how did the original Dead Space trilogy end at Visceral Games with Dead Space 3: Awakened and Brother Brethren Moons

EA may have remade and rebooted Dead Space, but how did the original trilogy end? Did Isaac get to go home, living out his days in a now Necromorph-free universe? We’ll explain, but be warned that, while we won’t be spoiling the original Dead Space, there will be spoilers for its two sequels.

The Original Dead Space Trilogy Had a Big, Dramatic Ending

No, we’re not talking about the closure of developer Visceral Games, though that wasn’t good news for anyone. After the conclusion of the original Dead Space, protagonist Isaac Clarke found himself encountering more Necromorphs. He also discovered that these creatures were more than just space-zombies.

Between Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 it was revealed that the extraterrestrial infection carried by the Markers didn’t stop there. The infection turned people into Necromorphs, yes, but that was only stage 1.

Eventually, the Necromorphs, when coupled with the Marker, would merge in an event called the Convergence. This would, in turn, create a giant planetoid-sized Necromorph consciousness, known as a Brethren Moon, capable of traveling through space.

These moons are responsible for creating the Markers, which in turn create Necromorphs, which eventually create Brethren Moons. You know, it’s the circle of life — or unlife, depending on how you look at it.

In Dead Space 3 and its Awakened DLC, Isaac Clarke and new, secondary protagonist John Carver encounter a Brethren Moon that has been slumbering for some time. They manage to stop that moon, but at least two other Brethren Moons awaken, elsewhere in the galaxy, and start making their way to Earth.

At the end of the Awakened DLC, Carver and Clarke arrive back at Earth to discover it’s already under attack from the Brethren Moons. One of the moons slams into their ship and the game ends there. How will they survive? Since that was the end of the original Dead Space trilogy of games, we’ll never find out.

Or will we? The Dead Space remake follows the story of the original Dead Space, so it’s possible we’ll get sequels that do the same. We may, eventually, get a new Dead Space 4, though even so, how you take on a fully awakened Brother Moon is anyone’s guess, let alone two of them. You can check out this interview to learn about what might have been.

So if you want to know how it all ends, the answer is the original Dead Space trilogy ended on a big, apocalyptic note with two monstrous mega Necromorphs about to destroy / consume Earth.

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