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All Outfit Locations in Lies of P

Pinocchio in Lies of P
Pinocchio in Lies of P

In the City of Krat, fashion must be taken seriously at all times. Even if rabid puppets are roaming the streets and ripping citizens limb from limb, that’s no excuse for you to not look your best. Fortunately, the upside to such a catastrophe is that new clothes, costumes, and outfits can be found all over the place. Whether they’ve been locked away for safe-keeping or unfortunately looted from a corpse, Lies of P presents players with many unique looks for Pinocchio. So many, in fact, that simply finding them all can be a bit daunting. If you want to change up your aesthetic in between stomping on bosses, then look no further than our guide which lists every costume and outfit location in Lies of P. Buckle up, we’ve got a long way to go.

Oh, and if you’re hoping to track down the various outfits in Krat will help boost Pinocchio’s stats you might be sorely disappointed. While the player character can upgrade his frame with various mechanical parts to boost resistances, costumes are purely cosmetic so they’ll have no mechanical impact on your build. In the same vein, we all that the better you look, the better you play and that logic alone justifies tracking down the various costumes!

Every Outfit & Costume in Lies of P and Where to Find Them

Some of these will be incredibly easy to track down but others will require you to jump through a couple of hoops by defeating tough enemies, exploring off the beaten path and even solving entire Cryptic Vessel puzzles. Oh, and masks are technically classified as a different (but related) item when it comes to Lies of P, so I’ve included them in this guide. So, in the order that you’re likely to come across them in the game:

  • Someone’s Memory: This cheeky schoolboy number can be found as soon as you enter Hotel Krat. Head over to the West wing, talk to Antonia and she’ll give you this costume.
  • Mad Donkey’s Hunting Apparel: Once you track down Geppetto on the bridge, you’ll need to battle a Survivor wearing a donkey mask and what appears to be some tattered rags. Kill him and you’ll obtain his threads. Grisly!
  • Mad Donkey’s Mask: Just like above, you’ll earn this for killing the Survivor outside Geppetto’s carriage.
  • Survivor’s Hunting Apparel: About halfway through Venigni’s Factory, just before you encounter Red Fox and her little brother Black Cat, you’ll find a ladder that’ll take you to a lower floor. In hear, you’ll find a Survivor that instantly puts up a fight. Once you kill them, you’ll once again earn their clothes.

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  • Survivor’s Mask: Similar to Mad Donkey, this is also paired with the Survivor’s Hunting Apparel.
  • Blue Blood’s Tailcoat: Also found in Venigni’s Factory, you’ll need a Trinity Key to unlock this stylish piece. It’s housed in the safe in the room protected by the Trinity Door, so make sure you have a key on hand! If you don’t, track down a ringing public telephone and correctly answer the King of Riddles’ question.
  • Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel: Found near the Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard Stargazer. Just read right and open the closed door to find an enemy and a safe; the ornate lock box hides your prize. It’s worth noting that you might need to crack Crafted Cryptic Vessel and have the clue it contains to find this outfit, I’m not entirely sure if you’re able to discover it without first completing that aspect.
  • The Atoned’s Mask: Just before you take the elevator to leave Moonlight Town, you’ll be met by a Survivor who wants to know if you’re a Stalker. If you “do nothing” and don’t reciprocate the greeting, they’ll attack Pinocchio. Upon killing this particular Survivor, you’ll gain this mask. This is probably my favorite accessory in Lies of P, I wore it for nearly the whole game.
  • Monster Sweeper’s Hunting Apparel: My personal favorite, this one is also hidden behind a Trinity Door but this time the Sanctum is in St. Frangelico’s Cathedral Chapel.
  • The White Lady’s Mask: Kill the optional White Lady boss in the streets on Rosa Isabelle Street. It’s a difficult fight to miss, she starts off as a frozen statue with a spotlight shining down on her in the middle of an amphitheater.
  • The Atoned’s Hunting Apparel: This costume can be found on the cliffs, next to a barrel, just outside the Cerasani Alley Stargazer. Similar to the Owl Doctor’s Apparel, you might need to first decrypt the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel, which can be found in the Estelle Opera House. Oh, you’ll also want to use the “Check Ground” gesture to uncover it, one of the only times you’ll ever use a gesture to find an item.
  • Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress: Simply kill the King of Puppets in the Estelle Opera House. This a brutal fight and I’m entirely sure that this hideous outfit really justifies the pain.
  • Barren Swamp: Defeat the Owl Doctor optional boss that’s hiding in a shack in the landfill area patrolled by two Puppets of the Future.

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  • Robber Weasel Hunting Apparel: Kill the Robber Weasel when they attack you in Krat Central Station. It’s a fairly simple fight that provides plenty of opportunities to backstab your foe so take advantage of his long cooldowns after he’s completed a combo.
  • Robber Weasel Mask: Same as above, just kill the Robber Weasel.
  • Workshop Master’s Workwear: This one is found behind the Trinity Door in Krat Central Station.
  • Black Cat’s Hunting Apparel: To earn this outfit, you’ll need to decrypt the Old Cryptic Vessel, which can be obtained from Hugo who’s waiting outside a portcullis. Once it has been decoded, you can fight through the Hermit’s Cave and find this outfit within the safe at the very end.
  • Alchemist’s Cape: Easily the slickest costume in Lies of P, you first need to open every Trinity Door in the game before answering the King of Riddle’s final conundrum. If you guess correctly, you’ll earn The Chosen One’s Trinity Key which is used to open the final Sanctuary in Arche Abbey Outer Wall.
  • Black Cat’s Mask: Defeat Black Cat to unlock his mask.
  • Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel: Again, another Cryptic Vessel costume. Decrypt the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel, which can be found in Broken Rift on the upper section of the prison-like facility, and you’ll be rewarded an obtuse clue. Don’t worry though, all you need to do is track down the Wandering Merchant (at this point in the game you should be able to find him at the Abandoned Apartment) and talk to him while Pinocchio has the Frozen Feast weapon equipped. After all that, you can purchase it from him for a few thousand Ergo.
  • Red Fox’s Mask: Same as above just purchase it from the Wandering Merchant.
  • The White Lady’s Hunting Apparel: To unlock this outfit, you’ll first need to find Test Subject 826 in the Arche Abbey before defeating Laxasia the Complete. Once the boss is dead (it may take you a while) you can teleport to Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance and make your way to the nearby bridge. Test Subject 826 will be there and he offers you an opportunity to purchase the costume from him. It’s a nearly entirely white outfit, which seems like a questionable color choice given all the oil and blood that usually covers Pinocchio but who am I to judge?

And with that, you should have the most stacked wardrobe in all of Krat! Good luck collecting them all and remember, fashion isn’t about what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Except for the Puppet Prince’s Formal Dress, that’s just hideous.

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