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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Viewfinder and My Friendly Neighborhood.

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Zero Punctuation Transcript

Viewfinder really impressed me when I saw it at GDC, and at the time my back really hurt from running between hotel rooms like an amnesiac wifeswapper and I was in the early stages of complementary muesli bar overdose, so it was starting from the back foot. It was a sort of Superliminal situation where the first time you see the game do its thing you react like a very credulous person watching David Blaine standing on one foot. “OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU DO THAT. HOW DID YOU BE SLIGHTLY OFF BALANCE FOR THREE SECONDS.” In Viewfinder’s case, you pick up a 2D picture, you hold it in front of your face, and then the world becomes the picture. It’s hard to do it justice in text, but trust me, it’s like being smacked across the eyes with a very interesting book. And then you get a polaroid camera and take your own pictures with which to solve lateral thinking puzzles – oh, forget those stupid graphics card demos showing off how accurately they can depict some blank-eyed hoojimatwat’s split ends and acne scarring, this is what makes ME say “Now that’s impressive tech.” But my fear was that, again like a Superliminal situation, that once we had the full game in our hands we’d play through it once and then go “Right, what’s for tea?” and never think about it again once we’re eating our evening sausage roll.

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