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How to Find All Mirth Building Plan Locations in Sea of Stars

Mirth in Sea of Stars

One of Sea of Stars’ more unique locations is Mirth, a town that is constructed to help a group of settlers find their own place in the world away from the bustling streets of Mooncradle, Docarri Village, and Lucent. The only problem? When players arrive on Settlers Island, the village hasn’t been built, and players will have to search Sea of Stars for various Mirth building plans to finish the location.

In Mirth, you should stumble upon a bloke by the name of Jirard the Constructionist, and while his YouTuber-referencing title may sound like a Dark Souls boss, he’s a really friendly chap. Jirard requests help in building up what Garl dubs the town of Mirth. However, in order to do so, he needs a set of plans. That’s where you come in as you’re sent off to track down these blueprints and return them with the promise of a new city as your reward. Fortunately, there aren’t too many to locate and they’re all really in the same area but you might need to grind a few collectibles to unlock them.

Where to Get Mirth Building Plans in Sea of Stars

To get plans Mirth in Sea of Stars, head over to Lake Docarria and search for a young character named Mirna; She should be found in the Northwestern corner of the town. You’ll find that Mirna has all four blueprints: the Inn, the Shop, the Spa, and the Fisherman’s Hut.

Simply purchasing them would be a bit too simple though, right? Mirna will only hand over the plans in exchange for Rainbow Conch Shells, a collectible that can be found throughout the game and is marked as a “quest item.” If you’ve been picking those up, now you know why! These items can be found in chests in nearly every location, with some requiring you to solve a puzzle to crack it open while others may just require your party to explore a bit off the beaten track. Keep an eye out for these because you’ll need a whole bunch!

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If you want to purchase all four buildings, then you’ll need to gather up a total of 91 Rainbow Conch Shells. The Inn plans cost 11, the Shop is 19, the Fisherman’s Hut is a little more expensive at 22, and the Spa plans are a whopping 39 shells. It might take some time to find enough, but the rewards are worth it.

Once each building is constructed, you can start looking for villagers to fill Mirth in Sea of Stars, which we also have a guide for. Doing so unlocks some neat bonuses. The Spa allows players to spend 250 gold to give each of their party members a once-off boost to a single stat, while the Store has some exclusive kit in it, including some Relics to modify the game.

All this to say, Mirth wasn’t built in a day, so it may take some time to get the most out of the newly established town. It’s all well worth the effort though so get on out there and start hunting for Rainbow Conch Shells!

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