you rescued Geppetto and killed the Survivor wearing the donkey mask. Look out for the body hanging from the architecture with a sign that reads “Purge Puppets” strapped to its chest, it’s fairly difficult to miss. Toss something at the robotic corpse, like a Sawtoothed Wheel, and it’ll drop giving you the next clue.

What a mission, right? Now you’ll want to head back to the closest Stargazer and teleport to the “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard” Stargazer and progress normally through the location. Once you’ve made your way across the rooftop, keep an eye out for an enemy with a pistol. Just before him, there’ll be a door on the right which was previously inaccessible. Now, it can be opened and inside you’ll find your reward of Quartz and the Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel. A snazzy outfit indeed!

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Estella Opera House’s Cryptic Vessel

About halfway through this location, you’ll enter a small, dark room with two ladders: One in the center leading down and another to the left leading up to a small ledge. You’ll want to take the ladder that leads up, collecting the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel that you find at the top. To make life easier, use the central ladder to open up a shortcut back to the Stargazer and use it to teleport to Hotel Krat to once again ask Venigni for help. He’s more than happy to oblige, giving you a photographic clue that looks a lot like the cliffs you would have traversed when coming through Cerasani Alley. Warp over to the area’s Stargazer and immediately turn around, heading down a flight of stairs. It won’t take you long to find the spot that resembles the picture, so once you’re there position Pinocchio next to the barrel alongside the fence and use the “Check Ground” gesture. Scrambling in the mud, you’ll find a Legion Caliber and The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel.

Barren Swamp Bridge’s Cryptic Vessel

Immediately behind this Stargazer, you’ll find a closed portcullis with a man named Hugo trying to open it. He’s harmless so have a long chat with him; by that I mean exhaust all his dialogue options. He’ll give you the Old Cryptic Vessel. Same verse as the first head, back to Hotel Krat and Venigni who gives you a clue that clearly suggests the treasure is hidden on the Path of the Pilgrim. From that Stargazer, use the elevator on your left (it’s the shortcut that you should have unlocked when you first explored this area) and travel all the way down. Follow the path on your right upwards and you’ll encounter an oddly normal-looking individual who, when you speak to him, gives you the Robber’s Shack Key. Turn around and use it on the door behind you to find a chest that contains a Legion Caliber and Life Amulet.

Collapsed Street’s Cryptic Vessel

From this Stargazer, progress normally through the level until you eventually come upon a ladder. Climb it and head straight, avoiding the first left turn and instead taking the second. A solitary enemy will be guarding a crate so once he’s dealt with, crack it open to claim your Crypt… no, actually this is a Special Krat Supply Box? Take this item back to Hotel Krat and give it to Polendina, prompting him to expand his store and stock the Rusty Cryptic Vessel! Purchase it for a measly 1,000 Ergo and take it over Venigni.

Once it’s decrypted, go back to Barren Swamp to find that the Portcullis has opened and you can now explore the Hermit’s Cave. Of course, it would be too easy if that was all you had to do. There are a bunch of tough enemies in this location, including a particularly challenging Elite foe, but once they’ve been dealt with, crack open the safe at the end of the way for your reward: Quartz and the Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel.

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Relic of Trismegistrus’ Cryptic Vessel

Simultaneously the easiest and most challenging Cryptic Vessel, you’ll need to defeat the Black Rabbit Brotherhood again if you want to claim this prize. After the battle, head past the Stargazer that spawns and go through what looks like a cave entrance until you happen upon Alidoro, who is guarding a chest. Chat with the merchant and select the prompt to attack him. He’ll give you a chance to back out of it but don’t. Opt to attack him again and then strike Alidoro down; He’s not much for combat, going down in a single hit no matter your weapon.

He drops Alidoro’s Cryptic Vessel upon his death and you know what we’ve got to do with this. Head back to the Stargazer and teleport to Hotel Krat, once again asking Venigni for help decrypting it. Oddly enough, there’s no clue for a hidden treasure inside this one. Instead, there’s a note that contains a major revelation about Alidoro. Talk to Eugénie about it and you’ll wrap up this particular quest. You can talk with her a bit later to get an achievement but in terms of functional rewards, you won’t get any. This Cryptic Vessel is all about the lore.

Arche Abbey Broken Rift’s Cryptic Vessel

Arguably the toughest location in the game, you’ll want to make your way through the prison-like ground floor before eventually climbing up a ladder. Running around these narrow corridors, you’ll quickly see a glowing chest protected by a single (but deceptively deadly) enemy, so kill your opponent and loot the crate for the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel. Get it back to Venigni and you’ll have your final clue. This one will require you to equip the weapon known as the Frozen Feast so make sure that’s in Pinocchio’s hands before you leave Hotel Krat.

Teleport to the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer and continue on the normal route through the location. You’ll soon happen upon an arch with some stairs just beyond it. Climb the flight and you’ll come face-to-face with the Wandering Merchant who offers some unique dialogue in relation to your previous encounters. If you talk to him with Frozen Feast equipped, you’ll be granted the rewards for this particular Vessel: Quartz and the Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel.

While each of the Cryptic Vessels is quite an endeavor, the rewards often justify the challenge. Quartz is arguably the most valuable Material in the game and outfits… well, they don’t do much beyond make Pinocchio look cool so they’re the only way for players to really experience the mix-and-match beauty of Fashions of P.

If you’re looking for more on the game, check out the locations of all the outfits in Lies of P.

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