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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Baldur’s Gate 3, brought to you by Humble Bundle.

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Zero Punctuation Transcript

So I hear the new Baldurs Gate is making bank like a knicker elastic shop next door to a French burlesque club – I don’t know, it made sense in my head – and a lot of people are going “Oh! Finally gamers send a clear message that they want good single player games with strong design and narrative, not just fancy graphics and live service twattery.” To which I reply, “You mean besides the previous twelve times they sent that message?” I mean, Christ, at this point it feels like saying “Prisoners in basements send clear message that they’d rather not be sodomized with a six inch wooden dowel.” But is Baldurs Gate 3 actually good or just riding the wave of the metaphorical demand for dowel removal and soothing bum cream? I’d never been one for this sort of top down clicky RPG before, but a couple of significant factors drew me to this one: editor Nick strongly suggested I give it a look, saying it’s doing some full on immersive sim stuff that sets it apart. Ooh, you mean you can break doors AND stack crates? And the second factor was that since the last D&D-based video game I have become a D&D player IRL, tune into Adventure is Nigh every other Saturday only on the Escapist plug plug, so when I started the game and the screen became deluged with icons like it was being subjected to the wrath of Windows 95, I understood what some of them meant.

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