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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Chrono Trigger, as voted on by our top-tier Patrons. If you subscribe to The Escapist Patreon or YouTube memberships, you can view next week’s episode, on Remnant II, right now!

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Zero Punctuation Transcript

I know by this point you’ve all trained yourselves to not hear the phrase “subscribe to our patreon” alongside “got any spare change” and “Let me tell you what the mainstream media is covering up about 9/11”, but how’s this for an incentive: the top tier of Escapist Patreon subscribers get to vote on what retro game I do a ZP on when summer rolls around and the AAA release schedule gets patchier than the wifi in a North Korean gulag. And this time, the honor goes to Chrono Trigger, narrowly beating out Danganronpa in the last round of voting. Yeah, sorry weebs, the previous generation of weebs beat you to the punch. But don’t let it get you down. Just cope by telling yourself the same thing you say after every American political election: maybe next year enough old people will have died. But anyway, ah, Chrono Trigger, the retro SNES Japanese RPG that can make life very awkward if you find yourself having to very quickly think of a rhyme for it in a high stakes rap battle. Happily for me I’d already played it long ago, but I made sure to refresh myself last week with the Steam version in case any fresh revelations came to mind. Well, one did: Steam releases of retro 16 bit games really aren’t getting any better.

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