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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Sea of Stars. And if you subscribe to The Escapist Patreon or YouTube memberships, you can view next week’s episode, on STARFIELD, right now!

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Zero Punctuation Transcript

In these troubled times, with neofascism nipping at our toes and climate disaster ruffling our hair like an obnoxious relative at a wedding, little wonder that we turn so often to nostalgia. It’s like a big warm comforting family dog sitting in the corner continually eating its own sick. How fitting that so soon after the community requested I review Chrono Trigger that an indie game very heavily inspired by it should come out. Sea of Stars, developed by Sabotage, the lads who made The Messenger, a retro-inspired action platformer that I thought was rather good, if a touch overwritten. Probably for the best that they moved to classic JRPGs, I suppose. Ain’t no one complaining when those are a touch overwritten. If anything people complain if you get to the end and God doesn’t mouth off for three hundred lines about the futility of our struggle and how He certainly isn’t about to have his papal orbs handed to him by the power of friendship. Also, the Escapist put out a documentary on Sea of Stars’ development recently so I’d figured I’d better give it a look and make sure it’s not a load of old dog sick. Or we’re all going to have half-digested Bonio on our faces.

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