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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews the 2023 System Shock remake. If you subscribe to The Escapist Patreon or YouTube memberships, you can view next week’s episode, on Final Fantasy XVI, right now!

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Zero Punctuation Transcript

Before Deus Ex was sexing it up, before Thief was stealing our hearts, before BioShock was buyable, before either of the Preys came out in ascending order of relevance, there was System Shock, one of the earliest and most influential games in the PC immersive sim genre. Well, maybe more so its sequel, System Shock 2, because PC game development in 1994 was more a fenced-off playpen for tech nerds whose idea of beauty is some nicely annotated code and a smoothly retracting tape measure, and as such the original System Shock was about as attractive and intuitive to play as an untuned piano made of sharpened motherboards. Original developers Looking Glass disappeared up their looking arses years ago, but thankfully we have Nightdive, a developer who puts out lots of remasters of defunct IPs from the 90s. And absolutely bugger all else. I’m not criticising, it’s thanks to them we can still play Blood and Doom 64 and Powerslave, but sometimes they come across like an overeager dog chasing a meat wagon, snaffling up every slightly stale sausage roll that falls out the poorly secured rear doors. The System Shock remake’s a lot more ambitious than a remaster, though, finally realising in full shiny HD the original game’s cramped, ugly, labyrinthine tech nerd paradise.

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