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Where to Find All Mirth Villager Locations in Sea of Stars

Fisherman in Mirth in Sea of Stars

Throughout the course of Sea of Stars, you’ll stumble upon a wide variety of villages and towns which, in classic JRPG fashion, all have their own unique problems to solve before you’ll be able to progress. Mirth is slightly different from every other settlement though in that it doesn’t really exist… yet, and you’ll need to location different villagers spread across Sea of Stars.

In Sea of Stars, players will happen upon a group of settlers desperately looking to start fresh and in escorting them to the appropriately named Settler’s Island, officially kicking off the quest. The party will first be tasked with tracking down plans and villagers to grow the town. While the former items are necessary to construct the various buildings, this guide will focus on the latter because what’s a shop without a shopkeeper?

To gather the people needed to populate Mirth in Sea of Stars, players will need to travel all over the world, often backtracking to previously explored locations. None of them are especially tucked away, and once you happen upon them they’ll be more than eager to head on over to Settler’s Island and start fresh. Even better, there’s really not too many to track down. You’ll be looking for some merchants to run the store, an Innkeeper, a Fisherman, and someone to tend the local spa. Now that we know what we’re looking for, let’s start looking!

Mirth Innkeeper Location in Sea of Stars

The first person you’ll want to find is Lambert, a guy who could really do with some work. Head on over to Wraith Island and, in particular, Lucent. Stroll into the inn and talk to the man in charge, Edgar. What a stroke of luck, it sounds like his brother has been having a bit of a rough time and could really do with a new job! You don’t even need to speak with Lambert himself because an invitation (and presumably a great deal of pressure from his kin) is enough to see him rock up in Mirth by himself, ready to tend the inn!

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The actual building itself is a pretty straightforward inn, allowing you to rest up, cook a few meals, and play some rounds of the Wheels if you’re looking to kill some time with Sea of Star’s surprisingly fun mini-game. Still, nice to have it all set up so you can quickly recover when you return with the rest of Mirth’s villagers.

Mirth Merchant Location in Sea of Stars

The next thing you’ll want to set up is the Mirth store and to do that, you’ll need someone to handle the register. Make your way over to Docarri Village, moving over to the Southeastern corner once you arrive. Enter the building you find there and pull the lever, which should allow you to take the plunge into the water and swim down the swirling whirlpool, eventually surfacing in a house. Talk to the inhabitants, a mother and her child, and they’ll be stoked to head on over to Mirth.

Once you’re back in town, visit the shop to find a wealth of useful supplies, including some accessories that are exclusive to the store, a Relic, and a Music Sheet. But really, isn’t the real reward simply helping a family in need?

Mirth Fisherman Location in Sea of Stars

Pack your things for a long journey, kids, because we’re going back to Mooncradle! Use the monster on top of Sleeper Island to launch yourself over to Evermist and then trek all the way back to Mooncradle. The Fisherman will be hanging out in the inn, so quickly chat to him to send him packing for Mirth.

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Once the Fisherman is set up, you’ll be able to purchase fishing supplies from him (what a shock), some Relics to make reeling in the watery creatures much easier, and you can access a fishable lake with the fish you’ve previously caught. While this sounds relaxing, we’ve still got one more person to locate.

Mirth Spa Tender Location in Sea of Stars

What’s a town without a spa? Still a town but with more high-strung villagers. To find Chi, the person who’ll manage the local hot springs, head over to Stonemasons Outpost, which can be found on Sleeper Island. Look around a bit and you should find an adorable Molekin who’s just desperate for a soak in the bath. Venture inside the building on their left and you’ll find a wheel that can be activated with a gust of wind, an ability you should have unlocked previously. Once that’s done, Chi will thank you for your hard work and promise to set up in Mirth, won over the hot springs that are demanding some form of management.

Now the spa isn’t vital to your progress in Sea of Stars but it is a handy little upgrade for your party. Paying Chi 250 gold will allow one party member to take some time to unwind and, in doing so, gain a one-time upgrade to one of their stats. Handy!

With Chi recruited, Mirth has been successfully brought to life! Enjoy the hustle and bustle of Sea of Stars’ newest village before trekking on to find your next challenge.

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