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Remnant 2 – Zero Punctuation

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee retro reviews Remnant 2, Gunfire's looter-shooter sequel with a soulslike twist.

This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Remnant 2. Thank you to Robot Cache for sponsoring this video. Download Torment: Tides of Numenera for free courtesy of Robot Cache using this link:

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Zero Punctuation Transcript

And so Remnant: From The Ashes begets Remnant: Turns Out There Was Still A Lot Of Ashes Left, Here’s Another Bucketload, Why Don’t You Have A Big Sift Through ‘Em, Ooh, I Think That’s A Piece of Jawbone. 2. We return to not quite as post-apocalyptic as it was last time Earth after the events of Remnant 1, only this time, instead of playing as The Wanderer, we play as The Traveller. A small but significant difference, I’m sure you’ll agree. You wouldn’t get far trying to pay for things on holiday with Wanderer’s Checks, but on the other hand, if Wordsworth had written “I travelled lonely as a cloud,” everyone might’ve thought he was talking about basketball fouls. You may remember Remnant 1 as the third person shooter’s answer to soulslikes, that started out as a rather dowdy, grey-brown standard post apocalyptic shooter affair before suddenly turning into a magical multidimensional mystery tour that I had a surprisingly un-shitty time with and which I probably wouldn’t have discovered if I hadn’t been obliged to keep playing by an employment contract and a dog who’s accustomed to the good stuff. Well, Remnant 2 takes the right lesson from that by wasting as little time as possible with the post-apocalyptic Earth poncery.

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